Top 6 Productivity Apps You Need To Be Using

Top 6 Productivity Apps You Need To Be Using

Hey what’s up guys lately I’ve been
getting a lot of questions about my top apps that I use on daily basis from
mainly based on productivity thought I shoot this quick video to give you guys kind
of perspective what I use on a daily basis mostly productivity apps so like tasks,
emails, calendars, password management and stuff like that. So let’s jump into it! Number one is probably my favorite app
that I use basically before I go to bed in the morning and during the day. It’s
called Todoist and I use Todoist to manage all my tasks and projects. It’s
a task management app with reminders and based on location based on the day. It even has an auto reschedule feature so if you don’t do something for
the day it can be rescheduled and it’ll look where it can fit it in your day
based on AI. And then you can also prioritize things. for example
priority one, prioritiy two etc. So it’s a good way for me to
kind of keep on on top of things what I have to do so I wake up in the morning
when I when I drink my coffee whatever I put together my day I plan out my day
and then in the evening when I’m done everything or let’s say I didn’t finish
something I reschedule for the next day sometimes to do it also in the
morning when I plan out my day depending on how my day works out that just
depends. But it’s a great app to manage your tasks, manage your projects, you can do reminders, you can assign things to different people you have it on your
phone you have it on your desktop you have it on the web and
everywhere you go. Definitely check it out it’s my my first productivity app that I
or my top first. So check it out it’s really good. At number two is
Telegram. Telegram is a communication app so I use it to communicate with friends,
clients, partners, few groups in there so you can do groups. I also have my
personal channel in there so you can the way it works is only I can post to it
other people can subscribe to it it’s almost like an email list but you can
send files videos you can send audio messages so if you’re looking for place
be in touch with me that’s definitely a place for you to join. If you go to my
website there is a link on there for you to join and that’s basically where
talk with all my friends and do most of most of my calls even
with the PlutusX team that’s where we have all of our chats so it’s a
great way to kind of be in touch with with my friends
I rarely text anymore through iMessage or anything it’s mostly through telegram
similar to whatsapp messenger I just I just like their mission ,the concept and
where it’s gonna go. App number three is the Notes app just a normal regular
Apple Notes app and that’s where I plan all my video, my articles.
If I’m on a client call that’s where I take my notes so the good thing about
it it’s universal right and it’s in sucked up to all your devices so if I’m
on a Mac my phone wherever it’s I always have access to it I actually didn’t like it
back in the day like a few years ago when they still had the old app but once they upgraded it, with like more features for example now you can do headings,
tables you can do import images you can draw on it so now it’s way better than
it was before that’s why I’m using it some people use Evernote but Evernote I don’t really..tried it out but can’t really resonate with it so I’m still working with notes.
Ok so app number 4, this one is awesome because it allows me to track exactly my
habits my activity my goals this app is called strides and what allows me to do
is for example I have a goal of this in my followers a day I can put it in there
and I can track my my goals for social media I can check my fitness goals I can
track my bad habits so let’s say you want to stop drinking coffee for a month
every time you drink coffee you’d put in ok I know or yes I drank coffee and then
it’ll track that for you every day I listen to a podcast or audiobook
right so I track that in there as well and then I can see how often I actually
how productive I am in that specific task or even if say you want to get up
early everyday at 6 you can track that as well.
So it allows me to stay on top of my my tasks my habits my good habits
my bad habits and then also hold myself accountable. The app number five this is
this one is awesome that’s what I use the for all of my businesses it’s called
Google Suites. Basically you can have your calendar in there you can have
email it’s hooked up to it or your email runs through it
and then you have your hangout so if I get have to go on a client call
can generate a link and send it to them so it manages all my emails, it manages
all my meetings online meetings manages all my events through the calendar has
all my documents so all my google documents on my Google sheets it’s all
in there it’s all one location under my business so for example PlutusX we have
one account for it and then all the team members are in there for my branding
agency all the team member of the team members in there and we
collaborate share documents get on a phone call video call whatever we need
to do so just a universal platform for us to to keep everything on track. Okay
so this is the last step I use on a daily basis it’s called 1Pass. 1Pass is a tool that you can use to manage your passwords not just passwords
even like logins or credit card or you have any like licenses keys software
keys you can put it all in there a good thing about is you can create teams as
well so if you have if you manage a big team and you have different tools that
the team needs access to you can all organized in there and then the team can
just go in there click on it it’ll log themselves in or if you manage a lot of
clients you have difficult you can use it for that as well so let’s
say you have client a his Instagram is his Instagram password is blah blah blah
you can put it in there the whole team has access to it your backs into it
and then you can also of course you can you can manage the permissions as well
right so if you don’t if you only want specific people to have access to it you
can do that as well yeah so those are my six apps I use on a daily basis it’s
todoist telegram notes strides Google Suites and one pass if you use those six
in terms of productivity you’ll be set pretty pretty well I’ve tried out so
many different apps and this this is like my basic my my master of tools for
productivity my favorite tools that I’ve come across and yeah let me know what’s
what you use in the comments down below if you have any other good apps I should
check out I’ll definitely do that if you use any of these apps that we know and
if you’re not I definitely recommend you check them out all the links will be
in the description and if you enjoyed this video make sure to let me know
certainly make more videos like this if you if you feel like them I 100% when I
get my youtube back up it’s kind of been on the back burner more focus on
Instagram but I’m gonna get that back up it’s gonna be awesome
I’m excited and I’ll see you guys next in the next video.


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  • Patrick Benske says:

    I hope these apps will be useful to you like they are to me!
    What are your favorite productivity apps? Let me know here in the comments.

  • Awesome video man! I love G-Suite so much 😀 I just got it setup a few months back but I'm loving it. I use LastPass for password manager and Google Keep for notes but I kinda also use similar apps to you.. Going to give Strides a go!! Looking forward to seeing some new videos 💪

  • Awesome video man! Very insightful and informative. I will definetly take a look at all these tools to increase my own productivity

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