Top 5 YouTuber Productivity Hacks

Top 5 YouTuber Productivity Hacks

– I’m going to share with you five YouTube productivity hacks that are going to help
you make videos faster as well as some other YouTube stuff and we’re starting right now. (upbeat music) What is going on? My name is Nick. Welcome to another video. If this is your first time here and you want to learn
how to grow your channel, make videos, and all types of
other YouTube related stuff start now by hitting the subscribe button and the bell notification icon so you don’t miss anything. Okay we all know that making
YouTube videos takes time. So does all the other stuff involved with running your YouTube channel. So we’re going to go ahead and cut that time down a little bit so that you can spend
more time making content or more time doing other
stuff in your life. And real quick, if you
have any productivity tips for YouTubers, help us all out and
leave it in the comment. The very first thing
that I want to talk about is batch producing your content. That basically means this. You sit down in one
sitting, maybe it’s an hour, maybe it’s two hours,
maybe it’s 30 minutes and you write down a
bunch of different topics that you want to make videos about. And then once you have let’s
say a month’s worth of topics then you go and you
research all of those topics and then when you have time
you write down a handful of bullet points of the topics
that you want to talk about or you write down a handful of scripts for the topics that
you want to talk about. Then on recording day
instead of making one video you make two, three, four, five, you know, depending on the
type of content you make you make however much you can handle. And then from there you can
edit the videos one at a time or you can edit two at a time
or three at a time depending of course how long it takes
you to edit your videos and then you’re ahead of schedule and you got some videos in the can and it takes a little
bit of the pressure off and you’re a little bit ahead of schedule so you can spend some time
doing some other things or doing more of this whatever that was. The second thing that will speed you up is using the YouTube creator
studio app for your comments. It’s not always convenient
to be around a computer and I know some of you do
everything on your phone anyway but for everybody that
does stuff on a computer having the YouTube creator
studio app can make a huge impact on how fast you can reply to comments and how effective you are at
getting to as many comments as possible because you
can do it on the go. Another YouTube hack to
speed you up a little bit is if you are doing a lot of changes across a lot of descriptions or titles or whatever on your channel. I know a lot of you
have TubeBuddy already. If you don’t have TubeBuddy
I’ll put a link to it down in the description below but TubeBuddy basically
let’s you make batch changes to descriptions. Like if you want to add something to all of your descriptions, you can do it with TubeBuddy. Another thing you can do
to speed everything up is to fill out your upload defaults. Basically with your upload defaults inside of your creator studio you can basically just go ahead and prefill your description area with all of your social media stuff and any of your affiliate
links and things like that so that all you have to do is put what’s specifically related to your new video in there
and you’re ready to fly. Another thing you can do to
speed up your YouTube life is to make thumbnails on the
go inside of your phone. To do this you can use
an app called Pixel Labs and inside of Pixel Labs
basically it allows you to do pretty much all of your thumbnail
stuff right on your phone. Pretty easy, pretty simple, really fast. Another thing that will
be a huge help for you as far as speeding up your
editing process is concerned is if you use a template when you edit. What I mean by that is instead of starting your editing process with just a completely blank file, you start with a template file that already has your intro in there, it already has your lower thirds in there, any music that you use for your branding, your in card and anything
else that you use in your videos. And all of those little
things take a lot of time to add in there because
you got to go find them in your computer and then
you got to drop them in and then you got to move them into the right spot and all that. Of course you’re still
gong to have to more them into the right spot but they’re
already going to be in there and you’re not going to
have to look for them and you’re not going to have
to go outside your video files in order to pull in your intro
file or anything like that because it’s all already in there and it’s already self contained. If you want to grow your
channel, make videos, and all types of other
YouTube related stuff make sure to hit the round
subscribe icon right now so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.


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