Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio Discusses the Impact of China’s Growth on the World Economy

I’m Jim Haskel, Senior Portfolio Strategist. I’m here with Co-CIO Ray Dalio. And the subject today is China, and Ray, you’ve been going there since 1984; a lot of experience. China in the news today in many different regards. Can you walk us through a little bit about your experiences and how you’ve seen China evolve over the […]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is Good for American Businesses & American Workers

Female Speaker: Now more than ever, the United States is poised to take the lead in the 21st Century Global Economy. We have the most innovative businesses, the most talented workforce, and the most to gain if we seize the opportunity before us. Today, American businesses are selling more goods and services abroad than ever before. That’s not […]

Economic Growth Forecast? Here’s the Tool You Need – Complete Intelligence

– [Narrator] You really heavily on data every day to form decisions, but how reliable is it? If you want real, proven, unbiased data, you need Complete Intelligence, because we let data tell the story. Complete Intelligence is one of the largest providers of economic, trade, and market forecasts, using artificial intelligence, open source data, and machine learning […]

Semiconductor export volume and production increase in Korea

now South Korea’s exports fell for the eleventh straight month this October amid slowing global trade and the ongoing us-china trade spat but the production and export value of volume rather of semiconductors has been going up and demand for chips is also expected to rise our business correspondent Kim il-sung has this report data shows semiconductor exports […]

Employer Recruitment Stories – Plastering

[MUSIC]>>KAUFMANN: Hi, my name’s David Kaufmann, I work for Complete Fixset Plastering, it’s a plastering company. At this stage we have one. But he’s in his third year. Um, yeah. He’s through word of mouth. Um. Just knowing someone else. Not really much advertisement, it’s usually kids ringing up all the time looking for a job. It’s usually […]

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