Personal tax accounts – HMRC’s online service for individuals

HMRC has a new online service which individual customers can use to view their information and make changes online. It’s called the personal tax account. It’s a service you can use at a time that suits you using a digital device of your choice. The new personal tax account will enable you to see information specific to you […]

Employers: New Member – Reading Invoices | Humana

Congratulations, your company is now covered by the peace of mind of Humana health insurance. That means you’ll be receiving regular invoices to help you manage and pay for your employees’ coverage. So, let’s take a tour through your invoice, so you know what’s next. On page 1, you’ll find your invoice summary. This is a compilation of […]

Corporate Video Production Singapore – Reelmedia

When it comes to selling your product, service, or software solution online…nothing works better than video. I mean, just look around. From the major brands to the big shot gurus and their epic product launches, everyone’s using video to increase their conversions and make more sales! So, why aren’t you? The truth is, video can be really intimidating […]

Should I tell my employer if I am autistic, dyspraxic or have some form of neurodivergence?

it’s your choice whether you wish to disclose to an employer that you are autistic dyslexic or you are divergent in any way but it is often helpful to tell your employer. Disclosure means that an employer can put into place systems that will ensure that the recruitment process is fair and once you’re in a job then […]

Grow your eCommerce business with working capital

Cash flow! If you own an eCommerce business you know how much you depend on access to working capital to grow. We’re here to help! Payoneer Capital Advance is the ideal cash flow management solution designed specifically for marketplace sellers. Based on your store’s recent sales, we’ll extend to you an offer of up to 100% of your […]

Have you Claimed Your Google My Business Short Name Yet? Hurry Up

Have you claimed your Google my business short name yet? earlier this year Google released the ability for business owners to claim a short name and short URL for a Google my business profile. If you don’t know what this means for you it’s simple, just like entering a website address in a browser will take visitors directly […]

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