Three Personality Types Every Business Needs to Succeed – Systemize Your Business Ep. 2

– Let’s talk about how to
systemize your business so it will run without you. Let me ask you a question. Why did you start your
business in the first place? Yell the answer as loud as you could. Why did you start your
business in the first place? Freedom, solve a problem that you want to solve, very nice, so solve problem. Say again, personal satisfaction, so you get more joy out
of working for yourself, okay so satisfaction. Control the direction of your life, so control, I’ll put control. You are unhirable, who said that? How many of you are unhirable? (laughing) I am totally, absolutely,
100% unemployable, that’s for sure, that’s for sure. I’ve only had in my career, I’ve only had one job in my life, that’s working for a supermarket and for one year as a grocery bagger. That’s the only job I’ve
ever had in my life. And the most important thing
I’ve learned from that job is working with somebody else sucks. – [Narrator] The King
of High-Ticket Sales, World’s Highest-Paid Consultant, Media Celebrity, Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur, Acclaimed TEDx Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Dan Lok. – What else? Personal growth, okay I like that, so growth, I like that. Helping others, yes. Oh someone is honest,
who said “more money”? More money, more money. I’ll give you like some
dollar signs, how’s that. Give me a couple more,
give me a couple more. Hmm? Pick your own clients, okay, you’re own clients. So you work with the people
you want to work with right? Yes, sleep in, okay no commute or just so you can, you know– so sleep in, give me one more. Tax benefit, yes, tax benefit. That’s good, that’s good. So we all started our business
for theories of reasons. Now how many of you have
heard of the book of E Myth? Okay, if you have not read the book, please put that on your
list of book to read. “The E Myth” was written by Michael Gerber and its one of those book
that change the way I operate. You know, I would say one of the top ten business books I’ve read, E Myth. And E Myth talks about
the entrepreneurial myth, the entrepreneurial myth. So Michael in the book,
basically talks about the myth that most people who
start small businesses are actually entrepreneurs, but actually they’re not entrepreneurs. The fatal assumption that
an individual understands the technical work of a business, can successfully run a business, that does that technical work. So a plumber working
for a plumbing company and believe that I can do a better job, I go out and start my own business. A programmer working for a company, well I think I can do
better thing on my own, I go out and start my own thing. A landscaper working for a company, well I think I can mow a
better lawn than my boss, he’s kind of a jerk anyway,
so I don’t like the guy, I go out and do my own thing. So what Michael was talking
about is most entrepreneurs, the E myth, are actually technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail
because you’re working in your business rather than
working on your business. Meaning that well, I
know how to do plumbing, let me start a plumbing business. Or I know how to do a technical work, let me just do that business. How many started your business that way? Yeah, and the challenge
is that in a business, you don’t just have a technician, and the business would be successful. A business actually needs
three people in a business in order to be successful: you need an entrepreneur, the visionary, you need a manager, the big team, and you need a technician to do the work. The challenge is, most
entrepreneurs, we started off wearing what, three hats? We are the entrepreneur,
we are the manager, and we are the technician. We’re trying to do all three. We juggle the three balls. And very often, it’s very
easy to get sucked into. Well, “You know what,
I’ll just do this work”, and then, “Oh no, no, I gotta figure out how to grow my company too.” “Oh my God, I gotta hire this person, or that person is not performing well.” “Nope, I kinda gotta do this too, I gotta work with a client.” So it’s what I describe as like a see-saw that you do the work, do
the work, do the work… And you suddenly don’t get enough clients, well let’s try to get some clients, find work, find work, find work… And then do the work, do
the work, do the work… And the whole business,
whole life is like that, year after year after year after year. And the book addresses that question. Now the book is not
gonna give you the answer of how to solve that, which
is the brilliance of the book. But is touches a very
important concept of why most small businesses don’t work. Because the very fact
that you are a technician and you know how to do the technical work, that’s actually what’s preventing you from succeeding in your business, that’s what it’s preventing you from succeeding in your business. So typically, again, the owner
of a bakery is the baker. Owner of a graphic design
agency is the graphic designer. The owner of a dental
practice is a dentist. What typically happens is they
try to solve their problems by working harder at what they do. Let me become a better graphic designer. Let me become a better landscaper. Let me become a better carpet cleaner. And then my business
problems will be solved. Hmm. The question is, is that the truth? And does it work? Does is work? To be a successful
entrepreneur, you must recognize that the skills that made
you a successful technician has little or nothing
to do with the skills required to build and manage a business. I’ll say that again. The skills that made you
a successful technician, has very little or almost nothing to do with the skills required to
build and manage a business. And that’s why, statistics
shows 95%, 97% of small business whatever statistics that you look at, don’t make it five years because most entrepreneurs
are actually technicians, suffering from an entrepreneur seizure. So what are the skills
that you need to develop in order to have and build
a successful business? Now for those of you who’ve
been with me for awhile, you’ve seen this. So those who’ve been with
me, this would be a reminder. A what? Hello? – [Crowd] Reminder. – For those of who is new,
this will be your road map. A what?
– [Crowd] Road map. – So what have you learned from my talk and how does it apply to you and how do you take direct action? Comment below and let me know. If you have any other questions,
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