The Truth About Produce 48.

The Truth About Produce 48.

Hey grazies, welcome back! I know you could tell I have a special guest, Alex Christine. Hello! I didn’t get tea, but I did get you strawberry milk. I don’t know if you like strawberry milk. I do, I do. Okay, cause when I saw pink it reminded me of you. Produce. Oh my god! It’s Produce colors! I did not intend that. Okay. Tell me about, like, how you started dancing or singing. I basically started dancing whenever I was like, 2 years old, until like now, so literally I have been dancing, like, my whole life. Oh, okay. I was doing studio dancing until I was 14, and then I joined a competitive dance team in my high school, and I went through college to do musical theater stuff… I’ve been doing choir since like middle school till college, so… Did you know kpop since you were young? I knew about kpop when I was, like- I want to say 11 or 12 cause it’s been like 10 years, since… Okay. Because I got into it in 2008. Mmm. And you said Shinee was your… right? Yeah, Shinee was like my FIRST first group, like my introductory group was Super Junior. And who is your favorite group these days? These days? Oh my god. We have to say boy. Okay, um- Who cares about girl group? Just kidding! I really like NCT a lot, so… NCT, ooh, okay, who’s your favorite? Taeyong. Taeyong. Okay, I’m sorry, I feel old. Alright. Are you a group or solo? Right now, I don’t- I don’t know yet, cause my company initially took me on as a solo project, But I- we don’t really know yet if it’s gonna be a solo debut or group debut. What do you want? What do I want? Like I’d be fine doing, like, solo, but personally I feel like the bonuses of being in a group? Granted, you don’t personally shine as much but whatever you might be lacking in, someone else can make up for, and vice-versa. So I feel like there’s a bit of a safety net with a group. So everyone wants to know what is your audition process to Produce 48 and how do you get into those kind of auditions? Like you said in your Unpretty Rapstar video, it’s like three rounds of auditions and they all vary. That’s the thing. Like the first audition, it was like… I was in a panel room with like 15 staff members with clipboards, Wow. It was like a two-hour process for me. Wait, for the audition? Yeah, not just because I have a translator. I was in there for so long. sOoOo long! Wait, like- auditioning you for two hours? Mhm. You know, and I mean, they asked about, like, my family and everything, like they had me show the family pictures because they really want to know about, like, my mom’s story because- You know, there’s other half idols in the industry, but like- me being raised in America my whole life, versus being half but raised in Korea, It’s very different. So the first audition was me like a lot of talking of you at the dance singing stuff questions And then second one was one-on-one interview kind of thing. Then you did like a screen test kind of thing You did some filming because it’s yours in collaboration with AKB48 in a panel room full of mixed Japanese and Korean staff Did you know what it was going to be like, oh no I walked in and I was terrified. The last audition was the scariest because it was a literal panel like with the microphones And everything individual desks and people with like clipboards just sitting there. I was like not today, lord, not today It was intensive. quick question, who was your favorite WannaOne member? oh my favorite W1 member Okay, if you don’t, have you ever met one of the boys. I have not met them but Daniel did come on set the first day with Somi. You never met them like you don’t run into each other No, the thing is my company films all of their music videos, but like of course I’m not just gonna awkwardly be on set for that but like (true) WannaOne’s really tight with my company But I have never met the boys. Episode one, what is your first impression feeling when you went into that big room. On TV It looks huge and in person it is huge there and like the way all the chairs are set up I was like, oh this is this is like what I see on TV. No, it looks just like on TV wait I’m on TV Oh Have you ever thought you wanna go to that number one chair Oh part of me was like go for it But then also with I’m still not super familiar with Korean culture I didn’t want people to see me like, oh the foreigner’s gonna go for number one. I would have been like, go girl Who cares I wanted to but I did not. I was too scared. If you could go to the next season of produce 101 What chair would you go? Oh, I’d definitely go for probably five Still not one but five if I were on produce I sometimes think about it. What do you think I’ll be like? let’s see What kind of character like how would you like to be in the show? yeah, because you’re like a very strong like I’ll probably be bitchy to everyone no, I’m just kidding you’re just like your own unique character like oh I’ll probably go to number three, third chair so I can move up There you go, there you go, exactly. What was the average time of filming for the first day of filming? We’re in the giant room Yeah, chairs and stuff that was like 24 hours in that studio Like we got up and like a brief food break, but then like it’s like, okay go back to your chairs and I was like Someday is like we would start filming at like maybe 10 But we get up at 8 and then we go to like 1 2 3 in the morning. It’s a long time what if you have to go to the bathroom, I mean you’re allowed to To go to the bathroom, but like if someone’s in the middle of speaking, they’re like okay wait ’til the instructions are done being given. Was everyone like well-behaved. Yeah No, I mean everyone you know, I think because everyone’s like a trainee they know when to shut up they know when to be serious. so I mean (true) It’s like it was a professional atmosphere Yeah, we could have fun and goof around
but when it was time to be like trainee mode. It’s like okay trainee mode for the pick me camera test. How many days did you have? And how long did you practice? So we? started learning Nekkoya First thing in the morning one day and then I think we have the rest of the day to kind of go through So we had to learn the lyrics and the ahnmoo (choreography) as well, but all together I think we had either one or two complete days to work on it before we were tested (ONE DAY) Yeah, basically how long I practiced for it? Like I picked up the choreography pretty quickly. That’s one thing. I’m very grateful Yes, I can pick up choreography Rather quickly. Yeah, but because this year’s song wasn’t just in Korean It was a Japanese and Korean and I’m not fluent in either language Oh, I like wrote down the lyrics like six times over by hand in my notebook just to get them in my head and granted I wrote the Japanese in like hangeul though, because I can’t remember hiragana and katakana that well So after that chair moment was it like that day and one day was it like a week later Yeah, it was the next day right off the bat. We started learning Nekkoya so it’s the next day. so is the camera test You really have one shot. Yes, like you there really is no redo. I was in B class when this happened So all the B class would like sit down they bring the camera be like, okay So first round, we’re gonna go through Korean and then you all sit down again go through the Japanese So we have two chances technically. What if you said can I do it again? The main big stage of pick me how many times did you film that? Okay I think we’ve filmed that for like three days Not just like not just like for the one video that we saw because we did like different You know versions too and then we had like our solo cams that we filmed and everything So, I mean it took a long time to film that because it was our first time working with the stage Sometimes we couldn’t give the speeds to match and they’re supposed to come together go apart. And then the Lifts, sometimes would work on different timing in accent. So one half would raise before the other and then drones and filming accidents So was there anything you did specifically? Or any other girls that try to get more attention even if whatever floor you were on Um, did you try to wink a lot? Cuz I saw a lot of winks there was a lot of winks this year Yeah, I mean I just danced When it’s the overall Nekkoya, you know, the sound isn’t for me who to film if we all belong and whatnot But like nah I just danced so were you like sexy or were you like it was kind of hard to do a sexy Nekkoya That would be nice though It’s a challenge, sexy Nekkoya Okay. So how do you do makeup and hair? I’m assuming this is how it is for like any kind of show there is there will be makeup and hair staff on set But before you arrive on set you typically go to the makeup shop beforehand. depending on what we were filming cuz it was always a filming day There’s no days when you’re just practicing. Everything was filmed. Always. Yeah 24 hours. Exactly I don’t feel like people know that I feel like people think oh, there are just days when they filmed these days. Yeah, no, every day we filmed They follow you to the bathroom right So the managers yeah if someone’s crying Why it’s not that anything was like strenuous it’s not like oh the dances are so hard. Oh the lyrics are so hard It’s just I felt very alone at times because I really did not speak Korean Well at the time granted there were girls that spoke to me in English there were girls who were really nice and friendly to me but at the same time if you go in Somewhere being an absolute stranger. You’re going to have that residual fear of loneliness Plus, I literally just moved to Korea. Like I went to produce immediately but I’m okay now Okay, did they like film that scene? No, no, no Staff she’s crying Everyone wants to know. How do you communicate with the Japanese trainees? Before I came to Korea I was still in college. Mm-hmm. I was studying Japanese actually, very very very basic level But like I knew enough to ask what I needed to plus they understood English at least Yeah, if I had to Japanglish a sentence it worked. How did like the other girls talk? The other girls would try to speak to them in English. It was a very it was a very weird mix of everyone Kind of not knowing the language, but then they would use a little bit of it to be like uhh do you understand So was the Japanese like students really nice, you know, they’re all really friendly to me. okay okay Yeah, do you think produce 101 is based on looks more than talent? I would definitely say no Everybody brings something different to the table that’s the thing, so I mean for example, someone can be like, oh my god So amazingly pretty great with their face, but maybe they’re not the strong so closer dancer or vice-versa So I mean, you know with the way things work out in these things I feel like it’s not necessarily based on looks versus Talent or in combination of it’s more or less Just who’s the most interesting person to watch? Okay, so I had about 500 questions to be asked to you Questions that you guys sent. Was there anyone who acted nice on camera, but was a complete different person off camera? I’m ready for this. Okay? so being completely honest from what I Experienced the girls that I did hang out with like during filming and behind the scenes They were completely the same like absolute sweethearts really kind to me really thoughtful also because the way produce works You know in these different classes, it’s the ABCDF ranks, and then you have your groups and everything You really don’t get to interact with each other at law unless it’s like lunch but even so different groups take breaks at different times From what I observed. No, everyone was very organic to me at least I know that like when you were doing like that group mission like Peekaboo and other stuff there were like people competing for the first main spot How do you even choose main, why would you want to give it away the way my group did it at least? Yes, we all set the circle we start to think okay So who wants main vocal and then we raise our hands and then we would sing part of it and then it would be kind Of like a, you know head down hand up kind of thing it was fair voting in the group how we did things Some people during our group battle were saying why didn’t Alex go for main vocal or something. Yeah, I actually did but my group voted for Gyuri so that’s just how it is I mean, that’s fine. I was like, yeah, why do you think these girls pick these girls specifically? I mean you don’t use like insanely pretty so I get why she stood there she’s like insanely pretty and then Gyuri She’s already debuted. She was from Idol School. So I mean the guys would be little secure to have an already-existing So it matters that you grouped us well Yeah it very much so does because in the group battle the winning team out of the two would get in a thousand point bonus Oh, okay. So it basically means you’re guaranteed safe. Are you happy with the current IZ*ONE lineup? BE HONEST. No, because she’s not in there like no not Like I’m glad I didn’t debut with IZ*ONE I feel like I’m not ready personally because even just watching my training videos like sitting back watching things I’m like, okay, I’m getting better. So I’m seeing improvement But if you need to take one member out and put yourself in who would it be? oh no, oh no It doesn’t mean you don’t like this person It means like you can fill it in as like okay, you know, what if that’s the case Um, I’ll take Yabuki Nako out because we’re the same height. So it wouldn’t show much difference Nako-chan, aishiteru (aishiteru=i love you) What is one best memory you have from produce 48 like it was a stressful time But like so many good things came out of it though. Probably during the group battle practice Soyou actually complimented my vocals and said I had main vocal like status so are they still gonna pick you that just like ‘coz Soyou like in general Sistar’s one of the groups I really look up to vocally and performance-wise so hearing That from Soyou I was just like Were some of the girls being forced to diet/lose weight from what I know Yes, there were girls on very strict diets from their companies. Yes from their companies produce itself does not say diet Like, you know, it’s always up to the company some of the girls run very very very strict diet others were not at the time I was not but then actually I was Recommended to go to a diet clinic to begin a diet and at the time on produce I weighed 43 kilograms. Yeah, he wanted me to go down to 35 kilograms And for those of you who don’t know kilograms is so that I was about 96 pounds at the time They wanted me to drop down to 77. Oh my god No we Weighed my BMI and everything and they show that I’m like 17 percent body fat and like the average human needs like 15 to live Or something. Yeah, and then I’m like over 65 percent body muscles. So that would have been losing a lot of muscle What do you mean like strict diet with the other girls what did they do when we had lunchtime and stuff You know, some of them are like no, I’m gonna stick to what my company says I’m not gonna eat some girls were like Eating and like I brought one of my friends food every day because she was not allowed to eat necessary So I brought her food and I’m like girl you gotta eat What do you mean like they see her like watch her from what I understood I guess some of the staff Told her staff that she was eating like the staff from Mnet was telling her staff. Are they getting paid to be like sneaky? I don’t really know. I gave her food everyday ‘coz I’m like you need to eat something baby would you ever join another survival show? Oh, yeah. No, definitely definitely. Yeah I mean if you give me the opportunity, I would definitely like to considering that produce is like “THE” survival show in Korea. Yeah Having gone through one once I wouldn’t mind going through another show or like another season of produce even So do you get any love calls or something from the TV programs about joining another show Uh, I haven’t yet. Do you know that there’s something coming up that you want to try? I do I do Well, we’ll not name the project, but I do know there’s something kind of that I I want to do and actually might do when is that next year? Yes next year next Is it like group same concept similar similar? What is one biggest lesson you took away from being on produce 48? Ok, if you if you feel like you have the confidence to do something and you really want to go do something and get it Do it. Don’t hold back though during one of the Practice times for peekaboo. It was during one of our dance Evaluation. I thought it should be like a dance, umm, routine basically that’s how she was like, okay, we might need to reconsider centers So if you want to be Center come up do the routine and show what you have to offer basically so Yiren Of course did it to like, you know, try to keep her spot Jang Gyuri wanted to attempt center I really wanted to do center cuz after they were done she was like does anybody else wanna try and I remember some of the girls looked at me and I’m like “I want to but I’m not going to” Look you didn’t raise your hand No I was too nervous because again living back to like what I said earlier with me wanting to go to the number one chair or something I didn’t know how it would look for like the American to be like oh, Imma snatch that center not that that was the mindset or not that how not that that’s how it should be perceived Yeah, I didn’t want to come off too strong at first next time you have next time I might go for center, so How are the contestants treated in the show and was there any favoritism I mean, um again, honestly Just from what I know There was no favoritism no matter if you’re from a big company or a small company like me my company literally started this year Yeah, there is no favoritism the staff absolutely adored me. They were really nice to me. Anytime I had a mental breakdown they were like Yeah, okay. Are you okay to do some food? You need some water? Like I mean, even when I got injured they called my staff panicking they were like okay we need her is she okay Please get her to the hospital. So it was there was no favoritism honestly. It doesn’t matter if you’re in YG or any company, exactly What was the biggest struggle you faced during the show? Hmm. What’s hard for me was getting through peekaboo with an injury. So like this is my leg And this is my knee or something my foot slipped like this. So my knee stayed in place or something. As the day progressed I’m like, okay. Ow. Yeah. Oh, I can’t walk Wow so that’s when the staff called my staff and was like Okay, get her to the hospital please and see initially when I went to the doctor They said I should take two months off dancing. Yeah, which was not possible because I had my evaluation in two weeks so I mean when I came to the day of actually like doing it, you know, I did it I Did not wear my knee brace We are wearing very thin heels though. How did you do that girl? Yeah, yeah I cried after I got off stage cuz I was like aah pain but during I’m like Which of the trainees are you still friends with or hanging out with? so definitely one of the gaein yeonseupsaengs (independent trainees) from this year, Park Seoyoung Roya I’m like tight with her love her to pieces. What about the IZ*ONE member. Ah, yeah I’m still friends with Choi Yena and we keep in contact with Kakao She’s been really busy with MAMA stuff lately but like she’s still going back and forth so You think there’s unbalanced unfair screen time? I definitely have to say yes. Without being salty, I do agree. Yes Yeah, the screen time is very unbalanced. But then again if you look at it from like a business perspective This is a TV show. This is for entertainment some of my friends got no screen time I look back on the show and I’d like I didn’t see them once Wow, I don’t think there was any Specific thing you needed to be on screen because I am a very strange individual and you know, I did funny things together But they weren’t aired so I don’t think it really matters If you’re like, yeah super well-behaved and reserved versus if you’re a little wacky and crazy You think it had to do with like the company power maybe? you know I really don’t know because people from smaller companies sometimes are given decent screen time even from the big companies you’re given screen time So really I don’t really know don’t know What would Alex like to do if you were not an artist? Not that like I’m thinking about quitting at times, too But I’ve been thinking about this a lot nowadays Actually because I recently came back from America so I kind of got to spend time with my family and friends again I got to watch this one TV channel that I really liked, which is ID. I actually intended on going to college for Forensic pathology because I wanted to be a mortician nice That’s scary. It is but I really like the human body physiology biology that kind of stuff so you got lots of money Yes, okay. Friends of pathology and forensics radiology make a lot of money. Get that coin then What is your plan from now on? It’s definitely just train until debut which should be late next year at the earliest Like praying like hmm whenever I do debut I really want to be someone that’s like through my music I want to be Inspirational not like reach for the stars. It’d be, you know, real-life inspiration things that people can relate to Well, thank you so much Alex for coming here You guys thank you for having me. To say we’ve recorded this once and this is our second recording because the audio is not chill. Yeah. Thank you So much for joining. I hope you guys enjoyed that. So I’ll see you next time in next video


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