TOP 5 Home Based Online Jobs For Beginners and No Experience Philippines (ENG/SUB)

TOP 5 Home Based Online Jobs For Beginners and No Experience Philippines (ENG/SUB)

Hello and welcome to our channel I’ll show you the top 5 work from home is in Online Jobs For Beginners For Inexperienced For Those Who Do Not Know The Online Jobs so here on our channel we teach online jobs so let’s visit our channel here’s the guide we have to watch so we know where to start with our video tutorials and don’t forget to click subscribe to update us on the videos we are uploading and on our Facebook group the Dice and Berry please check out the description if that link is available we were going to launch this month before we get started here are the freelancing websites where we can create a profile and apply for the job here to those we teach and
and then the top 5 I would tell you that for those who are inexperienced and beginners, OK Number 1 here we are at dropshipper so what is drop shipper, the drop shipper that’s where we list items in online stores like eBay Amazon and shopify for example we sell us on ebay we will get the item to Amazon that’s what we will list on ebay or sa shopify that’s the dropshipper that’s what drop shipers do at the online store or here locally at shopee Lazada or anywhere else at the online stores here in the Philippines in the drop shipper these are the skills attached to him Actually This is not top 5 because theres more skills Okay number 1 is dropshipping that’s the dropshipper We need to drop ship the items online store to online store the Product research is also attached to dropshipper so if you want to learn those skills let’s just visit our channel step by step we have tutorials about that yung order fulfillment we order the items that sold in our store At Dropshipper we have many opportunities for finding jobs Even if you have no experience You can be hired if you want to have a working background or want to learn in our channel we have tutorials and more skills and email support email support in online store, we have tutorials about that and store management they are just attached in dropshipping or dropshipper that’s the first job, number 1 for me that Beginners should study because the salary here is $ 3 to 5 $ dollars upwards That’s the salary here in online jobs so so we have step by step tutorials on our channel what are dropshipper so come visit our channel and subscribe and watch videos so we can learn or our number two is an internet or online researcher What is the job of an internet or online researcher? we have tasks to do our client gives us a task of doing possible job that we can do for example here in upwork as you can see online research assistant they are looking for Here in this Job post as you can see they are looking for a company searcher online online and further people information they are looking, Like contact numbers and Websites companies we were search for that ahh we will put the info in excel or spreadsheet or we will find them on LinkedIn .com from there, we will find them they will give us instructions on how to do it so its easy, you will not need experience because what we will going to do here is just research they will give you a task or a specific job for you but they will provide tutorials here they will provided it Here’s an example of an online job researcher job like this client here he want me to find computer recycler used computers, second hand those who refurbished computers or repair we will find their company address and phone number and email, will just be your Task these are the sample work we did in online research, so it’s easy where are we going to find them ? you can look them up on Google map or they’ll give you instructions so in number two, for me, its my opinion number two is the online researcher for the inexperienced or for beginners and I’ll teach you how to to do this job number 3 is the typing job the typing job is the easiest especially for fast typing but for beginners it’s okay what is typing job number 1 for examples they have images to send you here as you can see here they have scanned photos or documents you just going to transfer it to MS Word For example this photo just for example here on screen you just going to type them in MS Word but in this job, I will give you tips all the signs, such as dash parentheses, colons all of them we need if what is in the image that what we are going to put in ms word, you just transfer it. that’s all you have to do for this job, so if we notice here he is looking for he has many ahh images that he needs to transfer to ms word that would be our job, they will send us images with letters like this, we will just transfer that’s just easy and for beginners Next is audio transcribing this is to to Transcribers you just going listen they will give you an audio files here they will give you an audio files you just going listen and you just type them so what happens is that you just listen to it and put it on the computer they will give you an instructions on how to do it it’s easy but the hard part here, I’m just telling you It’s hard to understand the accents the accents of person you are listening thats not just easy but for beginners for example like everyone else They just don’t know onlinejobs but they love to watch movies English and they understood even Sylvester Stallone This job is for you and here ah, where you can get a working site for this here in gotranscript just go to gotranscript for to find out exactly voice audio transcriptionist are Create your profile there Then you have see a lot ah, work, just look for them for number 5 is website testing I don’t really recommend it but this is one of the easy jobs to do a home The website testing like other developer or the other builder of new websites ofcourse all you have to do to their website is to test it if functioning the put in it like for example on Facebook if you create a group, are they going to function, something like that you will going to test it one by one, this is the easiest but the pay is not that high thats why I recommend you to study the online researcher and ebay dropshipper ah. drop shipping, Here are where we can find them and here we can apply for ah and get paid to test website here at whatsusers do and trymyUI and user testing there you can find ah job for websites testing you can get paid there and here at loop11 that they are calling website , loop11 then we can find on google let’s search on google for someone who are looking to test their websites for someone who are looking to test their websites or in upwork like online jobs like linkedIN so thats it in my top 5 but if you notice in the first slide in dropshipper there is more single skills like order fulfillment you can find a job for the order fulfillment and email support, you’ll find it there if you want to learn about it here in our channel we have tutorials about that if you want to learn more skills just subscribe to our channel as we have more and more skills for beginners and those unfamiliar with online jobs soo So that’s it and Goodluck and to our group for those who got the job work congrats and thats all than you.


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