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  • Midnight Theories says:

    Many were asking for several different languages subtitles for this video, so you are now able to add subtitles in your language to this video

    I will be making a update video once this season is over. Leave any theories, subjects or trainees you want me to talk about in the update video.

    Level Discrimination (1:45)
    Sasaengs (4:36)
    Bullying (5:03)
    Cheating (5:50)
    Evil Edits (6:22)
    Rigged Rankings (8:14)
    Wasted Talent (9:30)
    Han Dongchul (10:33)
    Center Luck/ 1st Place Curse (12:59)
    Sohye (14:09)
    Somi (14:57)
    Final Thoughts (15:32)

  • 15:37 OHMFG YOU SOUND LIKE SOMEONE BUT IDK WHO- it’s driving me crazy. You sound exactly like her but idk who maybe it’s a cartoon character or something but

  • mnet showed the boys crying, complaining it was hard to make people think that it was the training that was hard, but the truth it was them making it hard.

  • Talentless Potato says:

    It would’ve been interesting if someone uploaded a list of trainees in produce that had little to no screen time or those that didn’t make it in an episode or never got included in any episode whatsoever.

  • Ellie Martinson says:

    I honestly want mnet to do a co-ed group. Like have them have two separate buildings or something to avoid scandals or something. Idk i didn’t think it through. But I’d like to see more co-ed groups besides KARD. And I feel like they could be aimed more towards international audiences since Korea seems to hate the idea of male and female idols being together in any way.

    Sorry that sounded really shady towards Korea. No hate intended

  • Creepers OnHood says:

    Think about it: if it weren't for mnet's "editing" the show wouldn't have gained so much viewers. Look at the other broadcasting stations' survival shows, none of them made it big, mnet is all about ratings, on how to pull viewers to watch the show, so they put a roller-coaster ride drama to play with the viewer's emotions. And the reality is: knetz wants someone who is capable of singing, dancing and rapping, and overall the chemistry of the group, and as for the looks, you can already tell people want to see good-looking idols to please their eyes, may that idol lacking or skilled the people will vote for who they want to see again and again.

  • I was thinking ? past is past. If we do something bad in the past such as bullying and we forgot about it and apologize. And wanted to become a kpop star. They bring back the past and then ruined your career ??‍♀️ come on man! What if they want to forget about it and move on. Stop hating? we’re all humans. No hating

  • Gloria Emmanuella says:

    This show is based on visuals and THEN talent

    Tbh S2 has the best mix of talent and visual, but for girl groups males basically just vote for visuals that’s it

  • OnceStayMydayAhgaseHottestExo-lCaratNctzen JYPSTAN says:

    it shookt me when hyunseong, jungmo, yuvin and jinhyuk didn't made to the debut lineup. like, they have been so talented and stable

  • OnceStayMydayAhgaseHottestExo-lCaratNctzen JYPSTAN says:

    no matter how much they are deserving, mnet would still be snaking out and would pick trainees who has looks and popular for money.

  • One thing I noticed during pdx101 is that in concept evaluations and group performances the most popular trainees were always together and had the most eye catching song. Like Yohan, seungwoo, Eunsang, Wooseok, junho and others a few times were always kinda together. Then the other teams would be leftover and get less votes cause of popularity. Like Monday to Sunday team hyeop clearly is one of the best vocalists on the show no one can sing five notes higher each time like he did but he ended up not even making top 20. Like I love x1’s debut team but I cant lie that it was mainly good looks and popularity.

  • Usually if your the youngest in all the trainees you can be like part of the group

    Sorry for bad england. (Ahhaahahah sry!)

  • Oh you are nana¿ says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if the voting is actually ranked. I thought Jinhyuk would make it, but he was in 14 place. Also, there is totally an unequal amount of screen time for the trainees. Most of the trainees who are voted out during the first elimination I rarely know. I pretty much recognize the trainees who always have screen time.

  • Victoria Flowers says:

    I still think Somi getting the center position is the proof the show cares mainly on visuals and season three with wonyoung made it really clear, how they talk about her being “sexy” is still disgusting to me because of her young age.

  • Marjorie Turingan says:

    I'm not even a fan of (G)-Idle but i am so glad Soyeon slapped PD101 that she slays her career even if she didn't make the cut.

  • Gadolium Nitrogen says:

    People here have to realise that the produce series were producing an IDOL GROUP. There are a lot of factors which go into an idol (main ones being visual and talent) but one overlooked one is charm. A person's charm is what mainly helps them into getting people to like them. It is mainly assisted by visual and talent but even without that, it can still can make people insanely popular. Some people's natural charm appeal more to others, for Hyewon for example. A lot of people hate her, a lot of people love her. Although she was one of my top picks she is not that good and she doesn't really use her visuals the best she can but what made her very popular (even for mnet) was her charm. It wasn't luck or anything, she drew people in herself. That is why many talented people don't make the cut and many people who aren't as talented do. You need charm to be noticed and gain a heap of popularity. Idols like Somi naturally have that idol charm, somehting that you are just born with, but you can still improve your charm and appeal to the audience. Stop hating on people for not making it even though they arent as taleneted as other people! They joined the program to join an idol group, people based their votes on who they want as a member of the IDOL group.

  • a lover BP_Seokjin _StrayKids says:

    5:16 I am so sad for Yoon Seobin. He is not a bully but he kick out Jyp and Pdx101 .He is talented and handsome. If he didn't kick out, he will be debuted X1 …

  • Vanessa Priscilla says:

    Thats why I never ever support PD101/PD48/PDX101 and all the final line up. MNET is SNAKEU. All the trainees and idols that went for that TRASH SHOW has wasting their life. Ok, I knew thats not my right to say that but thats the tea. ?? Im not hater to I.O.I, WANNA ONE, IZ*ONE and X1… I just feel pity to all trainees and idols that deserve attention too! ?This TRASH SHOW reveals everything in KPOP INDUSTRY RIGHT NOW!!! ???

  • Su hwan from Produce x 101 (aka the cute short one) should of been in the lineup, he is a great dancer and vocalist and his voice is SO stable live. He was rejected by companies bc he was too short and didn’t have “visuals” when really he is the most cutest and talented bean alive. Mnet used his story for views. He should of debuted. I hope he debuts soon 🙁

  • The ProduceX101 was tragic any1 with talent was instantly shuned away 4 boys with meh talent and visuals i was really disappointed and yah the center got into the final cut

  • the favoritism is so unfair. i bet there were several more talented people. mnet is definitely rigged the votes for produce 48 – and honestly i get why everyone was so pissed about izone’s lineup. there was the visual who got in for visuals only, the underratted genius dancer, the main vocal, the center who’s hella young, the almost center who was consistent and popular throughout, the cute and short one, and a couple more who weren’t that outstanding minus their visuals. it’s like they knew the positions that made season one popular so they made it that way

  • Knetz: criticize the producer for creating a show that teases their fantasies but it's filled with minors
    Also Knetz: Rank the minors in high positions, especially the ones showed in cool or sexy positions like Wonyoung and Guanlin

    You guys need another excuse, really.

  • Juhaknyeon did not deserve the hate that he got. He was just trying to survive the show like many others. I don’t understand why he and so many trainees had to go through this evil editing bs. I’m so happy he debuted under creker entertainment to be apart of The Boyz. They may not be as popular as most groups but at least we got them their first win and 7 rookie awards!!!! Watch out world The Boyz are comingggggg.?

  • Honestly I get what you're saying about the appearances (people being chosen for looks, talent/personality vs. appearance, etc) but you have to remember that even though the show and PDs choose the members of the final lineup, it is still up to the viewer to vote for members. I think these groups reflect what the Korean public want in a group. Appearance always trumps talent, personality, even experience/seniority in these shows, and it's really clear that the public influences what the producers choose. If these shows were really all about the talent then a good portions of the lineups would have changed. And based off that gross producers comparison of these shows to p**n I highly doubt that the producers even wanted this in the first place. They're just playing into people's expectations and we as viewers seem to fall for it every time

  • hey, just to tell you all that everyone that joined produce seasons are all talented. fuck to all of you who says they only have visuals. fuck to all of you who says the ones who got in the debut line up are not talented and deserving. don't act like you know all what's going on. you don't be able to see their hardwork at your OWN EYES. ENOUGH THIS BULLSHITS AND SUPPORT PRODUCE GROUPS AND YOUR PICKS.

  • But for me, Pd101 is for promoting every trainee to be successful in their career at their respective companies. If their goal is to make a group, they should just make every final-line a permanent group but they don't because their goal is to promote the trainees. This is why I don't understand why do fans are still salty if theur faves didn't debut. Look at Nuest, Jonghyun didn't debut but still successful. That's the concept of the show

  • My picks for every PD101 season :

    S1 : Chunga
    S2: Ong Seongwoo
    S3: Chaeyeon
    S4: Han Seungwoo

    ? All of them (my picks) debuted and therefore I am happy ?

  • now i can scream about produce x 101. this X class concept was very unfair in my opinion. all the trainees came to audition in front of a thousand people and got grade X (and thought they were kicked) in front of all of them which is incredibly humiliating. then they all put them in a special class and couldn’t stop to bring them down. they basically had to work by themselves to get better when classes A, B, C & D had lots of lessons. also the pressure they put on trainees is unhealthy. they all must be really really strong to go through all this cuz the trainers are often pretty rude and really discouraging.
    finally, let’s appreciate the fact that hyeongjun started with grade X, worked by himself, became the leader of his class, handled the pressure and ended up debuting even if everyone treated him like a crybaby/weak trainee.

  • Ok but this show was never abt talent, they move the lineup according to the audience that they going to like (those bastards know how to build a group that sells) they play with the mentality of the trainees they even have agreements with some companies, notorious case with Starship that in recent seasons it was already noted that they have the agreement that 2 trainees remain in the final lineup, it seemed to me a shock that they took Minkyu, but I remembered that this ssn was directed for the i-fans and they didn't like him so they had to force him out.

  • Seobin's rumors of bullying were proven to be false. Although he admitted he smoked etc. A lot of people from his school (including a teacher) testified. He was basically kicked out of Produce and JYP for nothing.

  • Li Shu Han (李書韓) says:

    They made a move now guys… it's nearly done…

  • last episode of Produce X 101:

    coach : "The Center of Debut Evaluation song usually goes Debut. From season 1, 2,and 3. So you guys must fight to be the Center so you guys can debut soon"

    Yunseong, "To my World" Debut Evaluation Song Center : BUT YOU DON'T EVEN DEBUTED ME BISH.

  • I'm a little relieved to know that Mnet is now under investigation for those final results in every season… I'll wait with my glass of wine the penalization that Mnet will have to pay for this.

    PS: Not related buuuttt I'm glad 'cause only one of my boys from Nu'est had the opportunity to promote with wanna one (that was so painful all that time) but my other boys were together until he could come back so… well #StanNuest :V

  • Some of the KNetz are really cruel how could they call someone so beautiful as "disappointing?

    Such thinking drives some of the trainees losing their confidence/self esteem. It's ridiculous. ?

  • 9 out of 10 aren't chosen … no matter who those 10/11/12 are chosen there will always be 90% not chosen … those 90% will ALWAYS HAVE die hard kfans … so theres no perfect lineup since there will always be 9 times the number of salti antis for each true fan … in the final ranking there will always be a 1:1 ratio between diehard fans and die hard antis of the final lineup … 🙂

  • Lmaooo they be talkin about soyeon looking ugly, look where she is now, looking like a queen without giving any craps

  • Recently the polices found out about produce x1 final line up cheaters. 2-3 members of x1 was switched position with the one that didn’t make it. They also found out that there’s also the same case in previous season (didn’t states which season but i personally guess produce 48)

  • Yes, some people obviously get more screen time than others, but that doesn't mean you can't make it without screen time… Kim Do-Yeon from season 1 literally made it to the final lineup with like 10 seconds of screen time per episode lmfao. I was angry about Soyeon though, but she ended up being more successful than she could've been if she won P101 (since I.O.I was mistreated getting less than a year…)

  • Why is Han dong chul not dropped from these projects and penalized career wise esp bc he works with younger artists. He just gave off a major red flag. It’s not worth the risk to
    Keep someone who thinks like that around.

  • Produce is a great show in concepts but the politics of the tv and kpop industry make it sad and unfair in reality. That’s a big reason I stopped watching. I could literally see how the politics of the corporate side of the entertainment industry was affecting the show and more importantly hurting a lot of the contestants. And also the sob stories were getting really hard to watch 🙁

  • babystay myday says:

    I'm pretty sure they confirmed that the final rankings are rigged because some fans of the latest season saw that the online rankings were different than the ones on the final live rankings

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