Top 5 Cool Free Software You Need

Top 5 Cool Free Software You Need

How’s it going guys? ThioJoe here And today, I’m going to go over some really cool free programs that I think you guys will find useful And hopefully you haven’t heard of too many of these I’m sure some of them you have Now these are also for Windows but they may also be available for Mac Sorry Mac users, I’m a Windows user So let’s jump right in, hopefully you find these pretty cool. The first program is called “HashTab” It’s a very simple program, but also very useful Now to understand what it does is –Have you ever gone to a website and you go to download a file or something and it says: “Check the hash before running the file” Basically what a hash is Is when you use a certain algorithm to run on the file, and it generates a string of numbers and letters And every time you use that algorithm on that file It will create the exact same string of numbers So that means if you download a file And you check the hash–string Against what they put, you know it is the exact same file that they are saying you should be downloading That can be important for two reasons First of all to make sure the file is not corrupted And second of all, to make sure no one malicious went and uploaded the wrong file and it’s got a virus or something like that. It’s a way of making sure you’re downloading exactly what you think So what this program does is makes it really easy to check hashes I know for me I would always see the hash thing and not even know how to check it–it’d be too much of a pain But what this program does is when you install it Now every time you right-click a file and go to “Properties” There is a new tab That shows you all sorts of different hashes that a website might be using you can actually select which hashes you want to show up It also has a “comparison box” so you can just paste the string right in there and it will tell you whether it’s correct or not. So, the next time you go to download a file and it has a hash listed It’s very easy to say: “Yep, yep, this is exactly what I’m looking for” and you’re good to go The next program is good for people like me who have a tough time staying on task It’s called “RescueTime”–this is actually a pretty popular program You guys may have already heard of it Basically it lets you keep track of what websites you’re going on what programs you’re using And which of these are distracting and which are productive So you can keep tabs on how much time you’re wasting Or how productive you’re being It’s also nice because it can notify you when you’re spending to much time on this or that And you can keep track of where you’re wasting most of your time And address it For this one there are two versions The free and the paid version The free version basically lets you track all of your data and stuff like that Where the paid version actually allows you to block websites that you’ve determined are distracting So it gives you a little more control That’s just something to be aware of The next program is called “Sandboxie” And it’s a very useful security program For when you have to deal with suspicious files or anything like that Like the name suggests, it lets you run files in an isolated “sandbox” Which basically means it can’t access the rest of the system So say you download a file from a suspicious source And you aren’t really sure if it’s a virus or not Then you can run it in a sandbox And even if it is a virus, it won’t be able to access any other files on the computer Because it’s contained in that sandbox It’s pretty similar if you’re familiar with “Virtual Machines” except a little more convenient You basically have to right-click the file and click “Run Sandboxed” And you’re good to go It’s definitely nice to have for when you come across a suspicious file And you don’t want to rely on your antivirus, which [those] aren’t always perfect Though, keep in mind, if you are going to use this, it’s best used for individual files If you go to install a program with it I guess it would work, but then that whole program would be isolated So you would really be able to run it except in the sandbox It wouldn’t be very useful It mostly used for individual files, or groups of files that you aren’t sure of being a virus or something like that Now, another program related to that topic–which I didn’t even include in the Top 5–this is like a bonus–is called “VirusTotal Uploader” If you haven’t heard of VirusTotal before, you definitely want to pay attention This is a great website–I think, actually, Google bought it If I’m not mistaken It’s basically a website where you can upload a file, and it automatically scans that With about 50 different antiviruses And I use that website for basically any file I download that I’m kinda suspicious of And also, use it of course, with Sandboxie Now, what the VirusTotal Uploader program does is, instead of having to go to the website, and click “upload” and that sort of thing you just right-click on any file through a context menu after you install it And you can upload it right from your computer instantly, basically And it check the file with all sorts of different antiviruses And most of the time, if someone has already uploaded that same exact file Then you don’t have to wait for it to scan, it will just tell you the results It does that by first taking a hash of the file–remember, we just talked about those? And if it’s the same exact hash, they know: “Oh, we already scanned this file, here’s the hash, here are the results” Then, after it’s uploaded you just look down the list and see if any flagged it as a virus Now, you do want to use common sense, sometimes you might see one or two flagged it as a virus from some random antivirus software you’ve never heard of So, it might be a false positive, just keep that in mind and use common sense if pretty much everything says it’s fine but one says it’s a virus Still be cautious But also know that it might be a false positive Alright, moving on, program number four is “Plex” This is an awesome program I love to use It’s great for people who have a lot of videos, movies, TV shows on their computer What the software will do is import all of your video files into a library and it will scan them and automatically catagorize them by show, movie, it will automatically gather descriptions, classify it and name the episodes And make it very organized But more importantly, after you do that, it lets you stream all of those files From your computer to any device and watch it on your TV I think basically all the game consoles these days have a Plex app that you can at least download if it’s not natively supported I know Xbox One S does I actually have an LG TV that has a Plex app that you can download right from their store, it’s a native app. And it’s really cool, I can stream all of my stuff Right from my computer without having to download any of stuff onto my TV at all So if all of your devices do have a Plex app, then it all just ties together really easily It does a take a little bit of work to set up , you sometimes might have to rename some files manually If they’re not organized Into folders and stuff like that, like you might have to put a TV show in different folders by season manually But, once you have it all set up, and you have your organization scheme ready to go and you know how it all works It will import it basically instantly Very easy to use Now, finally is a program I use basically every day that is “Notepad++” Which is basically in infinitely better replacement of Windows Notepad And this is something I–for example–use when I go write up video outlines and that sort of thing And it might look simple, but it has some very good features Much better than the typical bare bones Notepad For example, it lets you do programming So, it’ll be like an IDE, where it will, actually, highlight syntax, and that sort of thing And tell you if there’s incorrect syntax, if you import some code it will highlight it all nice, [and] make it very easy to read But, of course, it’s also got a lot of other nifty features For example being able to search several different files at once for specific text You can say: “Find all of the files in this folder that mention: whatever” And you can also have multiple tabs open for different text documents which you can’t do with Notepad It also maintains unsaved documents If you close it, so if you’re typing up a bunch of stuff, you didn’t save it, and you go to close it, and you open it back up, it will all still be there Plus, it’s got the ability to install plugins So if there’s a feature it doesn’t have regularly, there’s probably a plugin you can install to get it So this program is great for when you just want a simple text editor Where MS [Microsoft] Word would be overkill but you still want some pretty good features. And, that’s it, those are five really cool programs that I think you guys will enjoy Hopefully you didn’t hear of all of them already, and you found at least one or two that where new to you So you guys can let me know down in the comments section what you thought If you’ve got some other cool programs you want to recommend, let us know down there And if you did like this video, you thought it was cool, give me a thumbs up, so I know you enjoyed it Also, if you want to subscribe, be sure to do that, I make new videos at least three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, so it should be worth it. And if you want to keep watching, I’ve got some other videos right here, you can click on even if you’re on a phone, it’s a new type of annotation, so that’s pretty cool. So, again, I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys either here on YouTube, or on Twitter as well. So, thank you guys for watching, I’ll see you next time, have a good one.


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