Britain’s Homeless In Winter | Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton

I had two old women, surprisingly, came over to me, gave me some money. They read my sign and said, “To be honest, I don’t mind if you “do abuse drugs or alcohol.” And then gave me some money. I was like, “OK, fair enough.” People just tend to leave homeless people’s stuff alone, unless it’s, like, another […]

Boris Johnson tells business leaders Tories will end Brexit uncertainty

Last week, it was announced that the rate of unemployment has fallen to the lowest level since 1974 and yet, there is something very frustrating about this recitation of triumphs because it is only half the story of an economy that is still not achieving what it could. Like a formula one super car, green, super green, super […]

John McDonnell says workers will take back control under Labour

Labour will rewrite the rules of our economy. It’s all about treating people fairly and with the respect they deserve. Today’s business model of shareholder domination is increasingly proving to be incompatible with not just the fair and respectful treatment of workers but also with the responsibilities associated with any organisation operating within a democracy. So Labour’s reforms […]

How This 25-Year-Old Started His Own Uber-Like Barber Business

[Narrator] Meet Darren Tenkorang. He’s an entrepreneur from London who founded and runs Trim-It. Trim-It is a mobile barbershop service that allows customers to get a fresh haircut right outside their doorstep. And it’s all booked through an app. Darren now has a solid team of four full-time employees and five vans. But his journey to where he […]

MSc International Business Economics – Ekaterina Dolgopolova

My name is Ekaterina Dolgopolova, I’m a full-time MSc International Business Economics student at Oxford Brookes University. I decided to pursue my Master’s degree because at some point in time I was fed up with my work, I wanted to change my career path. International Business Economics at Brookes stood out to me because when I was comparing […]

Creating a Business That Works Around You | 418 Creative Marketing Growth Story

ActionCOACH has allowed me to have a better understanding of business and where 418 is going my name’s Russ Keytes I’m one of the directors at 418 we are a creative marketing agency we started in 2001 both myself and business partner Doug Norman we were kind of plodding on and we were doing well we’ve done ok […]

Imperial for business

Here at Imperial College London we have enterprise in our DNA We were founded in 1907 with a mission to offer the most advanced education and research, to collaborate with other organisations and to apply our work to industry today we’re one of the world’s top ten universities with a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem a home for businesses, researchers […]

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