Drake is getting into the cannabis business – Fox News

 Drake is the latest entertainer to enter the cannabis space with new a marijuana line called More Life Growth Company  The Canadian MC, 33, is partnering with pot production company Canopy Growth Corp , based in his hometown of Toronto, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  “The opportunity to partner with a world-class company like Canopy Growth on a […]

Karen Klee – Program Coordinator, Developmental Services Worker

{Logo: Fanshawe College. Faculty Spotlight} {Music} {Video of Karen teaching students} {Text: Karen Klee, Program Coordinator, Developmental Service Worker} {Text: What led you to working in Developmental Services?} Initially when I graduated as a nurse I was very keen on working in highly intense medical situations, a lot of adrenaline rush from supporting people in really complex crisis […]

Xiaojuan Liu – Growth-trait relationships depend on species richness in subtropical forest

Hi everyone, my name is Xiaojuan Liu, I am from Institute of Botany Chinese Academy of Sciences. I would like to introduce you about our recent paper on Journal of Ecology about growth-trait relationships in subtropical forest are stronger at higher diversity Over the past decades research has shown that forests with more species have a higher growth […]

eccocar for business

Times are changing and with them, the way we move eccocar gives you the chance to make vehicle reservation in an easy and intuitive way from its web page In few minutes you could have a vehicle available… …and know its current state localisation and fuel levels. Moreover, you could access your vehicle with your smartphone… …without needing […]

Ford Drones Keep Engine Plant Workers Safely Grounded

What if you could do potentially dangerous but essential tasks absolutely risk-free? A group of Ford workers are flying drones around their factory to do just this. To carry out vital safety inspections of high up or hard-to-reach places Dagenham engine plant workers are using drones with cameras to safely and efficiently inspect machinery and roof areas. We […]

3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom™ ear defenders are the workers’ choice

We the workers wear 3M™ PELTOR™ chosen by us because they’re sealed against sound with foam cushioning They’ve been rigourously tested They’re trusted to protect our hearing and They have a built-in two-way radio with 8 channel selection, which gives us the power to communicate with each other from anything up to one thousand metres were that serious

Government opens 12th innovation center to foster agri-food startups 전남 창조경제혁신

The government has opened its twelfth innovation center aiming to foster Korea′s startups and help them expand their business overseas. Choi You-sun tells us more about the new center in the country′s southwest, which will focus on entrepreneurship in agriculture, tourism and biochemical development. There were just over 12-hundred agri-food startups launched last year, representing just about five […]

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