This Is How To Copy The Most Productive Work Day Time Management Hack

This Is How To Copy The Most Productive Work Day Time Management Hack

Today I want to talk to you about a time
management strategy that has transformed my productivity and that of course is
theming my work days like most people the work that I do
within each day can vary and if I just focus on doing my work in terms of
jumping from one type of task to the next to the next that is actually going
to be the least productive use of my time because every time we switch our
attention from different types of tasks we actually lose a little bit of time
and mental energy changing where our focus is going but when we can theme our
work days so that we are combining two of the best productivity principles that
I think we can use in terms of our time management then what we can have is days
that are a lot more focused and productive where we’re able to get more
done in less time with less energy expended so if this sounds alike a
Productivity and time management technique you’d like to learn about stay
tuned hello a Charmed Ones and welcome back to
my channel for another video and if this was your first time with me I’d like to
say welcome my name is Alexis but I’m also known as miss trenchcoat all across
the Internet I’m an online entrepreneur who designs themselves productivity
tools strategies and skills to help you manifest success with less stress now if
that sounds interesting to you I’ll leave some links down below in the
description box where you can check out more of my work online and feel free to
download some of my latest productivity tools over at the charm shop calm ok so
today I’m gonna be teaching you guys all about theming your work days why it’s so
effective how you can actually do it even if you’re someone who thinks that
they can’t theme their work days I think that most people can do this sort of
technique one way or another so like I mentioned in the intro one of the great
things about this idea of theming your work days that is so productive is that
it actually combines two great time management strategies into one the first
is the concept of batching your work obviously theme in your work days we’re
talking about choosing days of the week that we’re going to be working on
specific tasks so that we’re not doing all of that focus and attention
switching between different types of tasks so batching your work that’s the
first kind of part of why a theme in your work days is so productive but the
second part of why it’s productive as well and why it’s such a great time
management strategy is that it also combines an element of time blocking so
if you’re not familiar time blocking is literally when we block off time in our
schedule to work on something specifically and one of the reasons why
time blocking is so wonderful is obviously because you’re scheduling
something in your day so you know when you have the time to work on something
but also it gives you a sort of an uninterrupted focus on whatever it is
you’re working on so with the idea of theming your work days hopefully you’re
following along with me enough to understand now that we are scheduling in
a block of time to work on specific tasks that are going to be batch to work
for us so that we don’t have to do a lot of that attention switching that wastes
time and energy so that is basically the basics
of how teaming your workdays works so if you are someone who’s interested in
teaming their work days now I want to go ahead and walk you through a very simple
process for how you can get this process started and learn how to seem your own
work days and literally all it really takes from you is like a pen and some
sticky notes so let me go ahead and walk you through this very simple process
that I’m telling you anyone it can actually theme their work days even if
you really don’t think you have the ability to do so I bet you you can one
way or another now in order to theme your work days really the first step of
this process is to understand all of the different tasks and work and activities
that you do throughout your days throughout your weeks so my first
recommendation of what you should do is as you are going through your normal
work day like your normal work day your normal work week I recommend keeping out
like a little pile of sticky notes and every time you do a different task I
want you to write the task down on a sticky note ok so I would recommend
doing this for at least the period of a week probably more like two weeks would
be great for you to be tracking what your individual tasks are if you’re
someone who doesn’t want to wait that long you could go through your planner
and actually just kind of see the different types of work you do or just
think about the types of work you do but putting them down on individual sticky
notes one sticky note per task is going to help you really organize all of your
work so that it makes it easier for you to theme your work days so step two once you have all of your
tasks written out on to sticky notes you’re going to start to organize each
of these sticky notes and group them by like activities so any sorts of
activities that you think are very similar kind of of the same vein then
you are going to group those together now step number three once you have all
your tasks grouped by light activities look at the activities and identify a
theme for each group so for example here this group of tasks I have here say
answering emails write scripts and blog right so a lot of this has to do with
writing so I could create this as a theme for writing right so if this was
like a day or a block of time where I could just sit and write things that’s
what I could do that would be a really good theme for this group
another example here I have create marketing funnels email sequence and
write marketing so really although this one here has to do with writing and
email sequences might have to do with writing as well all of these things have
to do with marketing right so in my mind the way that I would focus on these
sorts of writings might be different than me just sitting and writing scripts
or blogging or answering emails it’s much more focused on the theme of
marketing so those are just kind of two examples of how I might theme different
tasks that I’m working on but look at what your tasks are look at the like
tasks that you’ve looped together and define what the theme is that you would
be focusing on for that cluster once you have those themes mapped out the step
number four is to choose which day of the week or what time block you can
actually use to work on each group of items so like I mentioned before even if
you’re someone who is not like me who could literally define my schedule so
that I can seem an entire workday towards one of these groups of
activities perhaps you’re someone who can carve out a block of time somewhere
in their schedule right maybe like a 2 to 4 hour block of time where you are
going to say this is the day I’m gonna work on this group of tasks this is the
day I’m going to work on that theme of tasks so what you need to do is for step
four is to choose when what day and what time what time blocks specifically you
are going to be able to work on each of the items and
then of course Step five is once you have that schedule broken out you want
to codify this list for reference and do your best to stick to it so for me right now with my schedule
Monday is my day that I do my writing Tuesday is the day that I usually do
filming Wednesday is a marketing day for me so anything that I need to work on
marketing related which could be funnel sequences things that I need to write
and even things like social media posts and photography that’s considered
marketing related so I’ve got that on Wednesdays as well and then Thursday’s
are the days that I work on new products and if you’ve been with me for a little
bit you know that right now Friday is what I call my CEO strategy day it’s
basically the day of the week that I have that I dedicate to kind of working
on any loose ends and then also doing my own personal development as a business
owner so that is the way that my personal schedule sort of worked out but
the days that you choose to work on your themed tasks are going to be up to you
what you have available in terms of time and what makes the most sense for
example here you can see that when it comes to my Monday schedule here I’ve
got like three main tasks that I work on on that day but then on Tuesdays I only
have like two right and that’s because for me it takes me longer to film and
edit then it does to necessarily write or respond to emails or to create a blog
post and then here you can see on Wednesday is there’s a lot of different
tasks that belong to Wednesday’s because number one a lot of these tasks aren’t
things that I need to do week over week and also a lot of these things are
things that don’t take very long necessarily so like creating a photo and
you know outlining a social media post that’s something that’s relatively
quicker then let’s say writing a blog post or filming or editing right so this
is all going to be relative the amount of tasks I’m going to assign to a day
but it’s all gonna be based on what I know takes me a long time right filming
and editing takes a long time designing products building websites for products
right building up different products and services that I might be selling for my
audience those are things that are gonna take me much more time to do so
on those day is right there are fewer options of
that I would be working on so I hope that makes sense the way that I’m sort
of balancing these things out so I hope it’s been helpful for you to see the
process for how I go about theming my workdays and kind of seeing the example
of the things that I might work on throughout my week and how I think about
them and organize them and schedule them out obviously one big thing that I want
you to keep in mind throughout this whole process is that just because you
schedules to work on something on a certain day doesn’t mean that you can’t
do it on another day right I very frequently need to switch this schedule
around to fit specific instances so if there has been something that has kind
of pushed me on schedule I will do what I can to catch up by rearranging my
schedule on a weekly basis if it’s necessary and of course if something
kind of like emergency pops up that I need to do I will absolutely not be
afraid to do it on a day that it might not normally be slated for and that’s
all just part of kind of like going with the flow of life and being flexible and
although we have these great plans the big thing we want to make sure we’re
always doing is not letting our plans stand in the way of actually taking
action when it’s important right so plans are great there are wonderful
framework to work off of but by no means do you need to feel like you are setting
things in stone and feeling bad if you’re not actually able to execute on
them exactly as you’ve laid them out right now the goal with all of this and
theming your work days is to remain consistent right so if you actually
start going down this process and try it out and find that you need to tweak
things then by all means tweak the schedule but the idea is that we’re
gonna stay consistent right so we are trying to actually push ourselves here
to stay within the limits of what we’ve defined as a good working plan but we
don’t have to feel like we’re trapped within those plans if different
situations come up that take us out of them I hope you’ve enjoyed learning
about theming your work days I would love to hear from you in the comments
and here any sorts of tips or tricks that you have before doing this sort of
process in your own life are you someone who seems your entire workday or perhaps
just time blocks certain sections of your day
you know there’s a lot of people who you know if you work outside the home and
then you also have like personal home things to do obviously you are a time
when you get home from work might be a time that you would block off for
whatever specific goals or tasks you need to do whether those are like things
like starting a side hustle or just something as simple as you know cleaning
your house keeping things organized and making dinner
what are those time blocks for you full day’s or you know just time blocks I’d
love to hear about them down in the comments of course if you enjoyed this
video please make sure to give it a thumbs up and feel free to share it with
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  • The Planner Way says:

    You are such an inspiration!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. It really helps me focus on what I want to achieve ? ?

  • The only real problem for me would be the codifying. I have a flexible work schedule that changes from week to week, but this might be interesting to do every week and just decide on what days I’ll do what Tasks on a weekly basis?

    I’ll have to play around with it and see!

  • Rebecca Donahue says:

    I love this idea! How does this fit in with setting goals for the week? Are these the sorts of tasks you'd systemize so that you have more time for the goals you set each week? Or would some of these become goals you set each week?

  • Love, love, love time-blocking. Such a game changer for getting the priority accomplished (and then the next priority, and then the next priority). I'm always time-blocking my days.

  • You hit the point! I’m a teacher, i’ve a ton of tasks to do every day, gonna try this out a d stick to it 😉 Looks like the flylady system for the house ?

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