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Steve Dotto here and how the heck are you
today? Me? Very good but somewhat anxious I must admit. Why? Because I want to do a
good job in this demo and make sure that you get a really good feel for the software because
I am quite impressed by ToDoist. This is a task manager that a lot of people have been
asking me to do demos on, lots of requests. It’s highly thought of and for good reasons
so I want to make sure I do it justice. This is such a competitive space, the whole ToDoist
task manager area. So let me talk to you about why I like ToDoist.
For me, it just comes down to some very simple, basic practices or ways that I go about doing
my day to day work. I find that most of my tasks, most of my responsibilities are generated
when I am in my email so having really good native integration between my email software
and my to-do list manager is absolutely essential. I think your email has to integrate with everything,
calendar and everything but to-do list has to integrate completely. They have a done
a really nice, simple, elegant and useful job of integrating ToDoist along with all
email clients. I’ll show you that in just a second. Beyond that, it’s a multi-user
tool where you can share tasks with others so you’ve got the whole group and team task
management metaphor working for you and it is a beautiful interface on all mobile devices
that I’ve tested as well as on the desktop. So let me first well show you where it works.
Regardless of what you’re watching us on right now or what product is sitting in your
pocket, ToDoist is probably going to work for you. Take a look. They’ve got of course
a web app but they also have an android phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac OS,
Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail and PostBox. It works in all of those environments.
That’s going to cover the bulk of people’s needs as far as making sure that it integrates
with their system. And that’s the integrated system. That’s not even counting the standalone
app that’s going to be running on whatever you’re working with.
Let us jump into it and take a quick look. I’ll show you pricing first. I always worry
about pricing. I worry about showing pricing because they change pricing but it’s not
super expensive. It’s $31 for a year to get this software. That works out to 8 cents
a day. Let me show you how the software works and what impresses me about it.
Before I take you into the app running on anything directly, I’m going to take you
into my email software. I’m using Gmail. As most of you know, that is my main email
client that I use day after day. I install the browser extension, the Chrome browser
extension, which puts it into Gmail here for ToDoist. Now it appears in two areas once
I’ve installed it. What I’ve got is I’ve got a little button up here, TD Add, and I’ve
got ToDoist down here as a pop-up field at the very bottom. I can use these in conjunction
with each other and different ways. But essentially by clicking down here on the
expand box, that brings up all of my tasks and to-do lists and to-do items that are within
my system right now. So I can bring it up. I can add a new task here. I can go in and
I can even manage most of the interface right from this. I can add new projects. I can have
new projects which allow us to share. I can add labels and filters. Just all the basic
management is right there. We also have, going into the Settings so you can go in and you
can set in any other Settings such as keyboard shortcuts or any of those other things are
set here as well. So you’ve got nice control right here within the browser interface. That’s
good. What’s better is this. Typically speaking,
when I’ve got responsibilities, as I say they come in email, I don’t like to just
make a note about it. I like to include as much information when I’m about to do the
task as I can so I like to just include the whole email when I’ve got a task most of
the time. Look at this. This is actually just a newsletter from David Siteman Garland. If
you haven’t subscribed to his content online, he’s a great content provider. He teaches
about doing online courses and webinars. He’s got some really interesting and engaging stuff.
But regardless, he sent me this newsletter and in my fantasy life, he and I are working
on a deal together right now so he’s emailing me personally. I’m going to say okay, I’ve
got a call. I’ve got to reply to David, to this proposal by Wednesday. So I just click
Add to ToDoist and what it does is it creates a link to the email right out of the gate.
I just put that in and it then creates that link. Sorry, I wanted to add the date to it.
I didn’t put the date. Let me add the date right now to it, so by Wednesday, and it’s
a to-do item now but it’s got the email, it’s got the body of the email incorporated.
So if I go back to my inbox and even if I archive that email and get rid of it, on Wednesday
when it comes time to do the task, all I do is click on this button here and it clicks
on the hyperlink and it brings the email up that my task is related to.
This doesn’t look all that fancy but it is so elegant and it just works. That’s
the thing that I really like about it. Let me show it to you on my iPhone because I think
you’re going to end up using it more often on your phone than almost on any other platform.
So there we see ToDoist running on my iPhone and it’s the exact same interface, the exact
same user interface as we have while we’re in our Gmail or while we have it in the web
browser client. It has the same feel. All of the commands are the same. The information
is laid out the same. There’s really no transition as far as learning from one of
the iterations of it to the other. When you choose a to-do list tool, it’s
a big choice. I think it’s an important choice because it’s one of the most valuable
productivity tools in our arsenal and finding one that just fits you, that does things the
way you do them, that thinks the way you think—I know that the application doesn’t think
but you know what I mean—this is the tool for me. This is the one that thinks the way
I think because it’s all around email integration, at least in my mind. Now they might not have
designed it that way and I don’t really care if they designed it that way or not because
that’s the way it works for me. So I know this is going to be a to-do list manager that
I’m going to be able to trust to work with, to keep me on track and to make me more productive.
So I’m going to give them a big, solid thumb up. ToDoist is well worth your exploring.
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Have fun storming the castle!


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