SCOM0673 – SetApp – Productivity Apps – Preview

– [Don] Hi, this is Mike Schmitz and welcome to another edition of ScreenCastsOnline. In this week’s episode we’re gonna take a look at a subscription service with a tonne of promise called SetApp. SetApp is a service that is developed and curated by MacPaw, the fine folks behind great Mac software like CleanMyMac and Gemini. With SetApp […]

Evernote & LinkedIn Team Up – Scanning Business Cards

Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you this fine day. Me? I’m feeling particularly well-connected and thank you so much for asking. Why is it I’m feeling so well-connected, you might well ask? I’m glad you did because I would like to tell you. It’s because two of my favorite products: Evernote and LinkedIn have gotten together […]

Google Sheets – Tutorial 01 – Creating and Basic Formatting

Today, we’ll create a very simple spreadsheet. It will look something like this four Columns three titles name age favorite animals Some names different ages and you will see that everyone gets to give two answers first of all open your drive simply go to This is how the old drive looks in order to create a […]

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