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Hello everyone and welcome back to another video it’s francesco again here on keep productive today We’re gonna be doing a first impressions on the brand new Kanban feature inside of the desktop experience on ticktick now for those who don’t know ticktick is a to-do list Application if your reviews are already this experience is about to get enhanced and I’m gonna overview the feature How it’s gonna be used and also a bit more about it So you get a good idea of what you’ll be getting inside of the new Kanban board so without further ado les jumping Okey-dokey, so I’m downloading this version of it. It’s dmg version So it might take a few moments to load up. Okie dokie So as you can imagine it will be available through the next update on desktop So if you’re looking at Windows and Mac editions, then there will be a specific update You won’t have to go through this lengthy process I will sent over a B tradition and do note that if there’s any issues with this I’m sure they’ll iron it out. This beat was sent to be about three or four days ago Just to be clear. So obviously the way that you access this is for example if you’re on today You can go down to one of your projects or lists They call them inside of a tick tick and as you can see it still remains the same of course you can go and use this as normal but what you can do and let’s just choose a project the creating for work and what you can do is go to these three buttons here and select the Kanban view And we actually first saw this when Rebecca Ford posted it and I did see a few times that they teased this experience In terms of being able to use a Kanban as a way to organize So you can see here that you can start creating your own columns And as you can see here Most of them are in to do and that’s mainly because they have no status or column already associated to it So if I click in of course, it pops out like this I quite like this automatically because I can edit all of the relevant details like due date I can tick it off I can add a priority level up here and a description and even move to a certain project without necessarily digging deeper Now if I want to I could drag between the statuses see it Is that easy and just above it in each of the new areas? I can begin to add a new task So let’s start adding a new task. Let’s say edit Kanban Review, I can go ahead and add a due date to this as well as obviously a duration I believe that’s locked under premium. But if you’re a premium user you will get access to that I can go ahead and add a priority as well and once I press ENTER it will get created as this card view now if I double tap I won’t actually go into a separate view. I’m guessing they’ll probably be adding this in the future I only get this view here and if I want to I can go over to the calendar view and Still view it in the same format now for example here You can see the same feature and as you can imagine in a calendar view It’s very similar to what the Kanban view shows now If I go back over to the project, it’s still inside of this Kanban view now One of the many benefits is I can create new columns if I want so for example if I want to create a column called done I can go ahead and click OK and Drag another into here now if I go ahead and take them off I can actually have a completed section So done as a column might become irrelevant to you So for example, if you’re organizing this in for example to do progress and done, you don’t necessarily have that done section But if you’re managing it by maybe project or who’s it’s assigned to then this can be very different now Let’s look at the settings over in the right hand corner So we’ve got the ability to customize obviously our layout of the Kanban, but you can do it based on time So for example, it will shortlist inside of that For example here. You can see overdue becomes a separate column and you can also see next seven days appears here So it almost breaks it down based on time. You can also break it down based on title. So obviously the ABC and how it appears in order and of course based on tag to see you can go a little bit deeper than initially predicted So if you wanted to here’s the final addition if you wanted to organize stuff in A column based on priority in that in that still status or column that you can do for example Here you can have medium priority. Let’s just demonstrate this so for example if I change this to high and I drag this over to here. You can still see it breaks it down in a really neat fashion So this is the Kanban board and it is available from today for desktop versions I’m not too sure how it’s going to roll out I’ll include as much information as I know I will provide all the details below so you can find out how this works in detail Now the good final thing that you need to know is if you want to go back to that ListView you go ahead and press ListView and of course everything remains the same So if I for example go into here Nothing has necessarily been added and the good thing is if I went back over to the Kanban view Everything would remain the same So that’s one of the many benefits of switching between both of these Experiences now just to be clear to do is to have a feature like this rolling out soon But they might have a slightly different take on it But this is a good progressive move by tik tik they’re adding more and more features as they go The one thing I’d probably like to see is actually the ability to have it available on all devices at the same time But I know ticktick tend to release separately on different devices so this is something just to check out to explore and I will include all of the relevant blog post update information that you need to know. Anyway guys a big Thank you for stopping by if you’re brand new to the ki productive youtube channel Hit the subscription button If you enjoyed this video like the video and if you are interested as well, you’ve become an email newsletter subscriber We post found a monthly newsletter All about the latest roundups in the productivity software space so that you can strengthen your knowledge about new tools and resources So guys a big thank you. I will see you guys in another video. Cheers guys


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