The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation • Motherhood: Part 4

The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation • Motherhood: Part 4

– [Voiceover] There you
go, it’s up to 45, 45, 50. (screaming) – Push!
– Oh my God! – Push! (screaming) – So, what are we going to be doing today? – Well, today we’re gonna
be doing a little bit of electric stim on our
gentleman right here. We’re gonna use it to simulate
and mimic labor pains. – Basically since the
Try Guys became a thing, doing the pain simulator has been our number one most requested activity. – So, we’re electrocuting ourselves. – I’m actually electrocuting you, but yes. – Childbirth simulator,
which is gonna make my muscles contract, I say muscles, because there’s few there. – Do you think we’ll die? – I’ve gotten hurt lots of times, so how painful can this be? – It is the most painful
thing in the world. I don’t think there’s any
external pain, in my opinion, that could simulate the way labor feels. – The closest we could
get is to get babies, shove them up our asses and poop them out as they electrocute us. – [Voiceover] What world do you live in? – Labor is terrible,
depends on who you are. So, I had a 14 hour labor, but my sister had a two hour labor. – I want that one. – Once we can’t handle any more pain, our safe word is epidural. – Childbirth is so painful,
that you would gladly have a needle stuck between the
two vertebrae in your back. – So, where are we gonna be
putting our electrodes today? – Your rectus muscles will
feel tight on your abdomen. – I’m so nervous, and
I’m sure I’m gonna fart. – I’m gonna do four of them, Keith, today. – Okay.
– [Voiceover] What? – Did you bring a razor? – No, you’re putting double the amount of little stickies on me. – You’re having twins. – This will mimic a lot
because it will actually make the whole abdominal region contract. – In real childbirth,
it’s your full torso, it’s your stomach, and it’s your back, so we’re gonna be putting
it on my back as well. – A lot of women tear. – How much actually tears during labor? – It could tear all
the way to your rectum. – Like tear open?
– Yes. – So you just have one big ol’ crack? Have you electrocuted
anyone’s taint before? – No. – I’m gonna do back, stomach, and… – Okay, show me your taint.
– My phantom vagina. Just to really commit to
what a woman might feel. – You may not know this, but a great many women poop on the delivery table. – Because the act of pushing is very much like having a bowel movement. – What is the likelihood that the muscle contractions force us to poop? – That will depend on where
you put the electrodes. – Yeah, I’d rather have
it near my butt hole… – There.
– Than near my babies. – [Voiceover] Thank you
for going first by the way. – [Voiceover] I hate this. – I’m gonna turn it on just enough for you to get used to the sensations. – Ooh, it stings. That is not the worst pain in the world, but it’s not pleasant. – The suspense is killing me. Okay, yeah, there’s the tingle. – One, two, three, four, five. – It’s just like my
entire belly is vibrating. – I’m not ready for
this, that’s the front. Oh, I feel it in the back now. – I think we should do this
guy, just to see what you feel. – (screaming) Okay, okay.
– He’s shaking right now. – It’s like a million ants and needles just crawling through my skin. – You need to get your body and yourself mentally ready to deal
with all of that pain. – And once active labor
kicks in, then you scream. – [Voiceover] Are you ready? – Do you wanna squeeze my hand? – Oh! – Ah! – Ah! Ah! Ah! – (screaming) – [Voiceover] One, two, three. – Oh my God! (screaming) – Oh, that hurts a lot! That’s like somebody just digging their nails into your stomach. – Holy shitballs! – I’m sweating right now. It would be really nice to have my spouse here supporting me. – What a terrible alarm
that it’s baby time. What a painful reminder of the next 12 hours of pain you’re going to endure. – Contractions at that point
are two to three minutes apart, or even closer, one to two minutes apart, very intense, and I felt
like it was a vise grip inside my belly that would
tighten and then release. – It’s getting worse each time. (screaming) – Ow! Ow! (screaming) – Push! (screaming) – Push! (screaming) – Oh, that’s an epidural right there. I give up, I would just give up. It’s so painful, I can’t focus on doing anything when it’s happening. – You did great man, you did great. – Did we have it? Or did I just opt out and
we’re not having the child? – When you have a vaginal birth, that baby doesn’t come out in one push. And you’re just laying
there, and I remember it very clearly, laying
there, in the delivery room looking at the ceiling, and thinking, her head is sticking out of my vagina. – We’re gonna simulate a longer
contraction now, you ready? – Okay, okay. – We’re gonna do some on my
back, where there’s not hair. – Here comes a contraction,
contraction, contraction. (screaming) – Oh my God! It’s even worse now! Oh, this is the worst! This is the worst, the worst, the worst! (screaming) – Epidural, oh my God! The back is like the most painful (bleep). I can’t even explain the feeling. – [Voiceover] My wife had
an emergency C-Section with our first child,
so I’m behind a curtain with my wife, and the
doctors are doing their thing behind the curtain, and they said, wait until we give you
the cue to stand up. I thought I heard the cue,
so I stood up and I looked. And what I saw was my
wife’s abdomen cut open and clamped back, and
on a table next to her, they had taken out her intestines and her liver, all that stuff. They were in bowls on the counter. – That’s how they do C-Sections. – [Voiceover] Like salad bowls? – They take out the stuff
that’s blocking the baby. I sat back down, my wife
said, is everything okay, I just nodded, but I wanted
to say, you’re gonna die. – What’s the taint feel like? – It feels like it’s
simultaneously pulling my ass hole and my balls closer together, and ripping it apart.
– Okay. – It’s one of the worst
things I’ve ever felt. – Why am I waiting for the epidural when I could just wake up
and then there’s my baby? – Are you ready?
– No! – Here we go. (screaming) – Epidural, epidural, epidural. This baby is coming
whether I want it or not. (screaming) – Okay! (screaming) Epidural, epidural, epidural. – And then the next push, out she came, and I felt her kick me in the
thighs, and her little arms, and I immediately started crying, because I was like, this is my baby. – I love my mom, I’m
sorry I did this to her. – Your mom is the toughest
person in the universe. I don’t care who you are,
your mom is tougher than you. – A lot of it’s not fun, but the love you have for your child is indescribable, you love your kid so much. – Your wife would be proud. – I have a small inkling
of how painful this is. Sweetie, I will be there for you. – Now when I see women,
I’m just gonna say, I am so sorry that people ever think that they can tell you what
to do with your body, because you have to deal with your own body already,
and it wants to kill you. – Delivery is tough, it’s
very hard, it’s painful, but once the baby’s out, it’s magical. – You still think it’s worth it? – I do think it’s worth it, it’s the greatest thing in the world. – I mean, that’s a really
special feeling to know that someone went through all
of that to create you. – I feel like I have to call
my mom, and just thank her. – She already pushed me
out of her and had to raise me for 18 years, I don’t
think she wants to hear me.


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