Tips to Increase Creator Productivity & Happiness

When you work for a big company you’re kind of doing it
for someone else’s dream. At the end of the day, this is my dream this is everything that I want. So I get all of the return
off of what I put into it and that pushes me even harder. You never want to lose
the reason you start a YouTube channel. It’s the simple sentence of “I wanna make stuff,
I wanna put it online for people to see.” I’m going to do stuff that I love to do,
I’m going to put out content that I believe in that I like, that I would wanna watch. You can’t change who you are
because of your audience. They just want authenticity,
and for you to be you. They’re following you for you,
so just continue to do that. Stay true to yourself, and it will work out. It’s really nice,
because you end up attracting an audience that loves what you love. I think there’s also something really special
about just really sticking to your own voice and what you really want to do,
and what you’re really passionate about. If you stray too far from the stuff
that you’re getting excited about making what was the point? My advice to creators,
in looking at numbers, is I don’t do it. Don’t do it. I try not to dwell too hard on it,
because I know at the end of the day that what I’m doing
is what I’m supposed to be doing. Don’t go down that rabbit hole of
“Why didn’t my latest video do well?” Just take a step back and see that
everything sort of peaks and troughs. So just keep going
and don’t get too worked up about it. Just be genuine, put out what you really like and the numbers will follow. Taking on my channel by myself? It can be overwhelming sometimes. If I didn’t have a good team,
it would be a lot harder to balance. If I’m in the position where
I can delegate something to someone else and I need to do that, I will. Find somebody to help do the tasks related to the process
that you don’t enjoy doing. I edit a lot of my videos,
and then I also have had editors in the past. I have a producing partner who is my husband and it is wonderful to have
somebody I trust to bounce ideas off of. The team, I think, actually makes
creating content a lot more interesting. I think that you should never
feel like you have to create alone. There’s always people that can help. My biggest hack
for making my channel more efficient would be to pre-upload. So normally, the videos that I’m filming aren’t gonna go up
for like another two weeks. For us, we were on a schedule
of shooting about once a month and then we’d have content for the month. I’ve recently got into making templates
and having just formats in general to make things easier. It’s hard to spend the time
to make the template but once you do it
it’s gonna save you hours and hours. Now I’m full-time on the channel,
and if I hadn’t asked for what I needed if I had have just been like:
“I’ll just push through it” I would’ve stopped,
there’s no way I could’ve kept going. You found something that works. Don’t try and chase
that elusive “next big thing.” Just stick with what you’re doing,
stay with what brought you to the dance and just try and be
the best “you” that you can be.


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