The Creator of the Bullet Journal chats with Keep Productive

The Creator of the Bullet Journal chats with Keep Productive

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video it is Francesco here today. We are joined by the creator of the bullet journal, Ryder Carroll is so good to have you Ryder Where are you joining us from? brooklyn new york Awesome. It looks like a lovely set up you’ve got behind you. It looks so clean and and awesome Awesome so let’s kick things off with a little bit about your background with the bullet journal I think it’s for those who don’t know maybe a little bit of an introduction to it And also the story behind how and you what inspired you to create it? Yeah, so the bullet journal came into existence because when I was young I was diagnosed with a ADD and back then they really weren’t a lot of tools available to me so I had to design my own and it was Definitely not night process so over many many years. I ways of taking notes and Systematizing my thought in a way that would make sense and help me overcome my own organizational challenges and Many many years later I shared what I found to be most valuable online and that’s what’s known as bullet journal today awesome and it’s such a it’s such a simple way of getting started and I’ve I’ve been slowly getting through the book that you’re releasing very soon and It’s it can actually go a lot more advanced that I’ve realised For those people that are interested obviously, there’s the I think the YouTube video encapsulate it really well How would you recommend people get started with the villager animation? Yeah so there there’s a lot of content online about bullet journal right now and it can It’s easy to get overwhelmed but really quickly. You don’t know like who’s doing it, right? And then I Think the first thing for people to realize is that the bullet journal is incredibly personal right? So it reflects the needs of their user so when you see a lot of these different interpretations, it’s not about how to pick I Think it helps to understand you take a step back and then you begin with the source Which is the form video you just mentioned that you can find for free bowl eternal calm which teaches you the very basics of how to bullet journal and You can basically take it from there. I usually advise people to start off with what they see there Try it out for three months three months specifically because there is a technique called migration in the bullet journal and once people have migrated At least once if not twice it’s gonna be like a really it can be a real lightbulb moment when people start realizing How they can curate their to-do lists in a very effective way, right? So for those who aren’t familiar during migration You go through your to-do lists and you look for things that you still need to do and then you ask yourself a question Which is does it still matter? Is it vital? A lot of times it is but sometimes it’s not All right And then two things happen one is you have to make a choice You make a choice whether it continues to be part of your life and if it does that requires you to rewrite it and a lot of times people think something’s important until they have to rewrite it and all of a sudden like I don’t want to rewrite it and That’s intentional like that’s by design that that piece of friction because if something’s not even work the two minutes or two minutes the two seconds to rewrite a sentence the chances are that Important, right? So every month you kind of go through this process where you’re weeding out a lot of things that are ultimately distractions from your list and That’s when people start realizing how powerful the methodology can be and helping them focus and get more of their time back fantastic and Previously when you were a product designer sort of full-time Did you have any like digital tools during that time before that do you like try any and there were like, right? This system’s gonna fix me. Did you ever go through that process? Oh, yeah I still go through that process all the time now as a digital I I Wasn’t forced into being a digital product designer. Like I think digital tools can Enable us to get things done that we never were able to before I mean simply being able to do this video chat You know like the amount of Technology that are required to make this simple. I Mean, it’s it’s just all emerging technology and don’t it’s right. We gotta play games, but I think that what people forget is They’re like either digital or analog old or new like I just don’t think that way for me It’s about the tools that help you become most effective and sometimes those are digital and sometimes those are analog for me. I always found that stepping away from digital tools allowed me to think more clearly right and allowed me and to unplug so I wouldn’t be disturbed right cuz like I would be in like a Host of different productivity tools, you know, and I’m creating the perfect to-do list in the calendar next thing You know, I’m like buying shoes or like, you know learning about how to build a tiny house or something like I don’t know how I teleported from like one Reality to the other so quickly, but that doesn’t happen to me when I’m with my notebook for obvious reasons right now It was something that I realized and I feel like that’s why you see notebooks in Most agencies. All right, I think I looked around and they they occurred to me one day I was like developing some of the most cutting-edge technology and software in the world and the tool that they’re using to think about those things is a piece of paper and the patent Right. So there’s I think there’s something to be said like there’s These tools all have a different role to play in the process Definitely definitely, I think that the way that you’ve sort of structured the book Is quite interesting because you’ve you’ve put it into a very visual process for people Can you tell us more about how? Because obviously you when you first release the concept it was mainly just for the video and and obviously the book that you can buy How does how would you say the book? Like centralizes if that makes sense Sure so the book is designed for both people who are familiar with the bullet journal as well as those who aren’t but that was really important to me because like a big part of why I Continued to teach this is because I’ve seen how affected how effective it can be for people So on the one hand I wanted to make sure that people who are familiar with the system gain value and then those who aren’t familiar also gain value and the way that I tried to solve that challenge is that the book can be read in one of two ways, so For those who are new to the system. It’s important to create a sequence of information that can that you can build on like a B C so over time you start being able to plug the pieces together And that’s designed for people who aren’t familiar with the system. However, for those people who are familiar with the system The book doesn’t have to be read sequentially, right? you can only you can go directly towards whatever you have a question about or find challenging and As you had mentioned there there there’s Kind of the beginnings of bullet journal which help us organize our thought but then I would say the more advanced version of bullet journal is really becoming more Aware of how you’re spending your time and energy on a more I guess existential level if you will, right? It’s not just about getting things done. It’s about understanding why Those things are important to you why they add value to your life So as you kind of get deeper and deeper into the book you see how to use the system But then you delve into the practice and I provide exercises for people to go through in order to be able to figure out how they can combine Productivity with mindfulness to lead a more intentional life. I love it and I quite like the final bit where you bring in some work examples from Like people are using actively so that’s there. That’s quite an exciting chapter because it’s more relatable as an essay brilliant When is the book gonna be released its net is it next Monday? 23rd, it’s October 23rd. Yep, now perfect and that will be available on Amazon and all that right? Yep, lovely jubbly brilliant right out We’re gonna jump on a podcast now, but I really appreciate you coming on the YouTube channel Is there anything else you want to point people towards? I’d say all the information you need is at for the journal comm AC thing going on Apologies talking about the Revenge of the machines Coming to get all the journal you can go to bullet journal comm we’re at bullet journal on most Channels, so I hope to see you there Lovely jubbly Thank You Ryder. And we’re gonna jump on the podcast now. So feel free to stay tuned and jump over to iTunes Thank you very much Ryder. I’ll see you give a seat. Thanks for having me. Yes


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