The Broadway Palm- 2013 Breakthrough Employer

We are a dinner theater, primarily here of course for Broadway-style musicals, we do eight a year. We employ over 100 people, throughout the year, not including our actors and actresses. So we can go anywhere from an office-type position, administrative-type work, all the way through a kitchen person, dishwashing, to serving tables, bussing tables, hostessing, so we have a lot of varieties of positions here. We approached them because we knew they had some employment availability, and I talked to them about what our role was at Goodwill, working with Vocational Rehabilitation clients and assisting them to find employment. When I presented them with the idea of a job fair, they were very open to it. And they were just really great. I said you know, bring as many people as you want, we’ll go through the interview process, they need to be aware that they’re gonna be interviewed by the owner, and they’re gonna be interviewed by management, They would give us feedback after the interviews, which we could sit down with our clients at that point and the clients really learned a lot about the interviewing process. I think that’s a great thing that Goodwill provides. They’re really giving them the confidence they need We found just three unbelievably terrific individuals, And what I have found of these employees is they are so appreciative of their jobs. They bring a very positive attitude they’re always willing to work. They bring everything to the table. Honestly, they’re probably three of my favorite employees to see every day when I get here. They love coming to work, they’ll do anything, the appreciation for Broadway Palm and for us giving them the opportunity to work here, it’s wonderful. And they all three definitely have that. Through the whole process, Broadway Palm, they worked with them on different job assignments, until they found something that they really enjoyed doing, which in turn helped them flourish in their job positions. It’s just a little something that we can do to give back, and we can help kind of keep everything going and keep Southwest Florida alive and ticking, and we just love having anybody we can have here to give opportunities they may not get elsewhere in other employment places, we just want to be able to give that to them.


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