The Power Of Sisterhood

The Power Of Sisterhood

Hi I’m Judy Machado Duque Author of Life
Purpose Playbook and founder of Productivity Goddess and in this video
I’m gonna take you inside my sisterhood circle so let’s begin. Every month we
gather together at one of our homes to dine, to celebrate and to share
challenges so that we can support one another. Today’s world as more and more
women rise and become empowered to share our gifts and speak our truth to find
unity and unconditional support in a sisterhood.
I love the camaraderie I love the success that each of us gets out of what
we do in our lives not just our career but just who we are and how we conduct
ourselves and there’s an acceptance and a love and a sharing and a caring that
I’ve never ever experienced before and that’s all what I like so much about our
sisterhood circle group is the women being a woman and growing up with a lot
of sisters I don’t have any brothers just sister I learned how to appreciate
women and the women this group is absolutely gorgeous beautiful
intelligent smart sexy they are super women why because not only there is
successful in their career and passionate about what they do they also
women the sensitive the beautiful the expressive and to me I was craving for
an environment like that. How can you create your own sisterhood? Step 1 Make a
list of some women in your life who you admire and who are positive and
empowering. Step 2 Contact them to let them know you’re
creating a monthly sisterhood circle and ask if they’re committed. Step 3
Make sure everyone understands the agenda there are three things to
remember everyone shares what’s working in their life then everyone shares a
current challenge and after the group gives ideas and support that person
shares their commitment for the next event to help them to overcome that
challenge. If you decide to create a sisterhood circle please come back to
this video and share how it’s supporting you. Here’s to empowered women everywhere


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  • Productivity Goddess says:

    Thank you for watching my video The Power Of Sisterhood. Please share any other ideas you have to create a sisterhood circle.

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