How To Pitch Landlords on Airbnb | Business Strategy for Professional Airbnb Hosts 2019

Welcome back Airbnb family today I’m going to teach you how to talk a landlord in to letting you use their property to post an Airbnb so you can expand your rental arbitrage business Let’s get into it Alright, so as you all know I’ve got about twenty-one properties active on Airbnb and I’m expanding ten more in […]

Jamie Foxx Interviews Denzel Washington || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

– (both laugh) – I got jokes! Put me in the movie. I got jokes! – The person who’s about to walk out… Two Oscars, three Golden Globes, Tony under his belt. King Kong ain’t got shit on him but, that’s not, that’s not the end of this. When you think about… Say if it was Michael Jordan, […]

Trend to contracting: Simon Meyer, Sky Business News Feb 2017 (Edit 2:26)

Research has found that temporary contracts can be a valuable stepping stone for jobseekers. Simon, to start with you – because you’re the coalface… If you are looking at a potential list of candidates, and you see temporary work on their resume, does that make you less inclined to bring them in and speak further? The Australian market, […]


I actually said light mayo… DUDE! OH MY GOD! We’ve been here for like half an hour! Excuse me, but I’m a sandwich artiste. Now if you’ve got a problem with it, take yo a** down to McDonald’s. It’s right around the corner. *The Exorcist* Every Subway Ever Yes. Okay. I’ll talk to you later. Okay, So what […]

Patra Frame: What Does an Employer Expect from a Job Seeker Now

What does an employer expect now? In times of recession, employers really look at what a person can do for them immediately. That’s the question that they want you to answer. What can you do for me right now? To do that, you have to show your value. You demonstrate your value through relevant achievements that really tell […]

GTA 5 Epic Jobs | 12 SECONDS TO IMPACT GTA Online | GTA 5 Funny Moments (GTA V Online)

GTA GAT 5 my cameras inside a mountain spear fucking give a shit homes are no no everybody higher thinks like you shit so happy for you you know you have big dreams I had big dreams from shit on Ste ok because don’t you pack are you this panic all hope started just great to be different […]

Business English Course – Lesson 2: Making Suggestions in English | Business English Conversation

You’re listening to business English Pod The Business English podcast for Professionals On the move Welcome back to business English Pod! Today’s Show is part of a two-part series on making, rejecting and accepting suggestions. Reject means to say no and accept means to say yes In this English lesson, we’re focusing on making suggestions in the next […]

A social worker has the worst day of his life. Then a homeless man gives him perspective. | Ironied

Next round’s on me guys. Yeah, I got a client tomorrow. Come on, stay up for another. Yeah, yeah. No, I got a client tomorrow. One more drink before we go. No, no, no, no more beer. No more beer. I got enough. Shots? Who? Allison did you get shots? come on buddy, just have another shot with […]

Job Simulator Gameplay – Office Worker – HTC Vive

(Job Bot) Hello, human. Grab a cartridge from the tray and let’s get to work. (Job Bot) There’s never a dull day in the old cubicle farm. (Job Bot) Hello, human! Welcome to an accurate simulation of *monotone voice* office worker. (Job Bot) Take a look at this board for instructions. (Job Bot) Workers would traditionally start their […]

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