10 Books EVERY Student Should Read – Essential Book Recommendations

Hey, what is up guys? So, I have got some book recommendations for you today and I am doing these in the middle of the summer so for those of you who want to get ahead before the school semester starts. You’ll have at least a month and a half. Right, Martin? About two months, maybe? So, I’ve […]

How to Stay Motivated for the Entire School Year

– Every new school year brings with it the same age-old problem: the constant war of attrition that is fought against your motivation as the semester wears on. See, in the beginning of the semester, your motivation levels are usually high. You’ve got brand-new classes that you’re excited to take and there’s usually not a whole lot on […]

How to Wake Up Early and Make it a Habit – College Info Geek

When it comes to his advice on waking up in the morning, Ben Franklin was wrong. Early to bed, early to rise does not constitute a universal recipe for health, wealth, or wisdom, and it simply doesn’t work for everyone. It does work for a lot of people though, and I am one of those early morning people. […]

Dealing with Negative People: Advice from a Roman Emperor

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard about the concept of Occam’s Razor, which states that when you have multiple competing hypotheses, you should take the one that makes the fewest assumptions because generally speaking, the simplest answer is the one that’s most likely to be correct. But Occam’s Razor isn’t the only mental razor you […]

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