Employer Recruitment Stories – Plastering

[MUSIC]>>KAUFMANN: Hi, my name’s David Kaufmann, I work for Complete Fixset Plastering, it’s a plastering company. At this stage we have one. But he’s in his third year. Um, yeah. He’s through word of mouth. Um. Just knowing someone else. Not really much advertisement, it’s usually kids ringing up all the time looking for a job. It’s usually […]

Employer Recruitment Stories – Metal Fabrication

My name’s Jack Hamilton the name of our business is Premier Metalworking and Engineering We principally in the steel fabrication and engineering trade Currently we employ four apprentices; one fourth year, one third year and two second years. We mainly recruit our apprentices firstly by, people turning up seeking employment. The second most common way is through the […]

Employer Recruitment Stories – Roof Plumbing

[MUSIC]>>O’HALLORAN: Damian O’Halloran and Hawker Roofing. We do mainly metal roofing and mainly commercial – new installation and repairs. And we’ve been going since 1974. We’ve got currently two and they’re both in their second, going into their third year. The people that I’ve employed of late, I haven’t advertised. When I did advertise, there were 12 months […]

Employer Recruitment Stories – Electrical

David: my name is David Jarvis I am the general manager of Shepherd electrical which is a leading contracting electrical contracting company here in Canberra we specialize in large commercial projects [MUSIC] David: We currently have 13 apprentices, electrical apprentices at varying stages we have three brand new first-year apprentices two of whom haven’t even started technical training […]

Employer Recruitment Stories – Brick Laying

[MUSIC]>>DAVIS: I’m Jonathon Davis, I’m from CTR Pacific, we’re a commercial bricklaying company with about 40 employees. We have five all up – three – two first years, two third years, and one second year. We have a few through group train, a few through ASBAH as well, which is school-based apprenticeship, um, and then we’ve also tried […]