Tom Brady’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@tbrady14)

Tom Brady’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@tbrady14)

– I didn’t come in with the
opportunity to play right away. I had to earn it. And it was hard, I remember taking a walk with my dad and mom around the block. I have a lot of fun, I mean I get to play football for a living, I mean what could be any better than that? When I’m playing
football, I appreciate it. I’m nowhere else, I’m in the present. To me, what separates really good players from great players, execute
well under pressure. As long as you believe
in what you’re doing, and you’re doing things you love to do, then you can go out there
and be the best at it. My family is, you know one,
and then football is one A. When I watch myself play at times, I still don’t think I’m very good. I’ve got to do things differently, and I’ve got to evolve over time. Stay hungry, stay humble, on three. – He’s an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots. In his 13 seasons in the
National Football League, he’s been to the Super Bowl
six times, and won four. He is considered among the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. He’s Tom Brady, and here are
his top 10 rules for success. (dramatic swoosh) – I didn’t have an easy experience. I didn’t have, come in
as a top rated recruit. I didn’t come in with the
opportunity to play right away. I had to earn it. And you know what greatest honor I’ve ever received as a player is? In my fourth year, and my fifth year I was named team captain. That, to this day, is the
single greatest achievement I’ve ever had as a football player. Because the men in this room
chose me, to lead their team. And these were my best friends. These were the guys that, that
knew that I liked to work, that knew that I love football, that knew that I love to play. That knew that I wanted to be
the quarterback for Michigan. And all the lessons that I
learned here on State Street, and in the big house, that’s still what I bring to practice today. And after 14 years, I love the game more than I’ve ever loved it. But where did I learn
the love for the game? Where did I learn to practice? Where did I learn to compete? It was sitting in the same chairs, that you guys are sitting in today. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Tom pulls
away, play fake to the Lewis, stands in, he pumps left, he throws to the end
zone, touchdown Amendola. And number 400 for Tom Brady. – [Announcer] He becomes
the fourth quarterback in NFL history, to reach the
400 touchdown passing plateau. – We were lead to believe that
he was going to be drafted, possibly second round,
probably third round. They kept calling quarterback names, and we kept being stoned. – You see, you know, so-and-so get picked, and then there’s nine more picks gone until one team that you
think was interested. You know that’s, you get pretty anxious. – We were very distraught. With each name it was
becoming worse and worse. – And so I remember being downstairs for like the fourth round,
and that came and gone. And then the fifth round
was coming and going, and all these other guys
were getting picked. – The beginning of the sixth round, he says, “I got to get out of here.” So he gets up, comes downstairs,
and grabs a baseball bat and starts walking up the street. – You know I don’t want to sit around, and make my hopes get up, or I’d rather just take my mind off of it. – And finally, he comes
back into the house, and it’s about the 22nd
pick of the sixth round. And he says, “I got to get out of here.” The poor guy, the tension in
the house is just really rough. – And it was hard, I
remember taking a walk with my dad and mom around the block. (sniffs) It was just a tough day, you know. I just remember being
there with my mom and dad. (sniffs) Sorry about that. You know they just were
so supportive of me. And they take it as emotional as I do. And you know finally
when the Patriots called, I was so excited, you know, I was like I don’t have be an insurance
salesman, you know. So, my family was there,
we were all excited. And thank God I got picked here. – He got drafted. And we were jubilant. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Brady, steps up Brady on the move, pump, Brady
looking for the end zone. Brady, did he get there? – [Announcer] And he’s going
to be marked out inside the one – [Announcer] Any
questions about the ankle? – [Announcer] Brady’s
jacking up McDaniels. They got Brady with Josh McDaniels. – [Announcer] Listen to Brady cheer. – What, what keeps you going, man? – I think it’s, there’s
nothing I’d rather do so, I don’t have a lot of hobbies you know, I don’t, you know I play
golf every once in awhile. But there’s something in my
DNA that loves this game. And I just, I never want it to go away. You know, my goal is to play, you know because I love the game, and I’m not I don’t really plan on
doing anything else. And I want to play, then you know what else do I have to do today? It is my job to take care
of myself year round. So, you know, to eat the right things, to drink the right things,
to keep my body pliable, the way it needs to be to sustain the hits, to make the throws. You know, to keep my brain
working the right way. I mean all those things,
that’s what I think about in February, that’s what
I think about in August, that’s what I think about in November. So, you know I just love playing, I don’t want it to go away anytime soon. You know, be in a situation where they say, well you’re 37,
and I’m still thinking 37, I feel like I’m 27. You know and I just want to keep doing it. So, I have a lot of fun, we get to play football for a living. I mean what could be any better than that? (dramatic music) – [Announcer] As Brady again under attack, steps out of it and is
able to get it to Edelman who’s getting them in field goal range. – [Announcer] Well look,
that’s all Tom Brady there. No question, said to him last night, “You know, you’re moving around “more than I’ve seen you move.” And he goes, “Yep, I’m
watching the other quarterbacks “in the league, I’m studying
them, they’re moving.” So he has been moving, of course he moves to throw the football. – When I’m playing
football, I appreciate it. I’m nowhere else, I’m in the present. It’s probably the best part about, best part about my life, is
that to be in the present, you talk about how do you enjoy your life, how do you find balance, right? It’s to live in the present. To live like a kid, like why
do kids have so much fun? Because they just care
about what they’re doing. And if we thought about what
we were doing all the time, and you do that when you’re
on the football field. It’s probably the only place
that I can really do that, when I really truly am my authentic self. I mean a lot of people see it,
my close, close friends do, but when I’m on the football field, there’s no, it’s just raw. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Takes the snap, looks right, throws it for White, touchdown Patriots. – [Announcer] Wow was that easy – [Announcer] Career
touchdown pass, number 421, Tom Brady now is third all time in that category, all by his lonesome. – You know enough, it ain’t over yet. – [Smith] They got to give us
another, the got to give us – Not with that dude,
with that quarterback. – To me what separates really good players from great players, execute
well under pressure. The biggest games, the greatest stage, and I think that’s what playing
quarterback is all about. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] A pulse pounding
finish to Super Bowl 38. Snap, ball down, kick up, kick
is on the way, kick is good. Kick is good, and it’s over. They’re the Super Bowl champions again. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Chatham snap to
Brady, White out of the back, Tom steps up under pressure, lifting it, lobs the throw, down the
right side for Chandler. Jump ball, makes the catch at the 10. Driven to the near
sideline by two defenders, and forced out at the six yard line. What an effort by Brady, to keep the play alive in the pocket. – [Announcer] Brady put it in a spot where he could go up and get it. – I think you know a lot
it is believing yourself and believing what you’re capable. And I think as you grow up, there’s a lot of people along the way
that will support you. And there’s, you know
as long as you believe in what you’re doing, and you’re
doing things you love to do then you can go out there
and be the best at it. And that’s, you know that
should give you a lot of enjoyment, fulfillment in your life. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Block in the
back, play fake to LeGarrette, Tom’s standing, he’s going
to go deep down the left side for LaFell, open inside the 30. LaFell has the catch,
spins away to the inside and he’s dropped at the 15 yard line. – [Announcer] What a play call,
and then just going downtown – You’re a father now, three kids. Has that made you a better player? – I would say it’s made
me a better teammate. It’s an evolution as person,
and I think my appreciation for the game is at the
highest it’s ever been. And I think because the priorities, you know you have your priorities and you make your priorities. So my family is, you know one,
and then football is one A. You know, and when it’s
family time, it’s family time, and when it’s football time,
it’s football time, and (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Brady under
center, play fake to Blount, deep drop by Thompson, steps up, throws down the left
side for Rob Gronkowski, he makes the drive at the 45, driven to the nearest
sideline by Bacarri Rambo. Rambo says it’s incomplete,
Gronkowski has it for a first down New England. – [Announcer] What a strike
by Brady in the pocket. He drops it in, over top of coverage. – [Announcer] Brady hangs in
with a strike to Gronkowski. – [Voiceover] A decade into his career, the man taken with pick
199 has achieved it all. But still feels he has plenty to prove. – It’s not really a chip on my shoulder, it’s just that feeling that,
man, maybe nobody want ya. When I watch myself play at times, I still don’t think I’m very good. Man, you’re still not very fast, you know you got to decent arm, you know, you made some pretty
bad reads on that day. (triumphant music) That’s what gets me up and motivates me. I always want to feel like I’m the best quarterback for this team. I want to earn it every single day. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Second down and
20 for the Pats, from the 39. Brady with a hitch and
a throw to the left, and it’s caught by LaFell
at the 20 yard line. Little by the wire, but a laser by Brady. Just beyond the outstretched
hands of Darrelle Revis, into Brandon LaFell, and first catch of the
season for 19 yards. – [Announcer] That’s a tight
window to throw that ball into. I though that thing was
going to get picked. – Well everyone has their
different belief systems, and I think everyone has
their different opinions of you know those types of
things that you talked about. Certainly as an athlete, I care very much what I put into my body. I think that, I’m 38 years
old, I’m not 22 any more. – You look good – You’re very sweet thanks, but I you know all those things are important. And all the little things
add up to be big things. So when I’m trying to accomplish
things professionally that you know in a lot of ways,
I’m in uncharted territory. So I’ve got to do things differently, and I’ve got to evolve over time. I’ve got to, things that
may have worked in the past maybe don’t work as you move forward. So, the lessons that I’ve learned through my own trial and error, I think I’m at that point in my career where I’m very efficient
with what I’m doing. So I try to eat healthy, I try to get the right amount of rest, I try to do the right types of exercise so I can be on the field
and be available to my team. I try to be, you know, as productive this time in my career as I was earlier. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Snap to Brady, standing, throws down the right seam for Gronkowski. He makes the catch at the
15, tumbling to the 10. Double covered, he
still has the reception. And there is still life for the Patriots. – [Announcer] I can’t
believe what I just saw. And Gronkowski is having
a tough time getting up. He runs a go route
through double coverage, the inside seam, and Brady
lays it out on fourth and 10. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Direct snap to
Brady, stands in the pocket, fires it to the right,
down the right sideline, and caught, that’s at 20, 15,
10, five, touchdown, Patriots For Tom Brady, touchdown pass
number 50, an NFL record. – [Announcer] Tom Brady has
thrown five touchdown passes. All here in the second quarter. – That was fun – We’ve never had one of those. We never had one. – [Announcer] And Foxboro loves Tom Brady. – [Announcer] Because let’s
face it, he’s the franchise. (triumphant music) – Hey, stay hungry, stay humble, on three. One, two, three – [All Players] Stay hungry, stay humble (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Snap directly
to James White he runs left, shovels it back to Danny Amendola, he’s going to throw it to Brady who makes the catch at
the 35, runs to the 50, 45, 40, Tom gets out of bounds. A gadget play, direct snap to White, shovel back to Amendola, who
throws the completion to Brady, to the 39 of Philadelphia. – [Announcer] I feel all tingly now. – Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed, I
made this video because Ariel Sanchez Mora asked me to. So if there’s a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave it in the comments below
and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know which
of Tom Brady’s top 10 rules meant the most to you,
had the biggest impact. Leave it in the comments,
I’ll join in the discussion. That you so much for watching. Continue to believe,
and I’ll see you soon. (dramatic swoosh) – Team sports are all about the team. And that was true as a
freshman here at Serra, and it still rings true into
my 13th year with the Patriots. And as I first learned here, football, and life for that matter,
is about competition. And I took my first ever reps here, for the freshman football team in 1991. And I competed with my
friend Kevin Krystofiak, who’s here, to be the quarterback. And I lost the competition,
but I was excited to be a part of the team anyway. And I was second string
that year and learned from the reps that I got in practice. And I did get a chance
to get into a few games. I remember playing at Reardan,
it was late in the game, we were losing, and my number was called. And it was great to finally be playing. Until after a few plays, coach Joe Connor yelled from the sideline, “Brady, you look like you’re
running in slow motion.” (audience laughs) Which was true, then. And it’s still true today. (audience laughs and applauds) I know, Mom. My mom still thinks I’m
the fastest one out there. (audience laughs) She says, honey don’t
say that, you’re fast. But we went oh and eight that
year, and I hardly played. Not really the best start for someone who would end up making a
career playing the game. And as a 14 year old boy, I realized how much I loved the game. And just as importantly, I enjoyed the practice and the
preparation, working to improve, and I realized how much
improvement I needed to make in order to continue
playing past high school. So I worked, and I studied, and
I listened, and I practiced, and by my senior year I
was playing well enough to be recruited by a
few Division I schools. And after an intense recruiting
process I chose Michigan, I took my first steps onto
that playing field in college as the seventh quarterback on the team. And I was hoping that
one day I’d get a chance to lead the team on the Michigan stadium and play in front of 112,000 fans. But it was pretty clear it
wasn’t going to happen overnight. So there were over 120
practices my first year, not to mention the hundreds
of hours of meetings we had in order to prepare us
to play Big 10 competition. And it all seemed to pay off when I first got my chance to play. And I was so excited, I had all my friends from home watching, maybe some of you. My parents were in the crowd, we were ahead with a
huge lead against UCLA. I was put into the game
in the fourth quarter, and the coach called
my favorite pass play. So I dropped back, trying
to impress the coach, and I looked off the safety a little bit, and I fired the ball right
over the middle of the field. I hit the player right in stride,
right between the numbers, and he ran 45 yards for a touchdown. No one touched him. Just as I had dreamed, the
crowd erupted, I was horrified. That was UCLA’s only points of the game. (audience laughs and applauds) A 45 yard interception
return for a touchdown. Welcome to college football. I wasn’t sure my coach
would ever put me in again. But we all have experiences
that we dream about, and that we look forward to. And when we get them, they
don’t always go our way. I learned that as a freshman
on the football field just outside of this gym. And again I learned it
as a second year player who finally got a chance
to play in college. Unfortunately I learned
it three weeks ago, in our loss to the
Giants in Super Bowl 46. But I’ve always been
blessed with the support of my family and friends,
and also with coaches that committed their best to me. And with each opportunity,
came an understanding of the things that it
takes to be successful. And often this happens
through trial and error, and sometimes through outright failure. Because Lord knows, I
made plenty of mistakes. So whether I was learning
through watching, as I did my freshman year at Serra, or playing and making mistakes
over the course of my career, I’ve continued to learn
to embrace every hardship. And to seize every opportunity
on and off the field. The owner of my current
team, Robert Kraft, has told me time and time
again, every bump is a bounce. So what I learned very
quickly as a professional, was that your job is always on the line. I’m in a what have you done
for me lately, type business. As in all businesses,
there are disclosures. In investments it says, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. (audience laughs) well that pretty much sums up the NFL. And there are always going to be younger and hungrier athletes
competing to take your spot. I got my opportunity when
incumbent starter Drew Bledsoe got injured my second year. And all of the practices and meetings, and time spent on these
fields, and in this gym, and in those classrooms, prepared me to take advantage of the opportunity. And 10 years later, after
great success in my career, I wouldn’t change a day in my life. – He was skinny, slow (laughs), right? Too pretty to be a football player. But he was smarter than everyone. And he studied night
and day, day and night. – Nobody works harder than Tom Brady. – If you didn’t play well on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday
in practice in college, I didn’t know if I was
going to start the game. So when I come to the
Patriots, that’s how I treat Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. – [Coach] That’s it, that’s it. Nice patience on that, nice patience. – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Ready, hut (dramatic music) (crowd cheering) (grunts) – [Announcer] Stands
in, stands in, steps up looks to the right, throws
to the end zone, touchdown. – Hey, we ain’t done fellas,
we ain’t done, this ain’t over. Come on you all we ain’t
done, we talked about that. We got to start competing, start
playing with fire all of us. Hey, come on now fellas, we got
to answer a bell now let’s go (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Looking,
firing end zone, touchdown. (crowd cheering) And now Anthony Smith and Tom Brady had some words at the end of that, I guess Tom Brady’s saying, “Hey, you guarantee that win, or what?” – Come on guys, too many mistakes. Hey, we got to be perfect, alright. Hey, take it to another level, alright. Come on baby, come on fellas, come on. We got to fight, or
we’re going to lay down. I hate sitting on the bench
man, I hate sitting on the bench (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Tom Brady, just won’t quit. – [Announcer] Quarterback sneak by Brady, and he’s in, touchdown. – [Announcer] Tom Brady,
quarterback sneak, touchdown – Yeah! Yeah! – [Announcer] Good evening
everyone, and welcome to the winter wonderland
of this Foxboro Stadium. Tonight the Patriots
against the Oakland Raiders. – [Tom] We’re going to get this
one, I promise, I promise that. – [Announcer] Second and goal
to go at the Raider’s six. The snap to Brady, looks,
stands, starts to run with it. He is down to the five, and he’s in. Touchdown, Tom Brady. – [Announcer] And he gets
up and spikes the ball and goes wild here at Foxboro. – Yeah baby, we got some great comebacks. Good job man. – [Announcer] Direct snap
to Brady, standing in there, looks to the left, loses the football. It’s on the ground, a fumble, and the Oakland Raiders recover,
with a minute and 43 to go. – [Referee] After reviewing
the play, the quarterback’s arm was going forward it is an inc– – [Announcer] Oh look,
Patriots retain the ball. – [Announcer] Snap, ball down, kick is up (crowd and team cheering) – [Announcer] Patriots,
win in overtime, 16 to 13. (excited chatter among players) (yelling enthusiastically) – [Announcer] Super Bowl 36 is underway. From here in New Orleans. Brady first and goal, St.
Louis eight yard line. Brady drops back to
throw, looks, fires right. Touchdown David Patten,
touchdown David Patten. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] First and 10
Patriots, at their own 17. – [Announcer] Tom Brady, overrated? – [Announcer] Alright folks, button up your chinstrap, here we go. – [Announcer] Stands up in the pocket, starts to run with it,
throws over the middle, it is caught there at the 21 yard line. Pulse pounding finish to this one here. Clock running to 1:09 to play. Over the middle of Jones, complete to J.R. Redmond
at the 30 yard line. 41 seconds left, stands
in the pocket, steps up, fires down the field,
caught, Troy Brown at the 40. Looks, fires over the middle,
caught by Jermaine Wiggins, down to the 30 yard line of St. Louis. Throws the ball to the ground
with seven seconds left. Adam Vinatieri will try to win it with a 47 yard field goal attempt. (dramatic music) Set to go, snap, ball down, kick up, kick is on the way and it is good, it’s good, it’s good. Adam Vinatieri pulls a 48 yard field goal, and the game is over, and the Patriots are Super Bowl champions. The Patriots are Super
Bowl champions, oh baby. – Way to go 12, you the
man, baby, you are the man. – [Announcer] Well, New England you have the best football team
in the world right now. – We’re going to Disney World (cheering)


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