The ONE STRATEGY For Businesses That Will Work FOREVER | Sydney 2019 Keynote


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  • "We are in the most selfish framework society that I have ever seen. Every single person is so focused on what they want from other people, yet they deploy no value in return to the other person for what they want."

    That hit.

  • Pablo Got Whips says:

    You inspire me to never give up your the reason i started my Channel ! If anyone can subscribe it would make my day !!!

  • Healthify My Life says:

    I remark you barely smile during your explanation Gary. It might be that cultural factors make me do that way much too often. So, thankful for being reminded on that among many other improvements. Merci

  • Pramudiana Indra says:

    Hi Gary! I have no time to come to any of your sessions – even when you're last time in Jakarta, Indonesia. So I thank you for sharing all of these videos on YT.
    Appreciated them greatly and tried to apply them in as many as I can to our initiatives.

  • I appreciate the viewpoints you share. There are no excuses. Appreciation and understanding perspective are the keys we follow and work to instill in our children. Thank you. My wife and I are building a business and a legacy.

  • I'm in the process of hiring a marketing strategist for my start-up. This content will be the road map and standard to which they will follow, this is required watching. Can't put a dollar amount on this value; couldn't afford it. Thank you Gary!!

  • Sreekanth Adari says:


    I have a Education Service program to get sales for, I will follow these and let you the results periodically. 
    If anyone out there also like to sell this product to compare with my progress, you are welcome… so I we get collaborator and sales too… I started my sales from here 😉

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  • You said “we are the worst frameworked society I’ve ever seen” but we should be the only one you’ve ever seen. You an alien or time traveler ?

  • Thank you for the no bull truth speak.
    It is absolutely refreshing to hear you break it all down to the base things.
    It reminds me of when I recognised that so many of us have never ever learnt how to actually just listen, not filtering or figuring out what to say next in the conversation, actually F'n paying attention!

    It appears to me upon reflection that it is your authenticity, not pandering, just speaking your truth uncomfortable or not is what hooks us to actually hear you. I think because this is what we truly crave as humans, this authentic person.
    The disconnect comes later when the rubber band of attention in a 24/7 feed has pulled us back into the mire of sameness again. Then we must exercise the muscle of focus and clarity. It appears that this is a constant message from the few talks I have heard from you.
    I would like to give you the message that we do appreciate the gift, regardless of why you do it. I know once the seed is there we just need to practice a few small focus skills to generate self awareness a little more.

    I had an experience many years ago of a simple exercise to break the mental rollercoaster, that helped with this thing of self awareness, that you speak of. A small notebook and pen with me at all times. Every time I "remembered" the fact I was attempting to be aware of myself, I wrote down the time. that is all. At the end of the day the results were surprising. How little I was actually conscious of how I was going about my life was a F'n revelation. Becoming aware that we are not yet aware is mind blowing. Key is, this can become a trigger of focus and clarity, yet so simple…..

    Again, Thank you for your authenticity and giving it.

  • Kevin Harrington says:

    Could you section out 57:23 to 58:45 so I can share that part. Had to do with the boss/owner working for the employee. That is some of the best advice. Thanks in advance.

  • Michael Gorman says:

    It is an interesting thing to consider, Gary presents this in Australia, and 90% of the so-called 'digital agencies' in this country are following information and approaches there were outmoded 15 years ago. An obsession with vanity Metrics and quasi empirical strategy, and shallow communication styles and the digital divide holds most back in Australia-I think Gary was very, very good – different.

  • "Noodles are delicious when you're trying to get to caviar" wow lol that ways amazing lol. Someone pls make that t-shirt asap! lol

  • Gary I love you brother. Been following and trying to emulate what you teach where I can for years. But brother… Change your thumbnails… Please. It looks like your a squirrel with a jet Pack. This does do not line up to your message. It looks cheap.

  • Good Man! Loved this! Don't know how or why i found this but I listened and it is very pertinent . Now you inspired me to get more involved in Social Media. Thank you so much

  • Maja näht in St. Gallen says:

    I have a Question for Garry. Should entrepreneurs from European countries make content in the language of their homeland or in English? I ask this because English targets a much broader audience, but the people who can relate the most to Vlogging are the ones who live in the same country because the content is more relevant to them.

  • BeforeYouGoPro says:


  • This was great advice, you're the best Gary! I followed your marketing advice and started using AUthentic views com to boost my product videos and woah, my leads have nearly doubled. Thanks Gary!

  • pragatti kadve says:

    Doing good is competitive advantage for businesses and there is nothing wrong about it 👍 as long as it brings value ! I also liked the Q&A session , there is so much to learn and gain from it from various perspectives .

  • This quote from 27:04 might be something to print out and put on your wall/memorize… maybe even send to your colleagues? Have fun. 🙂

    “The problem is, the framework most people have is "fast & me.” It's fast and “what do I get?” And it is obvious to me as I stand here tonight, that the unlock for the 90% in this room is “slow and them.” “Slow, and them” And that’s how I see the world.

    How has what happened to me happened? Cause every time I posted, every single day, I’m trying to think about ‘why would that bring you value.’ Why do a lot of people come to this even to see me? It’s because I’ve brought them value. It’s because something I’ve said or done gave them value. I am fascinated by how every single day I try to articulate in different forms (whether in cartoon form, in cursing form, in audio form, in picture form), how do I get people to understand how enormous the opportunity is and how amazing it is for us to be alive during this era.

    Please, use this tone. … It’s not gonna get easier. This is the easiest its ever been. The economy will go in the other direction. … I just am desperate for people to start understanding they need to attack… Please take my focused energy … in understanding that there is no reason to be passive anymore in your communication. NOTHING matters more than communicating on an everyday basis on the internet. Nothing. Nothing. There’s no system, there’s no funnel. Nothing matters more than bringing value to the end consumer in content on a daily basis as an awareness play to what you do for a living.


    It’s called BUILDING BRAND, it takes a long time, but it will absolutely be the best thing that you possibly do.

    Thank you.”

  • Julia Lincoln-Stefan says:

    Your videos give me life. I’m building a business and it’s driving me towards my limits at times. I’m learning every day. When I feel like I’m running out of fuel your stuff always helps to give me back at least some perspective. Thank you. I appreciate you and your team who are creating these videos. Your content is very valuable.

  • Ramona Teagarden says:

    This is a truly masterful talk. I have multiple responsibilities and two jobs. I'm also way WAY past youth!I'm self-employed which everyone knows takes more hours than a regular job. I really like what Gary said about watching what you do in your spare time. We always have moments where we can work on where we want to go.

  • Jason Stallworth says:

    Dude, you nailed it around the 09:00 mark! I make sure I respond to EVERY comment from my fans and subs in all platforms! I consider my fans my family, and being in the genre of metal music, that’s extremely important!

    And 57:40 – every business and company would be soooo much greater if they adopted this way of thinking!

    …and 1:05:00 is a GREAT value to me!! I’m have some other passions outside of music and had originally separated one of those but now I want to start including it as helpful content to my fans in addition to my music.

    Gary, dude, keep it Metal! 🤘

  • i still know who dane cook and tila tequila are because they crushed myspace – bottom line, the work lays the foundation regardless if the platform goes obsolete

  • I deliberately don't share GV's videos, because the more people that see it, the more the competition start making smart choices.

  • Thank you Gary V, I'm a new business owner in VA and your videos are helping me to focus on exactly what I need to do

  • Deandre kaough says:

    Day in and day out I listen to gary as im ubering… when im done with a ride. im DMing people… trying to add value. Im just starting however my community is growing well. Mostly on IG. Hopefully I can add value to you and to whoever is reading this. Blessings your way!

  • I wasn't there, but great speech, glad I listened to it. Opened a TikTok account and starting to create content daily based on questions from my audience. Good practical tip.

  • I love the awkward laugh the questionnaire gives after Gary answers their question with 1000% honesty and lack of bullshit 😂 Most of their questions could be answered themselves if they consumed MORE of Gary’s content. The answers are mostly all there.

  • 1:05:20 "I think in the world that we're in now, the uniqueness of your hodgepodge and potpourri of subject matters, is your strength – not your weakness! And if you created four brands, you'd sink!" Yep! Yep… yep… yep!

  • Gabrielle Angel Lilly says:

    Great value in your insights, Gary. Thank you. I enjoy the thoughtful you and the enthusiastic you! Thank you for being you and for all the content you offer. I have been making imperfect content for YouTube for several years, gonna get an iphone and look into tictok, and excited to begin utilizing my LinkedIn connections.

  • Zoran .Damnjanovic says:

    THANK YOU GARY! My tic tok is killing it!! only had it for three days and ive got like 3 days and i've gained 400+ followers and I'm only following gary lol and I've got over 2500 likes and 30,000 views on 10 videos!! Get on tic tok early guys.

    My page is called theboyscorner (thought of in 2 secnds). I just started posting random videos of me and my friends doing stupid things in cars and motorbikes etc.
    Literally people just start EXECUTING! Make a start!!

  • Mike Kollin Conscious Power says:

    Just went onto my instagram page to thank everyone for liking and also responded to comments… but I usually do that almost for all responses…

  • So I thought I was the only one in ti for the long game. Hats off sir! Thank God someone has the balls to call shit on how it is!!

  • I hate how the thumbnail makes this great content looks like a playgroup teaching lesson. Stop it, guys! You degrade the value one of most influential people on the planet earth!

  • Gary, thank you for this! Question on LinkedIn. I have been posting more on that platform and would like to know if you believe having the free account is sufficient or is upgrading necessary?

  • Omg…the guy that has the side hustle making more money! Quit!! He’s going to be so proud of himself💯🎯👊💥‼️

  • SAMDOTDESIGN Studio says:

    Really appreciated! If you really need a professional business services in best price just start message me—

  • Value is key. As content creators, we need to focus on bringing quality content, content with value! And that's the same thing with sales or business. It's not always about closing, but always bringing value!

  • SUCCESS LOOPS Instrumental Inspiration says:

    Great content as always, love the frank & earnest approach. If it's good enough for Vee it's good enough for me.

  • Listening to this and I heard my friend from the penut butter bar and I love that place willing to go through what ever changes they make becuase it is fantastic

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