The #1 Secret No One Told You About Business Success – Behind the Scenes At My High-Level Mastermind


51 thoughts on “The #1 Secret No One Told You About Business Success – Behind the Scenes At My High-Level Mastermind”

  • consistency… that's what i tell friends & family members who want to follow how i exercise. If they don't intend to work out at least every other day then they shouldn't waste their time & money. I'm not super muscular nor do i use any fancy equipment. The key i tell them is consistently get your heart beating pass your comfort level while doing cardio or & weights. btw, great content all around, especially your Shoulder of Titans podcast👍🙏

  • This is so deep. Finding the cause of my ignorance and changing my WAY of thinking will change my beliefs that change my actions and produce different results.

  • I love how Dan's message is a reflection of his greatest skill, Consistency. His message is consistent and steady. It reminds me of that movie arrival. As we can change our thinking we can open our minds and lives to see things on a new level. New thinking is what can create that change. We must change ourselves from the inside out. I have gained so many insights and am grateful that Dan has come into my life when he has!

  • 523Rods Felipe De Calisto says:

    It would be great if you guys could get a microphone to the members of your group, so that when they're talking we can also hear their comments, otherwise when they talk is basically blank space in the vids, and we only really hear Dan's answer without knowing the context of what was said.
    Still, always enjoy the great content of your vids! 👍

  • Magdalena Dimkovik says:

    There are several components to achieving success. These include:
    Taking control of your health.
    Learning about the power of your mind.
    Walking in in the tracks of successful people.
    One resource I discovered which merges these is the Magic Progress Shortcut (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the no.1 info on becoming wealthy & successful that I've heard of. look at this unbelievable website.

  • Wow, Sifu. The "Why am I doing this" vs "How I am doing this" piece really struck a cord with me. It literally caused a breakthrough with me today. I have been going through an internal struggle in my business for at least 2-3 months now, and even though I've seen this video before…watching it again has taught me a different lesson than the first time. Interesting how our focus shifts based on what we're currently going through. Thank you very much for this insight, as it will be a critical pivot for me moving forward.

  • Orlando Frazier says:

    Don't learn passively, don't copy without understanding, modify what I learn to fit my situation. Thank you Dan

  • Peter Chasengnou says:

    @Dan Lok This video just made few things you taught click in my mind. Thank you so much for making these videos!

  • eisha collins says:

    Very true. Flaws in your thinking make all the difference in the world. It really is a concept people minimize. Great video sifu!

  • Mela'n Greathouse says:

    “POWERFUL “! Dan- “Powerful! “ If you can get the HOW and the WHY of your thinking, you can TRULY be mega successful! There’s only ONE DAN LOK!

  • Stephen Njuguna says:

    I like that, look beyond how and seek the why it's being done that way, can I alternate, can try a different approach, apply more spice in the methodology?creativity is also key…

  • Intriguing, first start with finding the "WHY" doing this and then explore all possible outcomes…. By doing this you find out what works (for you).. This is the path of "Mastery"….

  • Matthias Schreiber says:

    Especially the ending made me smile. Throughout my whole education I was always asking so many questions that were very advanced and my teachers would always say "Let's do this step by step", so as a result I have learned how to ask basic questions and stay there, forgetting about the more advanced questions. Thanks Dan, great lessons as always

  • I dont have money right now but i have a list from where i got my lessons from. I will find and pay them really for their effort and lessons 🙂

  • Dan, within inner circle the aura is more intense, in depth…. Just a glimpse of it everyone could tell it's way different from your other sessions… Those people with you are blessed.
    Thank you.

  • Very meaning full sir. Your videos and thoughts encouraged me on how to deal ? When to deal and with whom to deal ?. And im getting good result in my online personal fitness training business.
    Thank you sir .

  • LOVE THIS VIDEO. Totally resonates with me and where I am right now. Thank you so much for sharing. Mr. lol I can't thank you enough!!

  • Jakrapatra Lauhawatana-HTC Graduate says:

    Consistencies, until exp tremendous quantum growth what don’t I see, what don’t i know,

    What will sifu do and why, how will sifu change and why, what are the outcomes sifu allow it to happen through him and why… Why does sifu say what he say, how sifu think and why, how I can help Sifu

  • Hey Dan, I have been watching your videos for a while. It surprises me that even though we come from immensely different backgrounds, we have both discovered a shocking number of the same universal business (and life) truths and strategies. I resonate with a ton of what you say and it gives me another affirmation to keep going on my path despite the shade and doubt thrown at me from my family. I love how you related the business philosophy in this video to martial arts. I’m focusing on teaching business mindset and initial strategy at the moment and my father disagrees that it’s important or worth much of anything, but like you said if you’re not even digging the hole in the right spot or looking a couple steps ahead, then you won’t succeed. I am at the beginning of my journey as a 22 year old with a supportive husband, an 11 month old baby boy, and another boy on the way. I am at most 4 weeks away from launching my online business and I have to say, your videos have really helped to inspire me and give me the confidence I need to know that what I am teaching is true and will really help so many people! Don’t worry, my target market is different than yours so we won’t be directly competing. 👍🏻 Thank you. I wish you continued success in your ventures, I hope your wife is well, and hopefully you will be hearing about me through the grapevine soon once my business has been launched and has made a significant impact.

  • I tend to copy everything without understanding. Because i thought after i done copying, i will have time to digest. Ended up i have no time to digest, and my mind keep telling me i have done my works. That's is my lower self, ignorant. Thank you for open up my mind, i will consistently improving myself.

  • Wow that was the message I needed. I was wondering why I am struggling during the roleplays in HTC sometimes. Now I got the answer. Not what but why … thank you Sifu 🙏

  • Old Man And Cat says:

    I wonder if eating late at night is closely tied to the Theta hypnosis state of mind just before dozing off to sleep and subconscious ideas are rising up to the conscious mind…

  • ✨ Serenity Subliminals ✨ says:

    Hi Dan thank you for your wisdom … I am on the path to being the 6-7-8 figure entrepreneur/freelancer. Putting the pieces together with the help of your videos.

    Wanted to share that the click you’re mentioning is the calibrating of consciousness. Each individual holds a field of consciousness and by making our mind heart in harmony with another person we can calibrate up.

    Have a nice day.

  • This is awsome,I have been asking these questions of myself and now,Mr. Lok has confirmed I am not crazy. Thank you sir, now I believe I need help to actually figure this out. I do not know,what I do not know. Would inner circle be a good start ?

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