35 thoughts on “The Future of Oil: Peak Prices, Peak Production, Piqued Consumers”

  • Todd Downing says:

    Wow – Sensenbrenner is one disingenuous jerk. And 3 x the Saudi's reserve in shale? Considering it takes 1.5 gallons of oil to produce 1 gallon of shale oil he should have said in order to get at this shale oil we will only need 3 x the Saudi reserves to get to it. Not to mention how toxic the process is or how water intensive. You'd literally need nearly 6 gallons of water for every gallon of oil. – Did I mention how much I hagte Shadegg?

  • Todd Downing says:

    Interesting that when it comes to oil – Republicans are interested in supply, but when it comes to the budget – supply i.e. taxes – is totally off limits.

  • @sangolt88 Actually, douche bag at 19:30. This idiot said all this crap in June of 2008. Gasoline from algae? Not filling my tank with that. Phoenix Automotive? Yeah, real successful car company that I've never heard of. Dumbass should've realized that "dead dinosaurs" still power almost every car, train, plane, and ship in the world.

  • apparently the idea of starting from scratch by inventing some chemical replacement for oil and it's derivatives is one hardly even contemplated.

  • This might sound like sarcasm but we can walk more often rather that use our vehicles for short trips. We can utilise public transportation to get to work, prefer smaller vehicles with great fuel efficiency. Maybe the people ought to demand this these "100 mpg" cars? These are my thoughts but of course the public as a whole must make the decision for change.

  • Maybe Americans will continue to stick their heads in the sand until gas prices spike to $7/gallon at which point they will start bitching and moaning about the $150 it costs to fill up their SUV tank that gets only 15 miles/gallon.

  • The public is growing wise to this inaccuracy. If we stay dependent of oil, the only justifiable reason to spend great money extracting it from shale will be the even greater money it will take for the consumer to buy it. Of course, monopolies don't truly like competition and ultimately capitalism. A corporation has the objective of maximizing profit by cutting overhead. As for oil, this will come from producing less, increasing demand and thus maintain huge profits.

  • The truth is, privatization and lack of democracy due to private corporate government structures has harmed the future common good of humanity. A few sociopaths have profited to the detriment of the future human race.

  • So many chemicals are associated with fossil fuel. Bio fuels hold some promise and so does solar. If we had at least balanced the use of energy, developed alternatives, created greeter efficiencies, ….greed, lack of vision, privatization of humanities energy use…these things will look stupid to the future generations. The future humanity will look upon the oil barons as greedy disgusting selfish sociopaths.

  • Ed Gladstone says:

    What is privatization and lack of democracy? What is common good of humanity? What is a sociopath, who are they and how can they profit off the loss of something that has yet to occur?

  • Ed Gladstone says:

    I think they make batteries out there that could run forever. I think their also experimenting on electrical technology in which large amounts of electric currents can be drawn without even needing a battery. However electric fields generated out of that could be immense on a highway of millions of vehicles on a hot summer day.

  • Ed Gladstone says:

    We should make sure it's practical (no balogny. efficient). Make sure it doesn't waste resources and work. Also make sure it doesn't harm. In general the magnetic field and everything associated with earth. By that we should be careful by abiding by guidelines written in a book called Safety assurance for Scientific engineering and technology.

  • Ed Gladstone says:

    That doesn't convey sarcasm, that conveys serious. How can a trip be short? Trips are longer than 100 miles. I don't think we walk that much today. Who made those public transportation for people to ride? Why can't we ride horse? Is it moral? Who made those 100 MPG cars and where did you get it from? Why does the public must make a decision? Is there a gun put to their head? Good change or bad change? Who are they to be involved in matters such as building cars?

  • David Brotman says:

    I say this because consumers, through their buying behavior have signaled that they do not expect prices to go up significantly. Though not a scientific survey, I have observed that at least 1 out of 3 cars on the road is a large vehicle that gets crappy gas mileage. Right now in California, prices are hovering a little over $4/gallon. Consumer behavior could change if prices spike to $5 but that seems unlikely at least for now. Conclusion: Consumers tend to be reactive, not proactive.

  • Ed Gladstone says:

    I didn't know buying behavior (data, trends) really can say an expectation that prices won't increase. You can buy something and want the opposite.

  • The best possible method is to have cars run on air. More as a filter for are airs. I'm no expert but I know it's possible.

  • Just think how dirty as air is. plus the Fallout from Japan… Are water is infected and everything eles. haveing a car run on air is the best possible method. More as filters. Gas is the most nastyist thing out there. and i know its possible cars can run on air.

  • Insurance, Taxes, Energy Costs are the unholy trinity forcing mostly middle class people to change. Smaller Cars, Smaller Houses as well as foreclosures and on and on use your imagination. And, to a large degree it is not tied to reality. No…it's tied to greed of the "NWO" et al. I myself am being affected by the NWO system and am stressed to make decisions on my home and car in the near future. I will be forced into the deadbeat class, that is what they want to make of us.

  • Kendall Svengalis says:

    Ed Markey is one of the dumbest members of Congress who has been pushing the global warming fraud for years. It's great that he is now in the minority.

  • It is possible to power things using water as a fuel, but as discussed in this video that a lot of these issues end up getting blocked eg ideas for solar and wind. This is because the money that is being made off oil at the moment is amazing and they want to keep it that way as long as possible.

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