Celebrate February 14th as International Flower Workers’ Day!

Hi, my name is Ricardo. I’m part of the team at Corporación Cactus. International Flower Workers’ Day is important as a way to recognize the importance of respecting the rights of those who make possible the success of the flower industry abroad. It’s also a way to call the attention of the Colombian government and in particular, the […]

The Many Forms of Power: Crash Course Business – Soft Skills #16

We understand the world through the stories we tell about it. And power seems to always be on our minds. Of course there’s, “with great power comes great responsibility” from Spider-Man, while the book Animal Farm has “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And Game of Thrones is just a bunch of power struggles — with dragons! When we talk […]

Free To Choose 1980 – Vol. 08 Who Protects the Worker? – Full Video

Hello, I’m Robert McKenzie, and welcome again to the fine old Harper Library in the University of Chicago. A group of guests have come together to see and to discuss the latest film by Milton Friedman in his series, Free To Choose. In this, he examines the working of the labor market, and role of labor unions, and […]

The Dark Side of the Video Game Industry | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Tonight I want to talk about video games. All right? Video games were a huge part of my life growing up. My console was N64. Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, and my personal favorite GoldenEye. You guys know the rules, right? License to kill, slappers only, no Oddjob. You guys remember Oddjob? You couldn’t kill him because he was […]

“Something is really broken”: Why GM auto workers are striking

Back in 2009 during the bankruptcy, GM told the United Auto Workers, “We’re definitely going to close these plants, and these other plants, we’ll agree to open, but only if we get a two-tier wage system.” So, the top tier paid $29 an hour. They set up a bottom tier that ran from like $17 up to about […]

France: Unions and Workers March Against General Electric’s Plans to Cut Jobs

“I am here to support Belfort workers because without Belfort workers, Belfort is going to die.” “This is the death of the city of Belfort and all the surrounding area. There will be nothing left. We don’t have much hope left. So I think we need to fight very hard and we cannot trust in General Electrics commitments. […]

AskProfWolff: How do worker co-ops acquire the capital needed to run the businesses?

This question was sent in by Firaz Khan and he sent the question to the Ask Prof. Wolff page of our website rdwolff with two Fs dot com and his question was how do worker coops acquire the capital needed to run their businesses. This may surprise you, but actually, they acquire the capital pretty much in the […]

PM Lee: The PAP Government will always stand with workers (NTUC National Delegates’ Conference 2019)

50 years ago, our pioneer leaders promised to keep Singaporean workers at the centre of our economic and social development efforts. Generations of PAP leaders and union leaders have worked closely together to deliver on this objective. This promise remains as central and as relevant today, as it was 50 years ago. So today, the PAP Government renews […]