MatPat: The Business Side of Gaming (ft. The Game Theorists)

[MUSIC] I’m Matthew Patrick, otherwise known as MattPat. I am the personality behind Game Theory, the game theorist, Film Theorist and GT Live. Hey! I’m MattPat from the Game Theorist and the Film Theorist and welcome to my home and to where the magic happens. Here, come on. I’ll show you around. [MUSIC] [BEEPS] [MUSIC] So it started, […]

Use Sound Effects To Increase Production Value (ft. Freddie Wong)

Hi there, I´m Freddy Wong, and I´m excited to share with you some awesome ways to use sound effects to make your videos even better. Using sound effects can allow you to take your videos to a whole new level, by transporting your eyes to another dimension, a dimension of sound. It can also significantly increase your production […]