The Stages of Labor  second stages of labour

The Stages of Labor second stages of labour

After transition labor progresses to the second stage where you will push and give birth Once your cervix is fully dilated You might feel an urge to push right away, or your contractions might seem to slow down or stop for 20 minutes or more? Before you feel the urge to push You can use this time to get some much-needed rest Second stage contractions are less intense than transition contractions, but still powerful enough to push your baby down They last 60 to 90 seconds each and are 3 to 5 minutes apart The second stage can be as short as 20 minutes or lasts as long as 3 hours or more as Second stage contractions build most women feel a strong urge to bear down and push I Do remember like feeling feeling like the need to push and like the need to just be done with it And my body was like telling me to so it was very noticeable Wanna be super carry a key element on sentimiento the felicidad The mix of emotions you experienced entering the pushing stage can be overwhelming You might feel relief and energy from a second wind or if pushing takes longer than expected This excitement may be mixed with exhaustion and frustration During second stage partners can help Mom change into comfortable helpful positions Second stage is also an important time for support people to provide focus and emotional support Tell her you’re doing great You’re almost there or just a few more pushes and remind her to rest between pushes


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