Tejas Mk-2 Manufacturing started? Mass production By 2024 even possible?

Tejas Mk-2 Manufacturing started? Mass production By 2024 even possible?

Greeting friends, I am amit and welcome to the defence decode, in todays video we are going to talk about Tejas MK-2 So yes guys as per An Offcial from ADA the work on MK2’s prototype has been started and as u guys know there is no plan to manufacture TD of mk-2 they are making 3 Prototype(Pre production jets directly Pre production jet=ION config according to the official, to achieve the targeted 1st flight of mk2 (2022) and by 2024(mass production) ADA already have done a robust research on its aerodynamics with Computer aided Simulators as you tejas mk-2 is a medium weight fighter and its design is based on MK-1, Mk-1a, so the design’s basic air frame of mk-2 going to carry more weight and variable uneven pressure, hence the airframe now is more stronger and capable. acc. to the official the Metal cutting work for First pre-production aircraft MWF will start soon and HAL already has been ordering ground tools required for the development this officials believes, ADA already has received dozen-plus GE-F414IN engines, and been regularly tested and serviced by GE trained staff and GE will also be closely involved in installation and integration of this engines in first pre-production aircraft officials also repeated the same about avionics and radar what DRDO chief said last week during katre memorial lecture that Development of AESAR, IRST,avionics and oxygen gen, EW, extensive sensor suite, NGD cockpit, and flight test instrumentation are already in development and will be ready by 2020-21 for integration.


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