Tips for finding online ESL jobs (Non-Natives)

Tips for finding online ESL jobs (Non-Natives)

hi everybody it’s me Carli and today I’m
making a video with tips for getting into online is still teaching for
non-natives yeah okay so if you’ve never seen any of my videos before my name is
Carli and I work for 51talk it’s one of the top highest paying online ESL
teaching companies but I make videos about all sorts of ESL teaching
companies and be sure to check out my channel if you want to learn more or to
see other videos about other online ESL teaching companies. Alright! First of all
you are probably thinking wow that girl she sounds super American and that’s
because I am. Yes I am from America born and
raised so I’m actually a native English speaker I do speak Spanish but I
learned that in college and from living in Spain for like five years okay
so why am I making a video to help non natives ah because I have a lot of
friends who are non-native English speakers but they’re great teachers and
I’ve been helping them get into the online ESL teaching world and so I
figured I would make a video to help other non natives I don’t think that
just because a person is not a native speaker it doesn’t mean that they can’t
teach English well I actually thank non natives sometimes have a better grasp on
teaching grammatical points and then actual native teachers. Me, for example,
some sometimes when I’m teaching and if a person asked me a question that’s very
technical I have to go and look it up so I hope this video can help some
non-natives find ESL work online all right so my first
tip to you is to try to certify your level of English you need to have at
least advanced or fluent English in order to get an online ESL teaching job
how can you certify your level? You can take the CAE
the TOEIC the IELTS or the TOEFL. Those are all great tests for you to certify
your English level as being advanced or fluent. Alright. After that I think it’s a
great idea for you to actually try to get some experience working as an
English teacher. How can I get experience if I can’t get a job? okay! Yeah, I totally
thought of that you can volunteer in your community. Look for ways to
volunteer teaching English within your community or look for opportunities
abroad. Try to get it like two months of experience and with that you will also
be able to put that on your CV or your resume and get references from like
whoever was working above you or even like your students so try to get some
experience that’s going to help you a lot okay something else that will help
you get an online ESL teaching job is to actually certify your ability to
teach English. You can take the TESOL course a TEFL course or CELTA. All of
those courses will be great for your resume or CV and they will give
employees more confidence and your ability to teach English. All right. After
that I would say apply to many many companies like apply to many companies.
Try to do some research once you get your interview with the
companies and do what the companies are looking for okay for example with my
company 51Talk if you go into the interview without a headset like this. Without a headset they are not going to give you the job you have to
come in at least with a headset so do your research about whatever company you
have an interview with and make sure that you are everything that they are
looking for if they’re looking for someone who’s very bubbly and outgoing,
try to be it okay um another tip I have is to actually try to network. Talk
to your friends talk to other people that you know who are non-natives like
you may be from your country or it could be from another country but they’re
non-native try to find out how they got their online ESL teaching job look below
in the information section of this video I’m going to include some links with
some different companies that hire non-native teachers. Unfortunately
not all companies hire non-native English speakers so check out the link
below and you’ll get some good leads on different companies that will definitely
hire non-native so after that another tip I have for you is to actually do not
put your nationality on your CV or resume if they don’t ask you for your
nationality, you don’t have to start out like by giving it to them okay so get
your foot in the door and then later of course you’ll probably have to tell them
where you’re from but to start out you do not have to tell them your
nationality if they don’t ask for it so don’t ask don’t tell alright and the
last tip I have for you is something that happens to me all the time people
will write me and they have grammatical errors spelling errors punctuation
errors and maybe not just a few but a lot and that
not give me confidence that you would be a great English teacher
so whatever communications that you send to these companies make sure that you
check it. Spell check it. Check the grammar. Check your punctuation. Try to
have little or no errors. Do your writings to the best of your ability.
Okay so I hope these tips are helpful for you. If you liked the video please
like it and subscribe to my channel. Thank you guys so much for watching. Feel
free to leave any questions down below in the comment section and I will try to
get back to you alright. Good luck! bye


42 thoughts on “Tips for finding online ESL jobs (Non-Natives)”

  • Kennedy Nonki says:

    Hello Carli, thank you again for your wonderful video. I will like to volunteer for any online ESL company that admits volunteers. Please do you know of any such companies that you would recommend to me? Thank you so much for your help.

  • 51talk hires none native speakers. They do have different programs and not all require native speaker status.

  • Hi Carli. Thanks a million or more time for the most educative video you had made. Thums up ! Keep uploading more informative Videos for people like me. louis d'rose

  • Issa Manganga says:

    This is definitely the best video ever. You are such an inspiration. Much greetings from Berlin. God bless 😊

  • Hi Carli, Love your video. Just have couple of questions about the TEFL course from Groupon and also about applying to various job positions. Thanks, Surbhi

  • Teacher Recruiter says:

    If you want another online English teaching job, our company is great. You can easily apply at and use the referral code AFBS and you will get an invite in 24 hours. Non-natives are welcomed too 🙂

  • omg! Thank you for yr video girl! Im a teacher with more than 10y experience at a school, non native, and Ive started looking for an online job, so you gave me hope! Wish me luck and keep posting , cuz you got yrself a new follower ! 👩🏼‍🎓👩🏼‍🏫💋💖😚

  • Speakwell Academy says:

    Hi there! I'm Nigerian, living in Cambodia and have been teaching kids and adults for almost five years now. And I have interest in extending my career to teaching online. What do you think I should do?

  • Hi Carli, thanks for doing this. It sucks to be included in this batch too, because as a Jamaican, even though most of us do have Jamaican Creole as our native language, we speak English as well. Unlike many, I grew up being simultaneously bilingual in BOTH English and Jamaican Creole, so I am ticked off by the whole notion that many of these ESL companies have that just because you didn't grow up in the US, Canada, or the UK, you are a non-native speaker. I've also realised, both back home and here teaching in Japan, that any non-natives as you've said have a much better grasp of English language rules than native speakers.

  • International Open Academy's TESOL course:
    (sometimes they offer it at a cheaper rate than Groupon)
    Search TESOL or TEFL in the search bar.
    New Chinese legislation requires that all online ESL teachers have a teaching certificate.

  • Hello, I have a question! I am working toward a master's degree in TESOL but it does not come with a certification. Would I have to get a certification to teach online even after I get my master's in TESOL?

  • Any person who holds nationality of Native English country but doesnt born there consider as Native ? I have read on website as long as you hold nationality you are consider as native in ESL Teaching.?? Please Reply

  • Hello it's a very informative and positive video. You said not to mention nationality in resume, but from work experience as well as the address they will surely understand that. Are you telling to skip the address from resume too?

  • Thank you Carli for making a video about this. Being a non native teacher, we have to face and survive a lot of discrimination. It is good to talk about this!

  • Helvy Nestor says:

    Hi Carli. Thank you for this informative video. Can you please clarify more on the statement " Avoid courses that are entirely online" Does this mean it's a disadvantage to do the entire course online E.g TEFL, I will need to attend classes?

  • Jazmin Kaban says:

    Hi great video. I live in Canada and it is mandatory to have a certificate to teach English. I found a place where they give the CELTA certificate but it's very expensive. It's both online and on a classroom. The online course at the end it has a classroom practices. The only thing is the price 😔
    There are translation certificates too from a very famous University maybe I will do that better. Have a great day.

  • Hey girl am from Kenya in Vietnam hustling for teaching jobs but it's hard being not a first English country

  • Do you know any place could take as a volunteer and unpaid just for the board and the accommodation?bec.I have searched before and I didn't find sth which can fit .

  • Anupam Mahato says:

    I am in china right now i have a question regarding finding jobs in China , are there any tips for finding jobs as a non esl.

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