The Most Productive Way to Read Books

The Most Productive Way to Read Books

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried
every way there is to read by now, but here’s something that I’ve found
to be the most effective if you’re going for maximum productivity and effeciency.
Basically what I do is I listen to the audiobook at twice the speed
while I look at the book and follow along. And there are so many great things about that…
First of all, it combines two senses,
seeing and hearing, so you end up with really good comprehension
while being really effecient at the same time. It’s kind of like these videos…
Imagine if you were only hearing or seeing… It just wouldn’t be as effective,
so combining the two senses does magic for comprehension. Another possibly even more important benefit
is that it keeps you in a straight line and keeps
you going. So you’re not going back and rereading things,
you’re not taking all kinds of unnecessary breaks and pauses,
your eyes aren’t running around all the time, and you’re not getting distracted every two
minutes. So again,
I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everything at this point,
and this is absolutely one of the best and the most effective and effecient ways
to read. You can take a book like The Richest Man in
Babylon and finish it in literally only 2 hours.
You can take a book like How to Win Friends and Influence People
and finish it in about 3.5 hours. You can basically finish most books in 5 hours
unless you’re reading Ayn Rand, in which case, let’s be honest,
you’re screwed no matter what you do. So let me just address one other thing…
Every time I talk about effeciency with reading, someone always points out that you shouldn’t
be rushing, you should just enjoy the book.
And I actually sympathize with that because I know what it feels like to just relax and
read, and I absolutely love that feeling.
But at the same time, I don’t just read for pleasure.
Most of the time, I read with the sole purpose of improving
my life, and the more I read the better my life gets,
so there’s absolutely a sense of urgency for me. Anyway… I really hope you try this out and
find it useful. It has definitely been one of the best things
I’ve introduced into my life lately. I don’t have some crazy attention span,
so I get tired and distracted after a while but this keeps me going and keeps me focused.
I think I’ve read one book a day for seven days in a row now,
which is something that I definitely wouldn’t be able to do
if I wasn’t using this method.


100 thoughts on “The Most Productive Way to Read Books”

  • For max. comprehension, I need to take notes along the way. I love this Einstein quote: "If you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it well enough." It's sort of a different way to articulate the Feynman method. I like to take notes that map my own understanding of (or perhaps confusion with) whatever topic I'm absorbing, and I'm not sure that this reading method would allow that, nor do I think it would be best for understanding.

  • Another misconception, if reading makes me intelligent, reading faster makes me intelligent faster, right? No, you're supposed to digest every part of the book, specially because you read about personal development

  • You probably can't read an Ayn Rand novel at 2x audio speed and really understand it. You need to take breaks and think about the meaning and implications. Besides the drama is too good to go through that fast 😉

  • Wait! How long did it take to read a book this way, and now he's reading one  a day.  So he's been spending 3-5 hours a day reading  a book every day?

  • There's some scientific evidence that repetition and backtracking play a key role in comprehension. Also, for me some pauses that I make are really important when I take notes or analyse, discuss and compare things in my brain. That way I'm not just absorbing information but creating my own ideas. I might try this method, it's interesting and might be useful for getting through something quickly, getting the general idea and not focusing on details, but I don't think this would ever be "the one and only" method.

  • this is a great method for someone who's first language is english and they read books in that language because there are many audiobooks in that language.

    but when you want to use this method but you're reading in a smaller language in which audiobooks aren't that popular yet, you're kind of screwed.

  • I always loved reading. But found myself gradually having lesser time to read. I find your videos informative and helpful.Thank you sir.

  • Gaming Scientist says:

    My initial reaction was negative against this method, but then after I thought about exactly what you were describing, I decided that I'll have to give this a try. Good idea

  • Addison Smith says:

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  • This is so wasteful at med school, you might have finished that 9 chapters of big ass book, but do u learn and remember the important details? figures, mechanisms, numbers, terms? I guess this is only for simple and friendly books.

  • Alejandro Sierra says:

    I used this technique for the first time in 2007. I am glad to know that an expert book reader like you uses the same technique. 🙂

  • I used this method before. Works great! Then I stopped because I thought I was lazy. Now I'm gonna start again. Too bad it's gonna cost more money to buy two things instead of just one.

  • Nerd Cave Development says:

    I'm going to try this. I've been trying to get back into reading and it hasn't been all that easy. I used to be a really avid reader all the way up to high school, but now trying to get back into it I struggle. I'll comment again after giving it a go with my first book (Lonesome Dove). I started reading it already, but I'll continue with an audiobook.

  • but then i will have to buy the book 2 times. kinda sucks. tough i would like to try this method, i would rather just buy two different books.

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  • Musafir Mudassar says:

    I don't know. Who can prove that reading more books is directly proportional to more success. It is not about how many books You read, it is about how much you grasped from a book and how much you implemented it on your life.

  • My new favorite way to read is to keep a reading planner and take it with me whenever I have my book so I can schedule my reading around my agenda. I schedule a 24 hour readathon every few weeks and I hope it works!

  • NotYourAverageJesusFreak says:

    You should just slow down
    Why? I have to read this whole book, do a report on it, then turn it in, in 5 days.
    Oh… ಠ_ಠ

  • I personally always take notes in a notebook while listening to an audiobook at 2x speed because I got so tired of listening all the way through an audiobook and then not being able to remember anything when the book is done. If i don't have a notebook nearby then I just take those notes using my phone. I found that this works really well and my aim is to usually fill an A4 page for every hour of audiobook.

  • I Read the Kindle Text Version while listening to the Audible Version simutaneously. But listening at X2 speed is quite too fast as I need to digest the contents.

  • I've used this method a few times in school when I had to read things as fast as possible while still being able to grasp a strong comprehensive of it. What I'm now struggling with is finding an app that can do both so I don't pay twice the price. What apps can someone suggest that do both without paying for both separately?

  • Wow! That's a great idea but that is going to take quite some budgeting at some point if one aims for 1 book a day.

  • Nader Nadernejad says:

    This is a really amazing strategy. A little more expensive but great and worth it with the time you save! 😉

  • Anselmo Parnada says:

    I want to believe this but this is the exact same way I revise for school/uni if I'm in a rush, which works well for short-term things (like exams) but not so well in the long run. It's great advice for reading quick but if you really wanna change your life, really try to comprehend each book you read so you can get the most out of it and the most out of your time. Great channel btw, keep up the good work!

  • Dark Guardian says:

    I listen to vids at 1x and 2x speed. It's not reading when you're listening to books…
    I listen to this vid at 2x speed. 🙂

  • I like doing this if i can find the audiobook for free online. Is there any cost-effective tips for this situation. instead of buying the book in two formats does someone bundle these as a cheaper group ?

  • I totally agree with you’ I’ve been using this method for a while and indeed I started to read more books faster understanding to the topics and more importantly I am no longer distracted with the noise.

  • I kinda did this once, but I didn't listen at 2x speed. It actually works because I comprehend better and I don't get distracted (aka, it's more immersive than just reading the book by itself).

  • Emma Lucia Ceballos says:

    LMAOOO brooo i have been doing the same thing and ever since i started doing that i started finishing books within 2-3 days and was so much more focused 2x the speed while looking at the actual book works wonders!

  • Virtual Crickets says:

    Lol, good point about Ayn Rand. You can't make sense of Atlas Shrugged because it simply doesn't make sense. It paints an unrealistic view of reality for the sake of propaganda.

  • Well, here I am 3y later. Here it goes: Well, this is the very first video that I used to learn english, I remember that I watched it 1hour repeatedly for 20 days straight with the script both in english and my language. Now, at the time I didn't no shit in english and I was just 3 years to finish school (that's my last year 2019, 2020 beware that the best is coming) I only knew the basics: what's ur name? My name is…, Good morning and, y'know, the normal shit. But then I started to study on my own and, well, after this video I did the same thing with 3 more(but only 10 days now. I'm no crazy, 20 days again would make me sick) and then went to watch my series, movies and lot of english speaking youtubers. Doing this was better than having the script translation, now I'm really good at english ( I'm a god when it comes to english. Ps: don't point my mistakes, give me this moment pls). But my point is how much this one video means for me, just hearing the sound at the start gives me joy.
    Thanks!!!😃👌 U really do mean a whole hell of lot to me.

  • Literally

  • Occasionally I like using the “read along” method as well especially on the first several chapters, but I read for pleasure so I only keep it on the speed it goes. However, that’s only on the first several chapters, after chapter 3 or 4 I turn off the audio and just read the rest of the book by myself.

  • only applicable to not demanding books intelectually, like fiction or self-improvement. Won't work with computer science book for example.

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