This is the Reason Why Your Employer Use You Like a Slave

The reason why employers use employees like
slaves Sometimes at the beginning of this year, my
company decided to run an online survey. This survey was targeted at the employees. Since I’ve never really worked in a corporate
world, I wanted to know how people feel about having a job, whether they like their jobs
and if they don’t, we wanted to know what they hate most about having a job. In today’s video, I’ll share with you
the result of that online survey and the reason why many employers treat their employees like
slaves. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Here is the thing; there was no surprise with
our study as we found out that more than 90% of people said they hated their jobs. What surprised us however are the details
of what makes people hate their jobs. When asked why they hate their jobs, many
people complain about their boss, colleagues and the fact that they are not appreciated,
which means that, for these people, the job is not the problem but the job’s environment. Result. Result. Result A few days ago I was reading the news about
hundreds of underpaid employees of Facebook. The first question you’ll ask is, how can
one of the richest companies in the world underpay people? The answer to that question is very simple;
the result, profit. Many entrepreneurs are result-driven individuals. The meaning of this is that the only thing
that matters to them is the result, the profit for themselves and the shareholders. Some people think that this is a bad thing
but I disagree. Instead, I’m here to tell you that this
is human nature. I don’t know why most people aren’t getting
it but it’s very simple; nobody thinks about you first. Everyone puts themselves first. Everyone is selfish. Everyone thinks about themselves first, even
if they will think about you later. The only time someone else thinks about you
first is when you can hurt them or when they know that you’re valuable to their progress. Take for instance if you’re the smartest
engineer in Facebook Inc., nobody in the world will ever hear that you’re underpaid because
you’ll never be underpaid. The reason why the smartest engineers in Facebook
will not be underpaid is not that Zuckerberg likes them but because their absence can hurt
the company. Again, it’s for a selfish purpose; nobody
cares about you as much as you want to think. Some people think that selfishness is bad
and I agree but guess what? You are as selfish as I am. What is the way out of this mess? If you can, do everything in your power to
never be at the mercy of other human beings. You have two ways to go about this; start
your own business or become very valuable in another person’s business. These two ways are very tough but those are
the only two ways to avoid being treated like a slave. Anything too much loses its value I once heard a job seeker said something like,
“I don’t know what to do. Whenever I go for an interview, I go with
everything the employer wants but for no reason, they won’t just call me back”
Well, the reason why they don’t call her back is that 20 other people have gone to
the same interview with her and for whatever reason, the employer thought that someone
other than her was the best for the job. I hate to spread bad new but here is one;
most employers will not value employees as long as too many people compete for a few
jobs. We may not like this, but it’s the truth;
anything that’s too much loses its value. When 30 people are lining up for one job,
that just gives ungodly power to the employer and there’s no way we’ll expect him to
cherish the employee, except we have angels as an employer. So, what should you do? If I were in your shoes, I’ll avoid being
among the crowd. As a matter of rule, I don’t compete for
anything in life. I work hard to create my world, I work hard
to differentiate myself. I work hard to acquire skills that most people
cannot acquire so that I’ll be able to do what they can’t do. This is what I advise you to do because as
long as you’re like everyone, you’ll be lost in the crowd and nobody will value you. Soldiers are not nice I grew up in a society where soldiers sometimes
misbehave. I’ve heard stories of how soldiers beat
some people and I can tell you that soldiers aren’t nice. But think about this; soldiers are ordinary
humans. What makes them tough is the training and
pains they have gone through. Many times when you see entrepreneurs who
are harsh, they are not bad people. They are harsh because, like soldiers, they
had gone through very difficult things in the past and this is the second reason why
you may think that an employer treats people like slaves. The problem about most employees is that they
cannot in their wildest imagination understand what most entrepreneurs went through before
they built the company they are working for. For instance, an average entrepreneur has
spent a decade before he even has a company anyone knows. Those ten years were hellfire. I’ve been there and I can tell you that
there are only a few things in the world that are more difficult than building a business. What then happens is that, after going through
such hellfire, it’s very easy for an entrepreneur to treat his employees like a slave. He didn’t treat them like a slave because
he is a demon. He treats them like a slave because he had
been a slave for several years in the past. Now, I’m not making excuses for the bad
behavior of any employer because I don’t care about them. But I care about you and that’s why I’m
making this video to open your eye. You see, it’s a fantasy to expect that other
human beings should treat you well. Most people simply won’t treat you well
as long as you’re at their mercy. Be Your King I’m always amazed at the numbers of people
who think that they are stocked. So many people simply believe that they don’t
have any power to change their own life. This is not true because you can change your
life. You can be your king. You can create your world. You can have your kingdom. This doesn’t mean that you must be an entrepreneur. Not everybody can be an entrepreneur but everybody
can be very valuable. It’s your skills that make you valuable. It’s what you can do, the solutions you
can create that will differentiate you from everyone else. If you work very hard to develop yourself,
if you keep on learning, keep on acquiring valuable skills, keep on reading good books,
you’ll keep on increasing your value as an individual. When you become highly valuable, people will
stop taking you for granted. Even if you are an employee, as long as you
are much more valuable than most people, your employer will respect you. In conclusion, as long as we have 50 people
running after 5 jobs, employers will always underpay, disrespect and use employees as
slaves. It’s your responsibility to not be a victim. You can only do that by separating yourself
from the crowd. If you can, become an entrepreneur. If you think you can’t be an entrepreneur,
you have to work hard to be so valuable than almost everyone, because if you are not much
more valuable than everyone, nobody will treat you as you want. Stop expecting your employer to treat you
well. Stop expecting other human beings to be nice
to you. Make yourself so much value that people have
no choice but to honor you. Thank you very much for watching our videos. We’ll like to give you another interesting
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