The Sims 4 Media Production Guide (New Skill in Get Famous)

Media Production is a new minor skill in The
Sims 4 Get famous. I really wouldn’t care much about a skill
with 5 levels, but this one surprised me as it’s useful for Sims to make money and get
their name out there faster with the fame system. Getting started in Media Production means
heading to the buy mode electronics category. You’ll find a music station under audio. I don’t care for that part much, but miscellaneous
has two drones along with a video editing station. A drone and video editing station will set
you back about $2,000 simoleons though the better drone and all upgrades to these can
be well over $5,000. There are a few ways to level and take advantage
of the skill. Mixing music is as simple as selecting produce
track, and picking a genre. More genres unlock as you level and you’ll
get more options – like toggling different effects and instruments. When you’re happy how it sounds, you can either
release it immediately or burn a copy that can be played on radios and released later
from your inventory. You can only release one per day but when
you do it gives you an instant fame boost and a daily income that seems to last a couple
Sim weeks. Should a music label like your work you may
get signed and told to produce music regularly for them. But if you stop for like four days, they may
drop you. The second and more useful means of making
media is the video station. From there Sims can record vlogs, which relies
heavily on the charisma skill – the higher the better, but level 4 seems to be key. You won’t gain experience in media until you
go to the station’s inventory and select edit on the video you recorded. Uh, Get used to this menu if you go this route,
as right now you have to re-open it for every action you take there. Sure wish it didn’t close every click. Footage starts with a quality level based
on your skill, but can be improved with transitions and effects once you unlock them at levels
2 and 3. Sometimes your Sim will fail and drop the
video quality (I guess they don’t backup their footage) Combining two videos is also possible. Once a video is done, you can release it from
the inventory. There’s no limit on how many videos you can
put out each day, just your Sim’s energy levels. The thing I like most about this and why I
wish I had tried it sooner, are drones. Record will take your drone with you either
recording or streaming, and you have another means of fame. It may be your only means of fame if you use
certain skills. Record yourself fixing plumbing or going fishing
and edit then upload that video to gain fame and income. If you select stream, the drone will also
follow you only this time you’ll gain followers and fame every hour or two you use it, but
no income. Either option is good but there’s more fame
to be had from a good video, mainly due to perks like Corporate Sponsorship and Established
Name that can be taken once you’ve got a fame level. I think that you don’t really need skill in
media to make use ocf the drone for streaming, which is cool. I wish I had done this with my actress. Back at the station you can use post updates
to hype your next video for a 15% revenue boost, as long as you post within the next
6 hours. When you just want fame, Responding to comments
can give you a little there, and promote old videos may give them a new lease on life. Someone tell us if your video became trending
– I’ve not had any luck. It’s worth telling you that this whole menu
disappears when you use something here – they have a cooldown. Using the station it’s possible to see what
categories are trending at the time, which may help you to pick up more followers and
earn more. Certain things that came up can only be
done via vlog, or you may need to film your Sim doing a skill. This might encourage you to use a lot of base
game skills. A lot of times you can capitalize on trending
doing a toy review, or beauty tips. Taking the corporate sponsorship fame perk
may let you get opportunities for specific videos, and instant cash bonuses. It is the preferred route for getting fame
from media production, though noticeable can help too. Established name is another desirable perk
for media if you want to get rich. The one thing I don’t like is that if you
send a drone for a neighborhood recording or to follow a celebrity or other Sim, it
may get lost. Like real drones, it needs a means of having
it return to home. Still, there are better uses of the drone
anyway eh? Overall media production is a very cool skill,
and the video or audio releases you put out greatly add up. The reason you can only put out one song per
day is probably due to the fact that you can burn like 10 cds in a row without needing
to wait. That’s a natural cap, while video may take
a bit longer. All right, there isn’t a super lot of stuff
to say about Media Production, but it is a pretty great tag-along skill for other things
if you’d like to gain fame in Get Famous.


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