Three tips to hear back from employers – How to find a job [Part 1]

Hi guys. I’m Kim with Snagajob and welcome to
our video series where we’re going to walk you through the steps on how to find a job. We love to hear success stories from our members who say Snagajob helped them find their job but it really pains us to hear that some of you have applied to dozens of positions and aren’t hearing anything back. Now hear are a few reasons you may not be hearing back from employers: First, you may have made a spelling mistake. Now this is important because it shows your attention to detail. Employers may think that if you’re careless on your application you may be careless on the job. Second, your email address is inappropriate. This seems really small but your email address is how you present yourself over the Internet to employers. “Hotsexyjobseeker at” And finally, you’re not following up on your applications. You’ve gone through the entire application process but haven’t contacted the employer to see the status of the job. We’ll go more in-depth to each of these reasons throughout our video series. Subscribe to our channel for more tips on how to find a job or go to www dot snagajob dot com and start your job search with us today.


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