Thank You Notes: Co-Worker Eating Yogurt, Butternut Squash

And I was running
a bit behind today so I thought if you guys
wouldn’t mind, I’d just like to
write out my weekly Thank You Notes right now.
Is that cool? [ Cheers and applause ] You guys are the best. James, can I get some Thank You
Note writing music, please? ♪♪ Gosh.
-Wow. -Such a good mood. It just cheers you up. -Sizzles. [ Laughter ] [ Duck noise ] [ Laughter ] -Sorry. [ Laughter ] [ Duck noises ] [ Laughter ] [ Duck noises ] [ Laughter ] Thank you. [ Laughter ] Oh, my gosh. -Double barrel.
-He gave me the — yeah, yeah yeah. Thank you, knuckles,
or as I like to call you, finger knees. [ Laughter ] -Really?
-Yeah. Yep.
-That’s what you call them? -I like to call them that. Thank you, cornucopias, for
being the perfect baskets for people who like things to
fall out of their baskets. [ Laughter and applause ] ♪♪ Thank you,
co-worker eating yogurt, for making lunchtime in
the office sound like I’m sitting next to a clogged
aquarium filter. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Squeaking noises ] [ Laughter ] [ Duck noises ] [ Squeaking noises ] [ Blows raspberry ] [ Screeching ] [ Gunshot ] [ Screeches ] [ Blows raspberry ] [ Laughter ] -Finger knuckles.
-What’s that? -You call them finger knuckles. -Yeah.
I like to call them that. -Yeah. ♪♪ -Thank you, substitute teachers, for being the fun aunts
of teachers. [ Light laughter ] [ Scattered applause ] [ Laughter ] How you doing, man? Do you have any plans
for the weekend? [ Laughter ] -Kind of hang out.
You know what I mean? Live it up. [ Laughter ] -Go out for a drive
or something. -Yeah. Sure, I might
go out for a drive. You know, I never know.
Something fun. -You never know. You could take
the wife out, and the kids. -Yeah, take the wife out.
The kids. Maybe go out to dinner.
Something like that. I got a week.
Go to work upstairs. Have Sunday off.
You know, it will be good. It will be good.
Super good. -That’s cool, man.
Okay. I’ll talk to you about it later. You doing anything
this weekend, Tariq? -Yeah, man, I think I’m gonna
put on that — -That sounds great, man. [ Laughter ] Fantastic. -What are you doing? What are you doing
for the weekend? -That’s that?
-You got plans? -I was going to
work on the show. Research who’s on next week.
Can’t wait. Figure it out. Probably watch this
show over again. -Really?
-It’s that good. It’s a hot crowd.
-Hot crowd. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Light laughter ] -Thank you, wind, for not being
called “Earth breath.” [ Laughter ] Thank you, jar of jam
in my fridge, I have no idea how old you are,
so I’m not going to use you, but God as my witness, I
will never throw you out. [ Laughter and applause ] We’re in this together, dude. I would never —
don’t throw that away. Thank you, butternut squash, for looking like a pumpkin
put on a pair of Spanx. [ Laughter ] Thank you, tracing your hand
to draw a turkey, for telling the world
I have no idea how to draw and I have no idea what
a turkey looks like. There you go, everybody.
Those are my Thank You Notes.


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