The Ultimate Advice for Every Business

The Ultimate Advice for Every Business

– What’s different about entrepreneurship than rap and sports, is when you say you’re a rapper someone’s like all right, rap. And then if you suck,
everyone’s like oh you suck. And when you say you’re
a basketball player, people are like, at the
YMCA or going to the league? The one thing I love
about entrepreneurship is it’s binary. Either you’re gonna win
or you’re gonna lose. (slow music) Being a businessman or
woman wasn’t cool in 1992. It was Bill Gates, a fuckin’ nerd. So now that everybody wants
to put entrepreneurship in their Instagram profile, and that’s cool in the club, that is just bazaaro world, but that’s also done what
sports and rapping has, which is everybody wishes they are. And what’s different
about entrepreneurship than rap and sports, is when you say you’re a rapper, someone’s like, all right, rap. And then if you suck, everyone’s like oh you suck. And when you say you’re
a basketball player, people are like at the YMCA,
or going to the league? But when somebody now says
their an entrepreneur, it’s just accepted. And we haven’t matured into are you a successful entrepreneur, or a wannabe entrepreneur? And to be very frank,
I’m concerned about it, because I think, the one thing
I love about entrepreneurship is it’s binary, either you’re gonna win
or you’re gonna lose. And I think that there’s
a lot of people right now that are not built with dealing with the emotional baggage that comes along with a public loss. And so I spent a lot of time
with young entrepreneurs around the mentality of like, when you lose, are you
ready to take that ridicule, and what are you gonna do? The greatest reason I
believe that we’re living through such fake
entrepreneurship right now, is not only is there an enormous
amount of capital in play for these 22-25 year olds, but they’re the generation that was parented in a way that tried to eliminate
losses from the ecosystem. I mean this is the generation
of eighth place trophies. My favorite thing that’s
going on in society right now is 45 to 60 year olds
clowning on millennials and making fun of them, and I keep looking at them and I keep reminding them
that you parented these kids. – [Man In Hat] Everybody
gets a trophy right? – Yeah, and so we’ve demonized
to these kids losing. I love losing. Micro-losing especially,
more than macro-losing is incredibly motivating. I mean there’s nothing more fun than losing regular season games. You know, you learn from them. Come the playoffs you’d
like to build on that, but yeah, I think adversity
is the foundation of success. Being born in the Soviet Union, living in a studio apartment
with eight family members when I was a kid. Going on one and a half
vacations my entire childhood. My parents buying me nothing, because they didn’t have, like the money nor the
mindset to do that for me is fundamentally the reason I’m successful at entrepreneurship. I’m not scared of anything, nor do I care about
anybody else’s judgment, which allows me to navigate very quickly, and my losses are my losses, and my wins are my wins, and they both feel the same. When I hear the accolades,
or when I get razzed, I basically can’t hear them. I’m just so in love with the process. And that’s what getting
up off the floor is. You had no choice, it’s in your DNA to wanna play. – I’m wondering what’s the message to a company that doesn’t have innovation as a core part of their business? – They’re in trouble. – How do they respond? – By letting themselves die. – [Man In Hat] But what do they
do if they don’t wanna die? – Innovate. – [Man In Hat] And how do they do that? What’s the secret? – By looking at the leader
of the company in the mirror, and see if she or he is
capable of innovating. Everything stems from the top. If you have a company run by somebody who right now is sitting and saying well I’m retiring in 18 months, and I don’t give a shit about innovation, you’re in trouble. Or not talented enough
to know how to innovate. You know how many A’s, number ones hire a CMO and say you figure it out, but they don’t even know how to judge it? How are you a CEO in 2019, and don’t spend 100
hours to educate yourself on how modern communication works so that you can judge it
within your own organization? Gary, I didn’t grow up with this stuff. You didn’t grow up driving,
you figured it out. I know you didn’t grow up with it, but it is your job, it’s required of you to know how to run your business. And to me, how your business
markets and communicates is as important as you knowing how to run the finances of your company. It’s just that some people
don’t wanna put in the work to get updated on the new platforms and the new world, and that’s to their peril. The advice that I think will
play for everybody in the room regardless of what you do, including if you’re like the PTA president or thinking about
running for local office, like I have no idea what you wanna do professionally or personally, but the one thing that
has been tried and true and I keep things extremely simple, is you have to reverse engineer the audience you’re trying to reach, and you have to tell them
something that brings them value, not you value. Every single person here that is in power to do so, needs to go spend the next 100 days having phone calls, having dinner, having breakfast, having drinks with every one of their customers and they need to listen
to what they care about. And then they need to go back to the pad and cook that meal. That’s all I do. I read my comments left and right, I was just talking with your CMO prepping, you guys were wrapping up. And she’s like are you always
like this on your phone? And I was laughing, what I was doing, I was reading comments. Because the qualitative feedback is the insight I need
for the next innovation. The amount of people who
hope their customers like what they are doing, or they’re trying to force their customers to like what they wanna sell is fascinating for me to watch. – You’ve talked about this, is that people who are dragging down the culture of a business should be, they shouldn’t be there. – I wish most businesses were into documenting in coach. What most businesses are doing is, Harold’s a dick, but his
numbers are remarkable. That’s what’s really happening. That’s what I’m referring to. That if you’ve got somebody who’s driving top line revenue, or she or he is crushing their numbers, what most companies are doing is they’re looking at surface level, they’re like if we fire Carol, we’re gonna lose those three accounts ’cause she’s so wired in there. What they don’t realize
is the hidden lost revenue that’s happening with Carol or Harold destroying the culture, and completely messing up the continuity and speed of the macro. – So what do you do, from your point of view what do you do if you have someone
who’s really kickin’ ass, bringing the numbers in and they’re just a, they’re a jerk, what do you do with them? – What I do, one man’s point of view is I sit them down. I look them dead in the face, and I say you think I’m joking
because you’re delivering, but I’m not joking, and if you can’t be a good human being I’m going to fire your face. (laughing) – [Man In Hat] That’s pretty right there. – That’s what I do, and I do it, and I do it, I’m a big shot on stage
now and I’m acting tough, I do it in a conversation. I’m like look, I’m not kidding, I know you don’t believe me because you’ve worked at other places that value dollars, and I value dollars, I just value slow dimes. So when you deliver on culture, the buy in and the macro is remarkable. And what it does for the
business is extraordinary. I’m a pot committed buyer of this thesis. That you have to fire the best performers that are destroying your culture. (dramatic music)


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  • "Adversity is the foundation for success" — Let's share 1-2 ways how adversity helped you to be the person you are today

  • Gco CommercialCleaning says:

    I think its crazy that Gary is just starting to touch on this more. I’ve always been annoyed by people who’s content claims to be to help people when really its just a top-line funnel to get u to buy their shit. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️.

  • 4:12 everything stems from the owner’s mindset. It’s something I’ve deeply integrated into my life. Constantly look for new and innovative ways of doing things. It’s also a huge topic I discuss on my YouTube channel. Mindset in entrepreneurship is vital to master.

  • Daysi conversaciones en inglés Patricio says:

    Gary became a gatekeeper and hater of entrepreneurs all of the sudden. With only the chosen ones can be entrepreneurs pls don't be one. What an awful way to keep people down and make them insecure.

  • The Tomasco Project says:

    'Entrepreneurship is binary – you either win or lose'
    Thanks for trying to make everyone a winner GV!

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    When they were talking about how a company innovates to stay alive he really dropped a gem right there had to re-watch that part twice to really GET it

  • Peter Fransky says:

    you forget that new technologies develop diseases! radiation and magnetic impulses affecting human cells! you forget about the greed of people, the economy is killing weak people! you forget about the future nuclear weapons, which will inevitably destroy the sex of the population because of your thoughts about the development of the economy! and you don't understand what I write because you are busy with yourself.

  • B Adventures Vlogs says:

    Gary's right, it's all about communication. Technology has helped us comm faster and in so many ways. That's what the whole social media thing is about, comms 😎👍

  • Charlie Liddle says:

    Loved this video! I have a mobile DJ business. This makes me want to follow up with my clients and ask what I could have done better.

  • jupdeep singh says:

    Dear Gary Sir,
    Hello From India
    Nobody knows you in india whenever i tell something about you to my peers they say he is nobody he's talking shit. Pls visit india and interact with current entrepreneurs or wanna be entrepreneurs.

  • Took an L the other day and was so embarrassed. But I learnt alot from it and want to change for the better. I think it's in my blood to get up off the floor and trying again. I want to do so much in the world. Clothing film photography. I just need to switch my mindset.

  • Mr Gary Vee's attitude to success and failure is very much like the texans. ITS CRAZY. The texans brag about there failures because they know how to learn from it. They also are massively proud and have great gratitude for what they have succeeded in

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    ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO but please stop add drama music in your videos you dont need it your GARY VEE !!!! #askgaryvee

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    Thanks, Gary!.It is my believe that everything he says are making better entrepreneurs and leaders. Unfortunately it will be missed or ignored by majority of the current CEOs and leaders of large corp.

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    Hey Gary, I am currently working in a new local digital marketing agency in my hometown and all my colleagues are either enrolled in college or graduating college. During the process of getting hired here I literally worked my ass off to get in. I typed a full audit on the company to showcase one of my few skills to get get a great impression. 2 weeks later they emailed me for a meeting and they asked me how did I manage to learn the things I know without any additional education prior to graduating high school. I told them I was a self-taught person and that I followed you because you are my mentor. They gave me a crazy look, so now my goal is to build my skills and prosper into a successful entrepreneur with my developed talents and become a thing of my own and crush anything in my way.

    You a great man Mr. Vee. I have much respect for you


  • Gary really changed my life!! I started selling on Amazon and started my own Youtube channel thanks to him. Thank You Gary! Keep Inspiring!!

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    My favorite part of this video ''you have to reverse engineer the audience you want to reach and tell them something that brings them value'' keep up the amazing work Gary

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    Love the video but that thumbnail and title was clickbait-y. Expected something different and more related to “Make Profit”

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    I just wrote a blog post on 3 Ways to Innovate Past Your Competition. I hope it is helpful for those interested in learning how to remain competitive. Gary is right, either innovate or die! I welcome feedback.

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    Omg I love garyVee! He have inspired me to make a YouTube channel. He have a lot of good tips and I dropped my first video about two days ago support me ‼️ thank you

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    Gary!!!! I’ve been watching you for about 2 years and you inspired my family👨‍👩‍👧🤰 to create a channel if you guys see this give us a try our content is funny and entertaining 😂 thank you !

  • Reverse Engineering your audience, have a coffee or lunch and listen to your customers, invest time constantly into yourself and how modern communication work , let pain fuel you and mold you into a better person and take care of your culture!

  • Michael Wills Art says:

    I love your passion to help people believe in themselves and help them succeed. Your channel is amazing

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    Show Host: "What's the message to the company that doesn't have innovation … "
    In my mind : Oh , that's the Apple after Steve Jobs.

  • It's so sad and so true. Then it's so fun as it creates opportunities… When you see these companies that don't innovate, it opens for you a door to take over and put them out of business.

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    garyvee is the Best Mann. I've taken all of his advice,Jumped out of my comfort zone and now i'm on target to make some money. I've even recently created YouTube channel to follow my progress.I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. peace


    Garyvee is the man have taken Garyvee's advice have jumped out my comfort zone and now im on target to make million have even created a youtube channel to ff my progrees my first log is due to drop in 45mins i would love some support feedback please hit subScribe and check it out peace.

  • Supreme Gecko says:

    Entrepreneurship is not binary. Love your videos but….. You are saying an entrepreneurship is win or lose. It's not. You certainly can lose but you can also win linearly as well. I can be successful and replace my 9-5 (or really 7 AM to 8:30 PM) with my business and that is a win- sort of. By having a feel for my market, and taking the right steps with my business, I can be a huge success. Linear.

  • We are interested in doing a meeting with you Gary, hope you could give us this pleasure. We have a company in Switzerland that accelerates the introduction of solid startups in the richest and most stable region of Europe, the DACH Region.

    Be so kind as to check my webinar, we would love to start a partnership accelerating the introduction of all your new projects in Europe.

    This is my website.

    All the best!


  • The Messengers says:

    Always love the real conversations around losing. There's so much documentation available now for everyone to promote their successes, but it's rare to see anyone discuss their failures and shortcomings in a real, honest way. We just did an entire episode dedicated to the biggest failure I've encountered in my professional career and it's funny to see how interested people are in those stories (for good or bad, who knows!). Not enough people talk about the amount of loss you have to experience and then learn and grow from in order to be truly successful.

  • Firing hot shot toxic people who are poisoning a company culture, is something I too have believed, yet rarely seen. Mark me subscribed.

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