The Most Powerful Productivity Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day – Dan Lok

The Most Powerful Productivity Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day – Dan Lok

(inspirational music) What kind of questions to ask myself? I asked you to go through
that little bit here. Here’s a good question. Before you do something yourself ask yourself this question look at your to-do list. You want to ask can it be done cheaper,
can it be done what? – [Audience] Cheaper. Can it be done faster,
can it be done what? – [Audience] Faster. Can it be done better,
can it be done what? – [Audience] Better. Better. Can it be done by someone else who likes it more than you do? Can it be done by someone who
likes it more than you do? So look at my to do,
there’s a pile of stuff lot of objectives, lot
of tasks to do, okay. Can it be done cheaper,
can it be done faster can it be done better? Can it be done by someone else who likes it more than I do? And a lot of stuff I don’t like to do that I’m not good at, so I delegate those. So those four questions. Does that make sense, yes? – [Audience] Yes. As a leader, your job is not to do the job but to make sure the job gets done. Now what’s the difference? What’s the difference? Not to do the job, but
make sure it gets done. What does that mean? What does that mean? – [Audience Member] Just get the result. Just get the result. Sometimes I tell my team and they know anyone, ask anyone who works with me I say don’t tell me the labor
pain, just give me the baby. I don’t so much care about the process I want to see the result. I want to see the result. In fact, Benzo go to
the mic, go to the mic. (laughing) Benzo works with me very
closely, one of my mentees give him a round of applause. (applause) He works with me very closely. Now Benzo what’s it like working with me? Very great and intense. No, intense. But what does it mean? Let them know, give them some specifics what’s it like or … So they get an idea. Okay, okay. I would say that Dan comes
up with the strategies and how the processes will work and then in most cases it’s
just me doing the implementation and putting it into action. He’s not a control freak, for sure. He doesn’t give, “Yeah do
it this way or this way.” He gives the core idea and
then I just fit all the pieces together, put the puzzles together. That’s how it normally works. Do we always get it right? No, for sure. Do we make mistakes? Yes. Is that okay? Yes. Do I take your head off
when you make a mistake? Sometimes. Sometimes. (laughing) That’s truth, that’s the truth. So you have to let your people you have to be comfortable
letting them make mistakes you can’t just take their head off every time they make a fucking mistake because they start making mistakes and when they start making mistakes what does that mean? Stop learning. They stop learning but
what does it mean for you? You stop producing things, you go back and you’ve got to finish that fucking job. You’ve got to let them it’s not exactly the way
I want it, it’s okay. I’m okay with that. So he knows it’s intense,
I push him, he knows. I love it too. Yeah. So I tell people, if you
work with me its intense. It is intense, it’s not easy. Not always pleasant, not always pleasant. But I think it’s kind of fun. It is. It is kind of fun. So a round of applause. (applause) so let me tell you a quick story. Many years ago when I was
still doing copywriting kind of transitioning to consulting hadn’t done consulting yet. At the time, I was always at home and at the time, I was basically I wanted to help people. I wanted to what? – [Audience] Help people. Help people. So I was always, anyone who wants my time I would give them my time. I was basically a public library. How many know what a public library is? Okay. So a public library. So we remember this one day I was in the home office,
I was talking on the phone and this gentleman called me up and he asked me a million questions and I spent a good hour
with him on the phone I gave him some of my
best ideas and strategies and he said thank you and
then we got off the phone. At the time, my ex-girlfriend at the time ex-girlfriend Tiffany walked by my office and she overheard a conversation
and she came in the office and she looked at me
with those beautiful eyes and a nice smile, I’ll
never forget what she said. She said, in Chinese, “Dumbass.” and I was like, “What’s wrong?” and she said “Why are you
giving it all away for free?” I said, “Well because
I want to help people, “Who would pay me?” and she said “Well, other
people pay other people. “You pay your mentors. “Dan you go to seminars, you read books “and you did all these
things to accumulate “all this knowledge and here you are “giving enough information to somebody “to make them dangerous “and not getting compensated “for your time, knowledge and energy.” I said, “Hmm, that kind of makes sense.” “You should charge for it.” So I made a decision. For the next call that I got I’m gonna do an experiment here. I’m gonna ask for money
and see what happens. Call, another gentleman called me up and this was a gentleman actually he purchased one of my
programs in the past an incorporating program and
he likes it and is using it making good money and
he was asking me, again a lot of questions and I
simple turn the table around halfway I stopped and
said, “You know what sir? Those are good questions, however
I charge a consulting fee” And he said “Oh, okay, well
how much do you charge?” Hmm, that’s a very good question. “What kind of budget have you set “aside for something like this?” I kind of throw the ball back to him. And he said, “Well you know, Dan “I’ve been using your program “I’ve got your business partner. “I think your program is very good “If I can work with you, that’s awesome. “I think we’ve got a budget
probably we’re comfortable “Investing like five
grand, would that work?” “Yeah that would work.” (laughing) “That would work and okay
great, let me talk to my “business partner and get back to you.” Called me back in about two hours or so. He said, “Yep, Dan, we’re ready to go. “I want to pay you five
grand and we’ll go for it.” “Great, so then how do we get started?” Never done this before, right? I don’t want to sound like
I don’t know what I’m doing. “Do you want to put it
on Visa or Mastercard?” I just came up with that. “Oh Visa would work, do you take Visa?” “Yeah that would work.” So anyway I got the visa number and that’s kind of my first
official consulting client. Write this down. Your time, knowledge and energy are your most valuable commodities. Your time, knowledge
and energy are your most valuable commodities. Your time, knowledge and energy they are your most what? – [Audience] Valuable commodities. Because customer is replaceable money is replaceable everything else in your
business is replaceable time is not, you cannot make up lost time. Everybody understand? You cannot make more time, you cannot. This minute, you’re listening to my talk. That minute is gone. It’s gone, you cannot get it back. Yes? – [Audience] Yes. So think about that. – [Narrator] Ten times your finances Ten times your business Ten times your marketing Ten times your life Hit the subscribe button now.


11 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Productivity Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day – Dan Lok”

  • Thank you Dan! These tips have helped me sell my (one-off) service to my dad to build his website for 40% more than he stated he would pay me (at the maximum). I'm only 16 but I feel this is a great lesson that I will use down my entrepreneur journey when outsourcing tasks and I thank you very much!

  • Katerina Fili says:

    Thank you for sharing these strategies and your valuable advice! I will love to know what strategies you follow to prepare for your videos, if you are willing to share them! Videos is something you must prepare the content,memorise it and practice your speech alone. Is not something you can delicate to someone else. How you are so productive?

  • Yuvrajsinh Vaghela says:

    Here is what I ask myself before starting any task at my office:

    – Is it worth doing it in my precious 8 hours?
    – How to automate this task?
    – What are the unconventional, faster, better way of doing this task?

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