The Business Formal dress code: capsule wardrobe example (100 outfits).

The Business Formal dress code: capsule wardrobe example (100 outfits).

Hi, everyone! So nice to see you here,
again on my channel. Today we will talk about
the formal business dress code and look at another
wonder wardrobe example for work. This is the third and last installment of the business dress code series. So if you want to see
the previous how-to examples for casual or business casual dress codes,
you can find them on my channel. If you have a formal business dress code, it means the foundation of your wardrobe
should be the suits. For a better versatility, I’d suggest choosing
different types and colors for your suits, but try to have the same type of fabric
and fabric density. Let me show you what I mean. Here I have two different types of suits. Both of them are made out of fine wool
and have the same texture. That’s why now,
if I exchange the jackets, they will fit nicely to the bottoms,
and I will get more outfits. You can also choose a pattern suit. But then keep another solid color one and make sure they both have
the same fabric and texture. Beside that, you can go with this simpler
and more classic combination, that always works. If you have three basic suits:
black, navy and dark grey, that have a similar texture and fabric, you’ll be able to increase their versatility. Now you can wear all three of them as suits or break them into mix and match outfits
and rotate the jackets. The formal business dress code
allows you to wear formal blouses, shirts,
fine sweaters, cardigans and turtlenecks. Also, remember that every time
you choose a top it should go well with your suits
and match their colour. Contrasting combinations, when the colour of your suit
and the colour of your top make each other brighter, may look more fancy,
sophisticated and even powerful. Muted combinations, when the colour of your suit and the colour of your shirt
make each other even deeper, look more friendly
and are an easier every day go-to. You can also have some
separate blazers and bottoms. Here it’s also important to pay attention
to the fabric composition, density and texture and make sure they match well. Your separates may also look
formal and professional, So try to avoid any catchy designs or elements that have nothing to do
with the business environment. You might also wear dresses,
but keep in mind that for most formal situations the jacket will still be necessary. Your dresses should have
an elegant cut and design, beautiful fabric and colour
and have short or long sleeves. You can choose
different types of coats, but keep in mind that firstly, a coat has to give you enough space to wear a jacket underneath and secondly, it should be longer
than your jacket. I’d suggest to have
at least two different ones: a shorter one, that will go well
with your trousers, and a longer one
that will fit better to your skirts and dresses. Or you can also have two coats that fit well to any of your bottoms. It’s totally possible. I would say that accessories play quite a role
in the business formal dress code and may tell a lot about
your professional level and status. The higher your position, the more luxurious your accessories can become. For example, an expensive watch or a
beautiful leather handbag is a clear symbol of status and business success. But none of your accessories should
clearly reveal the price tag. Choose something that is still business-like and delicate. If you are just starting out in your career,
I’d suggest to invest in the best quality of both clothes and accessories you can afford. Because this way,
you will not only look and feel better, but you’ll also show a serious attitude for your work
and desire to grow professionally. Today I will try to create a sustainable, interchangeable wardrobe
for the colder season that includes a couple of suits, a blazer, 2 bottoms and 7 tops. I hope this will be enough
to end up with at least 30 outfits. I will also add two pairs of shoes and a bag
that should go perfectly with everything else. The Colour Palette for this wardrobe came out to be cold and bright. I like how elegant and sophisticated
these colours look with each other. I think it’s better to start looking for suits first and try to find a couple
that might be also interchangeable. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, it’s even possible to find both of them
at the same brand store. I like this suit. The color is so beautiful,
not too bright, not too dark. Now I need to find a second suit
that can match well with this one. I think I saw a very cool one in Marella. Ok, yes, this one. Let’s see if these suits are interchangeable. I say yes, they are. Now when I have my suits,
I will look for tops, then 2 different bottoms, a jacket and then everything else. It might sound like a lot,
but now when I have my foundation, it will be much easier. At least I hope so! Ok, see you in a bit. Here’s the capsule wardrobe that I’ve just made. It includes: 2 suits, 7 tops, a blazer, a skirt, a pair of trousers, 2 pairs of shoes and a bag. And when I put all these items together I will get 40 outfits that include a jacket, 28 outfits that can be worn without a jacket 32 outfit combinations
that include layering with a sweater. Yes, that’s right. All these items can create this crazy amount of outfit combinations. As you can see all the tops
look very well with both suits. Then, if we exchange the jackets we can get even more
possible combinations. As separates I choose this black blazer that can be paired with both
the skirt and the pair of wide cropped trousers. They are not the part of a suit,
I found all three pieces separately
from different brands, but all of them have very similar or identical fabric, and obviously, they are all black and look well proportionally. So, this could be a nice and slightly more feminine
alternative to the classic suit. Of course, all these tops look very well
without a jacket as well, and give me 28 interchangeable outfits. In addition, we also have these two fine sweaters. They can be worn with every bottom
and under any jacket. they can also be layered on top of some shirts. Finally it’s also possible to wear a shirt and sweater combo under blue suit resulting in eight more outfits. The business formal dress code doesn’t let you fully express your personality or be trendy, It’s more about presenting yourself as a highly- qualified professional. Think about it this way:
the company’s image comes first. Like any individual, every company
wants to be perceived in a certain way so they establish rules
for how their employees represent them. It’s a bit like colouring within the lines, as long as you know where the lines are. That’s it. I hope you found this video
interesting and helpful Let me know what you think
in the comments below. How does your wardrobe for work look like? How many outfits do you have?
Let’s chat! If you liked this video please, press like, share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Thank you for watching,
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