Welcome to Jessica Anne TV Here you’ll receive personal branding and
productivity tips and hacks so you can design your best life. Now the most valuable key trait that you
can learn to master in life is the ability to implement. And one powerful strategy you can use and
learn to master is how you manage your time. Now let me tell you, if you’re not ensuring
that you use your time wisely there’s very little chance that you’d achieve your desired
goals. Sure, you’re make a little progress towards
achieving your goals. However, you’ll make a much more significant
impact in a lot less time if you incorporate effective time management skills and organize
your life around achieving your goals. Now here’s a truth bomb for you. Regardless of who you are, how much or how
little you have, we’ve all being given 24 hours in a day. So what sets us apart is how to use and manage
your time effectively. There’s so much research out there
that suggests that only 8% of people achieve their goals. So what this says is that 92% of people who
set goals in particular new year’s resolutions fail to complete them. That’s crazy. As this is the reality for so many of us,
in my opinion, if you’re enjoying the journey, the process between where you are today, keeping
the end in mind of where you’d prefer to be with consistent daily action, no doubt you’ll
get there, whether that’s in 90 days or three years. But do not beat yourself up for not achieving. Instead rest reflect and refine
and always be trying. Keeping that in mind, here are
my top 10 steps on how to be more focused. I like to work smarter and not harder. And there’s a right and wrong way to go about
goal setting. If you do not set goals the right way, then
you’ll most likely miss something which will force you to go back and re-do things or worse,
push you off track with loss of motivation. So to help stay grounded, set S.M.A.R.T goals,
which is a goal get specific, measurable, achievable, it’s real to you and time bound. So to set yourself up for success, make sure
you’re writing your goals down and get those goals down onto paper. You’ll be much more likely to remember them
and plan the activities that are aligned to achieving them. It’s imperative to know where your time is
being spent when you’re seeking to improve how you currently manage your time. So my advice, spend seven days assessing how
you spend your time on a daily basis. You can use the key planner as the time blocks
and the weekly or the daily view to help you track this. By keeping a time spent journal and start
looking for patterns in your habits and making notes of distractions. For example, spending unproductive time on
social media or constant notifications on your smartphone. What do you want to track? At the end of the seven days, reflect and
refine by observing where you are now. So this will give you a strong foundation
to work on moving forward. So choose to get the most important and quite
often less fun and most energy draining task done first. So a strategy I find useful is really have
a goal is using the key map or any mind mapping tool to break down each task and activities
that you’ll need to do. Then prioritize in a list from what’s most
important to least important. And when you’re able to split up your activities
based on urgency and importance, things that are either urgent or essential, it will help
you identify the top three things that you need to do that day. So you’re progressing towards your goals and
it’s all about progression over perfection. I like to start with a rating system. Now these tasks you would want to complete
right away. And these are tasks that are important but
do not require immediate attention to be effective in your time management. So you’ll want to spend most of your time
crossing off your A’s and your B’s on your to do this. And these tasks are possibly tasks that you
could delegate. So now that you’ve got an idea of where your
priorities are and next step is to plan ahead. Now the time that you spend planing your activities
ahead of time, will it be time well spent. It takes time to prepare to achieving your
goals. But by making to do lists, you are effectively
setting goals for the day. So often we could get caught in a jumble of
activities we know we have to complete. But by keeping a daily focus on your goals
and the top three things that you’ll need to do that day is a great way to understand
what you’ll need to get done on that particular day. You’re not sure how to start? Here’s a technique I recommend using. So start the night before by taking 10 minutes
to clear your mind, review your goals and list your most important task that must be
done that following day. And when you wake up, you’ll have a fresh
list of things to do and you won’t have to worry about organizing your to dos. Then first thing in the morning, give yourself
10 minutes to wake up and prioritize a list of the top three things that you need to do
that day. And this will start your morning off in the
right direction with focus and a clear mindset. So browsing social media, checking and answering
your emails can quickly consume your day if you let it. Trust me, I know the feeling. Responding to everyone’s demands and to your
distractions can add up. So I like to use time blocking to set a time
limit each day for these tasks and really try to stick to it. So, for example, allocate 30 minutes in the
morning and at night to a social networking or responding and reading emails. If you assign a block of time, say for answering
emails or social networking, instead of responding on demand, your schedule will stay more intact
and organized throughout the day. You’re the boss of your life. So yes, it’s okay to say no. If something doesn’t bring more joy into your
life, adds value or gives you more time or freedom, just say no. And learn how to decline with elegance. If you’re tired of being over committed and
overwhelmed, learn to say no as I do understand this as something that’s hard for many of
us. So here’s a quick exercise. As you’ve kicked your seven day
time spent journal, revise your daily habits and activities to list activities and tasks
that sucks your time and easily distracts you and make a decision of when and how you’re
going to say no. So you can win back more time and freedom
to focus on the things that really matter to you. Drop a comment below as I would
love to know So your non-negotiables put merely, are the
things that you will not negotiate on. So they are your values and principles. So only you can define what you will and won’t
accept from others as well as what she will and won’t accept from yourself. As they are unique to you and your situation
only you can determine what they are and only you can manage them. Here are a few examples. Being in bed by 11:00 PM and wake up at 5:00
AM. Meditate in the mornings. Not working on the weekends because it’s family
time. Scheduling and exercise daily. Having dinner every night with your family. Now I just love watching Marie Kondo’s show
on Netflix as it’s a prime example of how unnecessary clutter in our environments can
force us to lose focus. Become unhappy, which leads to stress that
will eventually derail us from important tasks that we need to complete. So for this reason, if you’re seeking to prioritize
your time effectively, then take time out to keep a tidy home and workspace. Go in the spring clean hall to clear out any
unnecessary clutter and create daily habits to clean up as you go. Take a few minutes each day to make your bed
upon waking and tidy up your workspace and prepare the night before everything you need
for the next day. This will allow your mind to focus on the
task at hand. So along the journey, you may run into obstacles
or taken an unforeseen detour. There will likely be moments when life throws
you a curve ball and you’ll suddenly happen to be knocked off track from our bad habits
to the tendency to lean on distractions and allowing our minds to wonder, these up old
huge time wasters. However, if you plan for problems ahead of
time and plan out exactly how you’re going to overcome them, you’re far more likely stay
on track. So once you’ve set your goals, identify problems
and distractions and write out how will you handle these moving forward? Use Your time wisely by eliminating some of
these distractions if you’re serious about achieving your overall goals. Now, the importance of balance is crucial
to avoid burnout in your every day life. If you’re feeling stress now, notice that
you’ve had more bad habits or probably even a bad attitude. It is likely your stressed out or something
in your life isn’t adding up to how you’d prefer it to be. Stress leads to bad habits and bad habits
will derail us from achieving our goals. So some studies suggest that people maintain
optimum focus when they block their time of focus. An example of this would be to focus on professional
activities for 60 minutes. Then take a break for 15 stretch, grab a glass
of water and work for another 60 minutes. Have you noticed that if you don’t take regular
breaks, your mind starts to wonder? It’s easier to get distracted. So to avoid losing focus, learn to love balance. Balance is key and will make a significant
impact in the long run. Now that you know exactly what
to do to have more focus, well what about when you’ve run out of the willpower to stay
on track? Because no doubt they will happen. I have designed a product called the key planner,
which is a personal journal and organizer to help you focus on what really matters. And right now I’m offering you a complimentary
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your best life. And I’ll catch you next week on how to eliminate
bad habits and replace them with positive ones.



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