Sustainability: The Next Wave of Growth in Business

(somber music) – When we think about the future of business and the future of the corporation, there are some important global trends that are impossible to ignore. First there’s global population growth. We are at a population of seven billion people on this planet, on our way to nine billion by the year 2050. We also at […]

Studying at Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands – what’s it like?

Studying in the Netherlands is a blessing! This country is so multicultural; you can get to know so many different cultures here. My boyfriend wanted me to learn Dutch, but the language is quite difficult! It’s a few years on now and I can say When I started searching for a university, I looked at English-language degrees with […]

MSc International Business Economics – Ekaterina Dolgopolova

My name is Ekaterina Dolgopolova, I’m a full-time MSc International Business Economics student at Oxford Brookes University. I decided to pursue my Master’s degree because at some point in time I was fed up with my work, I wanted to change my career path. International Business Economics at Brookes stood out to me because when I was comparing […]

Lab 5- Transesterification of Vegetable Oil and Alcohol to Produce Ethyl Esters (Biodiesel)

This is the fifth in a series of 8 chemistry labs on the fundamentals of biodiesel. In this lab we will learn about “Transesterification of Vegetable Oil and Alcohol to Produce Ethyl Biodiesel”. Written procedures and background information for all 8 labs is provided on the biodiesel education website. The process for making biodiesel called transesterification is a […]

Norm Brodsky College of Business Hall of Fame – Vincent Milano ’85

[Music] I’m the CEO of Idera Pharmaceuticals. Idera is a pharmaceutical/biotech company focused on developing and discovering compounds drugs for both rare diseases and rare cancer indications. [Music] What I’m incredibly motivated by is trying to make patients who don’t have alternatives, have alternatives. And provide that opportunity for them to live a normal life. That’s really incredibly […]

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