The Truth About Working At Chick-Fil-A Revealed By Workers

The Truth About Working At Chick-Fil-A Revealed By Workers

What’s it really like to work for Chick-fil-A? Current and former Chick-fil-A employees from
all different levels in the organization have plenty to say when it comes to employment
with the company behind our favorite fried chicken sandwich. If you’ve been to Chick-fil-A more than once,
you’ve likely picked up on the fact that they don’t say you’re welcome when dealing with
customers. Instead, they say, “My pleasure.” It’s kind of their trademark. While definitely a trait that sets them apart
from other fast food employees, people who have spent time in the chicken trenches seem
to agree that the phrase quickly becomes part of your vocab. One former Chick-fil-A manager who claims
to have spent six years with the company revealed on Reddit that even three years after leaving,
they still found themselves saying the statement. Lexi Stroud, another former chicken-slinger
who spent two years with the business wrote about her experience on Odyssey. She said she, quote, “hated” having to use
the phrase, before adding just how much it wormed its way into her brain. She said, “Then it turned into the only way I would
respond to the phrase ‘thank you’ whether or not I was at work or just having a conversation
with friends. It took months to stop saying my pleasure
after I stopped working at Chick-fil-A.” Cell phones are firmly planted in modern society
and unfortunately, they’ve become an outlet for customer rudeness at restaurants. You’ve probably witnessed patrons allowing
a phone or text conversation to take precedence over interacting with a restaurant employee
who’s trying to take a food order. You may even have been guilty of it yourself. It’s become such a problem that even in 2006,
some restaurants were putting up signs asking customers to refrain from phone use. By 2018, it was a common rule at many restaurants. Chick-fil-A hasn’t resorted to that measure
yet, but some of their employees sure wish they would. “Brad, seven seconds, I’m grabbing you
by the collar, your face is in the deep fryer.” One employee confessed to Cosmopolitan: “That’s one of my biggest pet peeves when
I’m working […] They’re on their phone talking, and I’m like, ‘We can serve you down here!’ And … nothing. It’s like, ‘Hello? …Ma’am, we can serve you down here,’ but
then they’ll still be talking on their phone while I’m taking their order.” Perhaps we should all take note of this. If we want to continue to get hot nuggets
and friendly customer service, the least we could do is offer hardworking CFA employees
our undivided and full attention. “Mr. Zuckerberg, do I have your full attention?” “No.” In 2012, Chick-fil-A found itself under a
national media spotlight, not for its chicken, but because of interviews in which company
president Dan Cathy discussed his views on marriage. “I personally express a view of support
of the biblical definition of marriage.” The interviews followed on the heels of a
2011 report that the company had given money to organizations considered anti-gay by various
watchdog groups. Caught in the middle of it all were thousands
of store employees. Some workers were even harassed by angry customers. “I don’t believe corporations should be
giving me to…” “I’m uncomfortable that you’re videotaping
me right now.” “Totally understandable.” The entire controversy and its blowback put
employees in an uncomfortable position when all they wanted to do was serve up some waffle
fries. One employee said: “It was awkward […] I knew about what was
going on, but I didn’t know any details…” “This must be awkward for all of you.” Chick-fil-A’s conservative and religious foundation
is basically common knowledge at this point. When your restaurant is closed every Sunday
and is entangled in a national debate over same-sex marriage, people tend to stereotype
employees. Is that fair? Or course not, but hey, that’s human nature
for ya. There are multiple threads on Reddit’s Ask
Me Anything section with former Chick-fil-A employees and almost all of them have somebody
asking if everyone who works there is super religious or dislikes gay people. Those assumptions couldn’t be further from
the truth. One former manager said, “Personally I am pro-LGBT, and I’ve never
seen any instances of discrimination or anti-LGBT actions in my time at CFA.” Another former manager said nobody they worked
with, quote, “seemed like they were homophobic,” before adding: “Some employees we knew were openly gay.” Numerous other employees and former employees
on Reddit also said they had co-workers who were not religious. One employee even described themselves as
an atheist. So, while some CFA employees consider themselves
religious, that’s most certainly not the case for all CFA employees, and there’s nothing
that says it has to be. Sorry to burst your bubble, potential future
Chick-fil-A employees, but the job isn’t a free pass to a never-ending buffet of free
chicken and waffle fries. Many employees do seem to get a discount or
free meal on their shift, but the discount level seems to vary from store to store. It’s not just food-service employees that
don’t have access to unlimited chicken, the same goes for employees who work at the restaurant’s
Atlanta headquarters. Adrissha Wimberly, a Financial Return Consultant
with the company said in an interview: “I can’t walk into any Chick-fil-A restaurant,
flash my badge, and they’ll just toss a chicken sandwich across that counter.” This doesn’t mean employees don’t have friends
and family trying to constantly snag some free food, though. On the contrary, that seems to be a regular
thing. Development and Construction manager, Patrick
Davis said, “If you get a chance to work here, be prepared
to have your family members ask for Chick-fil-A coupons.” Hey, can you really blame a person for trying
to score a some free nuggets every now and then when they have an inside connection? We sure would! Chick-fil-A’s Polynesian sauce is one of
the establishment’s most popular condiments. Unfortunately, ordering the popular sauce
seems to be a point of challenge for many Chick-fil-A loyalists. Maybe it’s a lack of Pacific islanders in
middle America, but the word is throwing people off, much to the amusement of CFA employees. The list of substitute names seems to run
rather lengthy, according to former employee Lexi Stroud. She told Odyssey she recalled hearing customers
call it, quote, “paradise sauce” and, quote, “pol-ip-pone-sian.” People overall enjoy having a built-in day
off from work every week to do whatever tickles their fancy. CFA founder S. Truett Cathy was a devout Southern
Baptist and implemented the closed on Sundays policy that follows his Christian principles
from day one. The purpose was to give employees a day off
to worship or merely do whatever they wanted with the day. “I’m ready to party with the best of them.” The only time the company seems to ever deviate
from this is when the community is in times of need. CFA employees have volunteered to feed first
responders and volunteers following natural disasters and tragedies. They’ve also been known to fill hungry bellies
when natural disasters hit — and Mother Nature definitely doesn’t take off on Sundays. Employees are all for having the Sundays off
and what they do with that time seems to be a popular question. One employee on Reddit said sometimes they’ll
occasionally have team outings where the staff will hangout or management will buy them lunch. So even though we all go through chicken withdrawals
when Sunday morning rolls around, CFA stands by its reason to remain closed one day per
week. The company’s president, Dan Cathy, even
revealed that the rule will probably never change. “My brother and sister and I have signed
a covenant and agreement that our generation will continue to be closed on Sunday.” People love Chick-fil-A’s breakfast offerings,
and one employee told Cosmopolitan that the rest of the day isn’t exactly slow either. “Lunchtime gets really busy. From about 1 to 4, there’s a big rush. Then it picks up again from around 7 to 8.” Basically, you might get a few hours in the
dead of the afternoon where there isn’t a drive-thru line around the block — though
there probably is still a line, maybe just a shorter one. Standing on your feet, making milkshakes by
hand, and constantly taking orders isn’t just exhausting. One former manager said it was, quote, “the
most stressful job” they ever had and putting in 60-hour work weeks was needed to keep up
with store demands. If you’re still not convinced of just how
grueling the job can be, journalist Kathleen Elkins should set those doubts to rest. She spent one day shadowing the manager at
the chain’s Manhattan location. She said she didn’t expect the work day
to be easy, but she didn’t expect it to be as tiring and exhausting as it was. “By 10:30 a.m., after rolling biscuit dough,
frying chicken and assembling sandwiches, I was starting to peter out — and the lunch
rush hadn’t even started.” If you’re curious about just how busy the
employees at any Chick-fil-A restaurant are, consider this fact. The company makes more money per restaurant
than Starbucks, Subway, and the granddaddy of fast food, McDonald’s — combined! When you factor in that each restaurant hand-breads
every piece of fried chicken, has hand-spun milkshakes, and freshly prepares the lemonade,
it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that employees must be ready to juggle multiple
duties. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, one employee
said that multitasking was the most difficult thing to get down, but it was definitely a
vital skill. “…now I have the hang of it and I’m just
like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.” Former employee, Cameron Ford, spent her high
school years at the restaurant and reiterated this point saying, “if you aren’t good at multitasking, you will
quickly learn how to be better.” Taking orders and serving customers all while
trying to communicate with your fellow coworkers can certainly be both mentally and physically
demanding — or as Ford described it as, quote, “utter chaos.” “But you, you got hooked on disaster!” Just because not even Chick-fil-A’s corporate
employees have a special key to a secret vault of unlimited free chicken, that doesn’t mean
it’s all work without reward. If you happen to work at the restaurant chain’s
posh Atlanta headquarters, you will have access to some pretty nice office perks. You may not get your run at anything on the
menu, but employee Adrissha Wimberly said that lunch is provided daily. “Though chicken sandwiches are typically a
part of the daily menu selection, it is not always a Chick-fil-A centered lunch. It could be many different types of cuisine.” The company seems to realize that it can’t
just be feeding employees chicken sandwiches all the time without some sort of balance
— no matter how good they are. To offset the fried chicken lunches and delicious
milkshakes, employees have access to an on-site gym and other healthy lifestyle utilities. Wimberly added, “You can have a full body composition analysis
or get a personal trainer […] There is a nutritionist on site as well.” Protests, phone-obsessed customers, and crazy
lunch rushes aside, most Chick-fil-A employees at all levels seem to be happy with their
time spent at the company. Andrea Liu told The Tab, “I enjoyed my time working there because my
co-workers were fun people to be around and the customers were generally very friendly.” Liu started working there after her freshman
year of high school and said she enjoyed trying new food combinations with team members. She also said she could always count on her
coworkers to cheer her up if she had a bad customer interaction. Employees on the corporate side seem to back
up the company’s high-job satisfaction rate on websites like, where it has
nearly four out of five stars. Michael Lage, who has an MBA from Harvard,
left his job as a brand strategist at Facebook to join the company. Lage told Forbes that people asked why he
would leave Silicon Valley to, quote, “sell chicken” and he said it was all about the
company culture. “There is such a strong culture built on relationships
and valuing one another […] [It brings] out best in people, fulfilling leadership
potential, and great business performance.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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    No one has to SUPPORT LGTBQ marriages, but you DO HAVE to be respectful to everyone and I am treated with respect at any Chick-fil-A I go to.
    The group who asked Chick-fil-A what their stance was on gay marriage already knowing what the answer would be so they could then bitch and complain and try to shut the, down… sometimes ppl should just shut their mouths and not ask questions about politics and religion when they are supposed to be in a restaurant ordering foos

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  • Oaks Studios Productions says:

    You will always say "my pleasure" also "heard."
    Maybe half the people at the store I work at are religious. Quite a few employees are gay, me being one. No one is homophobic (if they were, my girlfriend would come and scream at them lol)

  • Tiffany Russell says:

    Just like QuikTrip. I worked there for 2years and we were trained to say Hello Hello all day and now 10years later I still say Hello no matter where I'm at when someone walks thru the door?

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    I don't understand why the hell they got so mad for Dan Cathy saying he believed in the Biblical belief of marriage. People deserve their own beliefs and Dan Cathy did absolutely nothing to hate on the LGBTQ community. Its ridiculous how they would be so rude to him for standing for his beliefs

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    I actually currently work at Chick-fil-a, and I really like multi-tasking. But weather you can multi-task or not, I think it's more dependant on if you're good about keeping yourself busy. ?

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  • I worked at Chick-fil-A for 3 years then I quit for 2 years and ended up going back because they became my family and it is a lot of fun to work there. Chick-Fil-A has made such an impact on me, you wouldn’t believe how many friends I’ve made there. And just about every Sunday the whole entire team will get together and go out and do something, like hiking, Go see a movie, go to amusement park, go to Disney World go see a movie, go to amusement park, go to Disney World etc.

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    Why did he have to go after an employee? Like she just works there she can't decide what they do with the money…

  • Lots of people tend to forget that most people working at Chick-Fil-A are of different sexualities, races, genders, religions, etc. when workers at Chick-Fil-A are generally accepting and loving of one another and their customers. Instead, people just join in on the bandwagon of boycotting CFA because the founder or whoever was Anti-LGBT.

  • donald new jr. says:

    Chick-fil-A is so popular here in my city that they keep building their restaurants around our little city. Whataburger is king here in Corpus Christi were whataburger got its start. However, chick-fIL-a is giving them a run for their money for years now. Now that whataburger sold their restaurant to businessmen up in Chicago. I think a lot more Texans will go to chick-fIL-a now.

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    when they talk about Chick fil A employees bringing out the best in people and building strong relationships, it really is like that. I've worked there for over a year and have honestly found a second home there.

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    As an employee of Chickfila, I can proudly say that Chickfila is the best company to enter into the workforce with! I have learned so much working there and I am a completley different person because of it. We have learned to be understanding of ALL people because you never know what's going on in thier lives.

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  • I work at Chic Fil A in the kitchen. Stressful asf when you have the whole resturant packed inside and the drive thru line going all the way through the parking lot. Its worse when your short people in the back. Its frustrating when you have a full screen of mega orders and your batch of chicken runs out and have to wait for the breader to make more. The Chic-Fil-A i work is kind of small and doesnt have two drive thrus. ?

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