Top 5 Apps for the New Year (2016)

Top 5 Apps for the New Year (2016)

hey guys so with 2016 just around the corner now I wanted to make a video about my top 5 apps for starting the new year off right here you go coming in at number 5 is daily burn now this one is for all of you guys out there we’re looking to get in shape daily burn is my favorite workout app and there are a lot of them out there basically what it is is a combination of video instructional workouts along with fitness tracking you can choose from one of their huge selection of programs or you can just tell the app how long you want your workouts to be and at what difficulty level and they’ll suggest a program for you these programs also come with diet plans although that’s totally optional it’s also worth noting that daily burn is not just available on iOS it’s also available on all devices iPad iPhone Apple TV you can even do it on your computer and the real magic actually happens when you use more than one of these devices at the same time for instance you can use your Apple TV to play back the video workout and then use your iPad or iPhone as a second screen and this screen will show you real time statistics about your work out the daily burn workout programs aren’t free but the instructors are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and I think that it’s worth every penny if that is one of your goals coming in number four is day one it’s a common New Year’s resolution to keep a journal and day one attempts to help you do just that no I’ve never kept a journal in the real world for myself but I used a one all the time simply because I think that there are moments I’d like to save for myself that I don’t necessarily want to share on social media you can say text files or photos and it will tag those posts with all sorts of metadata including your location the current weather even what you’re listening to and how fast you’re moving at the time it also has a beautiful timeline view that shows you all your posts and photos and you can look back on your year later and reflect coming in at number three is to duyst now one thing everyone could use a little bit of help with at the beginning of a new year is productivity now there are a ton of productivity apps out there one of my favorite is todoist to do a scan function like your box standard to-do app letting you create tasks and check them off one by one but it can also be as deep and fully featured as you need it to be if you just need a simple to-do app it’ll do that for you but if you want to spend a lot of time tinkering with it setting up recurring tasks and all sorts of stuff then you can do that as well it has all of that functionality there for you another interesting feature it has is something called karma points which it awards you for completing your tasks now these karma points don’t mean anything they aren’t redeemable in any way but it weirdly makes you want to complete your tasks all that more it feels good to get karma points it feels bad to know that you’re missing out on them coming in at number two is the why things health maid app now why I think this app is important is because we’ve got all these fitness trackers in our life even if we don’t know it our phone track says or if you have an Apple watch that tracks you in 10 different ways and you’re storing all of this data but you really need one place for all of this information to come together so you can just get good feedback and insight I really think the Y thing is is the best place right now to do that the dashboard page gives you clean simple data organized well everything you need to know is right here at your fingertips ything sells its own fitness trackers and sleep trackers and stuff like that which which is great but you don’t need any of that to use this app and the reason for that is that the app pulls data from apples native health app and that app takes data from any fitness tracker that you might have so really the why things health main app is compatible with pretty much any fitness tracker out there now finally my number one app for the new year is Lumosity now velocity is gonna be great for those of you who want to become smarter who really want to step up your cognitive abilities during this next year new masa t is is an app unlike anything else out there really basically it gives you five games per day games that are designed to challenge you in really specific ways you can then track your improvement in these fields and see that it’s working it’s kind of an amazing idea now Lumosity also offers a subscription plan that gives you a more variety of games as well as more insight but as far as I can tell there’s nothing you can’t get in the free version that you really need so guys those are my top 5 apps to start the near off right but I want to hear what you think let me know in the comments below also what are some of your new year’s resolutions I’d be curious to hear that and if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing and I will keep you up-to-date with all sorts of new fun stuff thanks so much guys and I’ll see you next time


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