Norm Brodsky College of Business Hall of Fame – Vincent Milano ’85

[Music] I’m the CEO of Idera Pharmaceuticals. Idera is a pharmaceutical/biotech company focused on developing and discovering compounds drugs for both rare diseases and rare cancer indications. [Music] What I’m incredibly motivated by is trying to make patients who don’t have alternatives, have alternatives. And provide that opportunity for them to live a normal life. That’s really incredibly […]

Imperial for business

Here at Imperial College London we have enterprise in our DNA We were founded in 1907 with a mission to offer the most advanced education and research, to collaborate with other organisations and to apply our work to industry today we’re one of the world’s top ten universities with a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem a home for businesses, researchers […]

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Change lives. Change organizations. Change the World. When we say change lives, change organizations and change the world, we really mean it. Stanford GSB equips students to do that. You first have to start by changing yourself. Students are naturally encouraged to innovate. We tend to attract students, we tend to attract faculty who are not fearful of […]

Employer Partnership Program – Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland is a Global Payments company. We’re represented in 31 countries, my job title is director of operations of… of employee engagement. I’ve been with the company 19 years. So I manage a program called Heartland University. Heartland University is a unique program. There are no other companies to my knowledge that do a 100%, paid for education, […]

Data Science Methodology 101 – Business Understanding Concepts and Case Study

Welcome to Data Science Methodology 101 From Problem to Approach Business Understanding! Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been called into a meeting by your boss, who makes you aware of an important task one with a very tight deadline that absolutely has to be met. You both go back and forth to ensure that all aspects […]

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