tips for productivity ft. the lightspeed planner (giveaway closed!)

tips for productivity ft. the lightspeed planner (giveaway closed!)

hello! it’s seo from tbhstudying, and i’m here to give you a couple of tips on how to stay productive. this video was kindly sponsored by lightspeed planner, and they’re also helping me run a giveaway for the lightspeed planner so stay tuned till the end of the video! the key thing is to remember that we all have the same 24 hours in a day being productive is not a magical and exclusive trait that only some people have. it is entirely possible to get what you want to get done in a day. first, understand the difference between goals and tasks. goals are long-term things. you won’t get them done in a day, so don’t beat yourself up over being unable to complete a goal in that day. tasks are single item things that you can get done focus on the set tasks that you have for the day, and don’t get distracted from them. break down large tasks into smaller tasks. you won’t be able to write an entire novel or an entire research paper in a single day at least…. not very well. break that sucker down into manageable tasks and spread them out within the timeframe that you have to work with. next, figure out what times you work best and utilize those times to your advantage for example, i’m not a morning person, so i wouldn’t wake up super early to get work done. that would just be a total waste for me. instead, i’d use my afternoons and nights to get things done some people might be the complete opposite however, do keep in mind that it’s completely pointless to purposefully wait for the supposedly perfect time to do work keep a good balance between those two concepts & understand your own personal preferences and balance in order to exploit it to your best advantage then, remove all distractions from your workspace. put your phone away and put it on “do not disturb” if you don’t have to use your laptop, then put it away remove all possibility of getting distracted. get the materials that you need and only those. nothing more and nothing less. website blockers and apps like focus, tide, and flipd can help with that work smarter and not harder.
this might seem a little strange, but only put the amount of work and effort that you have to let’s say you have to take notes on a certain chapter you’ve got a lot of different options you can take in order to reach the same end don’t waste your time and energy on something that requires far less also, don’t bother with multitasking it only erodes your focus and causes you to do several things poorly rather than just doing one thing well. this can also cause you to take more time to finish things rather than just going through your to-do list one by one. and most importantly, learn how to prioritize your tasks. what do you have to get done? that’s your to-do list. now, what are the things that you absolutely must get done? do you have an assignments due tomorrow? do you have a test tomorrow? then, focus on that one first. after that consider your remaining tasks. is there something that you should probably do but isn’t as demandingly important? do you have an essay due in a couple of days but not tomorrow? do that one next. finally, leave the least important tasks for last. do you have to reorganize your desk? do you have a project that’s due in four weeks. do you have to scrub your toilet? these are the things that you could do, but don’t absolutely have to do. i mainly prioritize tasks based on their deadlines and then, i start ranking them by their difficulty. some folks like starting with the hardest tasks first, but i usually start with the easiest for no other reason other than the fact that I’m a COWARD and finishing easy tasks quickly makes me feel really good about myself and my productivity. anyhow, the lightspeed planner was created precisely to help you prioritize your tasks and focus your productivity. it’s a minimal and undated daily planner that’s designed to be professional and effortless to use. as you can see, there are boxes for different levels of priorities and another box for non-task related things such as notes and appointments. the boxes are big enough for multiple tasks if you’re an exceptionally busy person, and they’re just the right size for you to fit one day in. the planner lays flat. it has additional sections of the back for notes, gratitude logs, and goals. they’ve kindly given me a code for you guys to use for 20% off their official website the code is “tbhstudying” and i’ll leave the link in the description unfortunately, their website only handles U.S. orders. so, if you’re an international kid, then i’ll also provide the amazon link below. i’m also running an international giveaway with them! hurrah! now you guys can get the opportunity to win your own lightspeed planner! you must be subscribed to my youtube channel, and you must also be following @lightspeedplanner and myself (@tbhstudying) on Instagram then, fill out the google form because i’m tired of using all those giveaway websites and i miss having google lay out all the data for me in google sheets finally, leave a comment about your own goals and what you plan to do. i will leave the link in the description as well. so, please check it out as well as all the rules in the description as well (god i rly do love using “as well” huh) this giveaway will end on august 31, 2018 and you must be at least 18 years old or have your parents’ permission you must also be comfortable with giving your name and shipping address to me. don’t worry, i’m not gonna doxx you or anything like that and everything will remain confidential thank you so much for watching and i hope this video helped remember to subscribe and have notifications for my channel turned on if you’re interested in more of my content~ hope you have a lovely day and stay productive. bye!


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  • My goals is to be more productive and get at least a 4.0gpa in my last year off university. And to be able to live by these three words: honesty, sincerity, and modesty.

  • My goals for my first university year are:
    -Stop procrastinating
    -Stay focussed on classes
    -Improve my english level
    -Go to the GYM (I'm not sure about it😹)
    I love your videos ♡

  • My goals for Freshmen year are to keep up with my work, make my Freshmen class proud, and build new friendships! These 3 weeks have been crazy, but thank God I’ve made some gr8 new friends 😌💛

  • One of my goals is to work smarter to get more A’s this year! I will try to not procrastinate as much and be more productive!

  • My main goal is to do my best at everything I want to accomplish. Three more things I want to do are:
    1. Learn, explore and try new things.
    2. Create strong bonds with people.
    Read more

  • My goal is to stop my terrible habit of procrastinating. The harder a task is, the more I procrastinate. As I go into grade 11 I'm going to try to have a healthy mindset and keep motivated to achieve my goal!

  • My goals for this second semester of the year (and third semester of college for me lol):
    1. Improve my italian.
    2. Pass my CAE (or, if i don't quite find the time to get the exam applied to me this year, at least enter the course to prepare myself for it next year!)
    3. Achieve standing on my hands (this is for yoga class).
    4. Lose the weight I've gained this last semester.
    5. Get a job (preferably that meets my career path).

    It's actually going to be my third week this monday but I'm extra excited and I intend to get more productive starting tomorrow! <3

  • My goals for the year are to be a better person than I was in previous years. I also do not want to procrastinate as much as I used to so I can get my work done right instead of it being rushed.

  • My goals are to get good grades this year and to become more active. I heard that grade 11 is the hardest year in hs so I’m planning on using this new study method and hopefully it works bc I have pretty difficult courses. I have a spare so I’m going to try to work out during that time but tbh there’s a good chance I might just end up sleeping lmaooo.

  • My goals: Self growth,Become a best student in my school.
    What I plan to do:
    – Read 20 pages per day
    – Use bullet journal every day
    -Wake up early
    -Learn more language
    -Help mom do housework

  • Mariana Martínez says:

    My goals are study more and enjoy this school year because the next year (my senior year) im going to move out and im not gonna be available to see my friends anymore ;__;

  • my goals are to balance out my social/academic/personal life & to pursue my passion of dance 🙂
    I plan on being more confident in myself so I can reach these goals & to work rlly hard this year

  • My Goals:
    1. Keep up with my school work
    2. Save up money
    3. Take care of myself
    4. Stay organized during the school year.
    5. Write my novels first draft

  • karla ochoa terrones says:

    one of my goals is to better manage my time and to stop procrastinating so as to continue doing things i enjoy but to also still do well in school oof

  • i have lots of different goals . i have some to work on my positivity and on my organization skills in order to succeed and work to my full potential

  • My goals are
    1. To be productive and focus in studies
    2. Be a great child to my family as I known for a stubborn kid 😂
    3. To be healthy and recently I have tried yoga and it was a cool activities
    4. Live my life to the fullest and to achieve that I have tried a few planners and I would like to try a ligthspeed planner bc I need a new one since my planner has finish already 😬

  • jojinius bitch says:

    My goals are:
    1. Study harder
    2. Make new friends at school
    3. Save money

    My plans are learning calligraphy, fix my semi-neat handwriting, and have straight a's.

  • My goals are honestly just being the best me I can. Actually going after my dreams instead of just dismissing them because they seem like hard to reach. And I plan to do that, with small steps of course; like starting to exercise daily to keep myself healthy, actually studying instead of talking about studying and looking for inspiration. I plan to start studying other languages (already signed up for French classes) and get good with programming.

  • My goals are probably to just meet new people, join more clubs, Journal more and just to be the best person I can be pretty much

  • Me with every giveaway:
    Oh no I don’t have insta
    Oh no I don’t have Twitter
    Oh no I don’t have Facebook
    Oh no I don’t have Snapchat

  • Kc Cassandra Butalon says:

    My goals are pretty simple, to stay motivated and just be happy. Yes I want straight A's but that's not really necessary when I'm having mental difficulties when achieving those so I'm trying to cancel out all the negativity and toxicity in my life ♡

  • SEO👏 STUDYING QUEEN👏 HELPING PROCRASTINATORS EVERYWHERE👏👏👏 thank you for sharing this video with us!! i'm off to be productive now 😀

  • Goal: balance private live and school live. Eat healthy ALSO during the school year and do not get Insomnia again.
    What to do: I am going to sleep at 9pm!
    (Maybe this sounds easy but I get easily sleep disturbances so I am gonna sleep at that time. Mental health is hella important guys, pls take care! <3)

  • My goals are to think of the possitives about situations, improve my handwriting, become more organised and generally enjoy life more 😁❤️ love the video x

  • My goal is to prove myself wrong. This school year I'm going to get the grades I know I can get and make sure that I can do as well as I know I can.

  • Dolores Of Course says:

    My goal is to get my blog going again. I have post its everywhere with ideas. I need to get them down and in some kind of order! LOL.

  • I start university this year and I can’t wait! My goal is to not be too hard with myself when things don’t go that well and to try to stay focalized in good things always! And to learn new things, obviously! Hope your day is good!

  • My dream is to become a sustainable farmer-entrepreneur. It’ll be a long journey but I hope to make it by setting realistic and achievable short-term, mid-term and long-term goals.

  • Penelope Newcomb says:

    My goals are as follows:
    •get my school work done as soon as I can and to the best of my ability
    •get clear skin
    •obtain my passport
    •be kind to others but leave some kindness for yourself
    •try my best and that is MY best so no more comparing myself to others
    •get into a college program for next summer
    •make some friends that will be there for me at my lows and highs

    I have written these down and pinned it to my bulletin board, I have faith that this will be a good year.

  • My goal is to definitely have a more open mind and positive mindset especially now that the school year is beginning. 💝

  • my goals is more productive and motivated, good grades bcs its my last year, always grateful for everythings that i have, stay focus, and go to my dream university<3

  • a short term goal is to manage to score an A in my physics mock resit and i plan to go into astrophysics!!! (hopefully lol)

  • Siddiqa Anjuma says:

    My goals are to get good grades but also invest in my art properly. I've already started the art to help me during the school year, to focus on school instead

  • My goal for this upcoming semester is to increase my GPA and study harder because I know I've been slacking off. I'd like to get motivated again and give my best. This time, I plan to use my time more carefully and more wisely and also to stop giving up so easily. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! wish me luck!

  • Yadira Gonzalez says:

    My goals are
    1) improve my productivity 😂
    2) Get more A’s
    3) Learn russian
    4) Start a bullet journal
    5) improve my english

  • My goal is to finish all my exams and get good grades, be happy, don’t overextert myself, enjoy my life at uni, learn how to carelessely care about how I look or what I should/shouldn’t do. During these last three years I have been stressing so much over stupid things… I have to learn how to love myself and how to appreciate everything that I have without worrying about the past or the future.

  • midnightstreetlights says:

    my goals are to pass my final exams in my final year of school with the best possible grades so i can go to a good university next year!! ive finally been inspired to work hard and stay motivated and i hope it lasts throughout the year

  • since uni is starting in a week and i didn't do well last semester, my goal is to do better this semester, study more diligently, and also balancing my works and education better😄

  • My goal is to learn Korean , I have been trying to pick up Korean because I have an interest in the culture and music, so I have been trying to give myself time during the day and all through summer to get better with my hungul and Korean phrases ❤️

  • my goal is to try not to be anxious all the time and not take panic when i have things to do . also get high grades its my last year in college and i wanna end it good

  • hi seo! could you please consider making a video on recovering from mid-term disorganisation / falling behind in school? thank you, lots of love! 🌿💫

  • i plan on learning more japanese (right now i'm just practising kanji + doing duolingo lessons)
    and i'm trying to make more time for friends !! i tend to push ppl away :')

  • My goals are to learn Spanish and get better at math. Also to make straight a's when I begin college classes again 🙂

  • My goals are to
    •stop being lazy
    •stop being lazy
    •and get out of bed
    •stop keep on saying I’ll wake up in 5 minutes

  • My goals for this year are to:
    1. When I add something on my to do list, I do it
    2. Stop procrastinating! I always seem to do work the last minute because I don't feel like doing something and would rather play video games or watch youtube, which cannot be healthy
    3. Listen more in class. I always seem to zone out or something in the middle of the class and then not know what to do, which can be a pain in the ass when the person next to me doesn't know what to do either haha
    4. Take on a leader position, I would like to be more active in group discussions. Usually when there is group work that we don't get to choose our partners in, I usually do most of the work and not really have that much fun. I would like to have fun AND do the work, but not all of it.
    5. Socialize more! I have mainly stuck to the same friend group all of middle school and I would like to branch out more and meet new people. 🙂

  • My goals are just basically improve my English (cuz I'm Spanish)
    – become a nice YouTuber, not famous I mean make better videos, improve.
    -make people feel better. 🙂 ✨

  • My goals are to combine all my calendars into one. 1. I want to better manage my time and accomplish goals I have set for myself. 2. I want to organize my quilting, other hobbies and regular tasks for the family. 3. Have time for relaxing without constantly multitasking all day/night long. 4. Start videos for how -to's in crafting. I can't seem to get everything done, I need to better manage my time!!! I would love to see if this planner would help me do that. Thanks for the chance.

  • My goals are to:
    1. Get at least a 4.0 or higher
    2. Win at least a silver medal in our relay race for the track team
    3. Improve my handwriting
    4. Decrease the level of procrastination I tend to have
    5. Save for college
    6. Grow my studytube
    Also when im in college I plan to major in veterinary medicine.

  • my goals are:
    -be persistent because I usually start the semester very well and then be a disaster
    -not only keep me motivated to study but make it a discipline
    -have a pet for my apartment, because I feel lonely many times 🙁

  • My goals are to pass all my exams and be able to balance my university life (classes, assignments and exams) with my passion for writing and to be able to work on my stories in a constant way ♡

  • 。 Aɴɢᴇʟ says:

    Am I the only person that tries to finish the majority of the project when it is first given to them, but then your teacher tells you that you have a lot of time left so you stop. Then a month later, the deadline is near and you're not even close to being finished.

  • hello seo!! first of all, your handwriting is absolutely beaauuutiful as always!!! Hearing this videos helped me to put things into a new perspective, and it really helped enlighten me ! 😀 since it's my semester break, my goal is to pick up new skills !
    – revise my korean language (the basics) & continue on from there through online
    – learning a new song on the piano ( it's really bad for me in the sense that i am HORRRIBLE at reading notes :c i can only read some and i have to count for others T^T)
    – earn & save money!! ~
    i love watching your videos, they're full of sunshine and happiness, which makes me really happy! i love u seo, i hope you and your family have a great day ahead 💛

  • Some of my goals include to stop procrastinating, get better grades, and to make my journey through senior year just a little easier! <3

  • my goals are really just habits i want to get into, but they include editing all my videos, improving my posture, reading more books, going to the library and cafes more often, riding my bike more often, going over school notes to improve my memory, finishing my travel journal, re-decorate my room, finish writing my story, learning to cook/bake, learning a language (maybe french or korean), learning to draw/paint, and maybe get into bullet journalling. yeah, i have a lot of goals.
    also, i wanted to comment on your phone screen! i noticed it's mercy from overwatch. do you play?

  • my goals for this year are to stay on top of all my school assignments, work on my time management skills, and to make new friends at my university, i started last week and i still haven’t talked to anyone in any of my classes lol

  • Azima Tarannum says:

    My goals right now is to stop procrastinating and get on with applying for my research program. Also maybe get myself sunflowers cause I love sunflowers

  • Thanks you so much for the giveaway, so my goals, I have not yet planned but I know that one of them is to stop procrastinating, with the planner I will be more productive and it is the first time I use this method to organize myself, sorry for my bad english.

  • nerdy teaddict says:

    My goal is to read more this school year. I plan to read at least ten pages each day, but aiming for twenty and going to the library more often!

  • This year, I've set myself up with such a busy schedule. I recently started my first job and signed up for AP classes that include block 0, which start at 8 AM 😭😭 My goal is to maintain high grades whilst working my shifts, along with housework and hopefully a social life hahahha. 1) I plan on eliminating procastination and dealing with homework as soon as I have free time, even if that means having to spend lunch break doing it. 2) I will detach myself from my phone and sleep at the set time every night. 3) I plan on being active as well, and overall eating a good diet to avoid stress.


  • Inés Scharfhausen says:

    Thanks for the tips! I will totally have that in mind 🙂
    My goals for this year are very common, but still very important. I'm planning on going fully vegan and having my own food tracker, and also being more organized in school and prioritizing my tasks. I also want to start rock climbing and playing the drums.

  • This is amazing!!!😍 ♥ ☺ I love the fact that you have been uploading more recently, I love it, Please do more because we all love them!!!!!!! 😍 ♥ ☺

  • My goals my ten yr old self
    long term goal
    -go to harvard.

    short term goals
    – finish content assessments (PLP)
    -drink water
    -eat healthier

  • omg! I thought I was the only person who starts with the easy tasks to get me motivated! I always see these study-tubers saying "Start with the hard tasks!" and I could never relate :3

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