Transcription Jobs – WORK FROM HOME for Up to $180 PER HOUR

Transcription Jobs – WORK FROM HOME for Up to $180 PER HOUR

what’s going on guys Brian here and
today I’m gonna give you six transcription websites that you can use
to make money online and we’re not talking about like a dollar an hour jobs
here these are great sights and great reputable companies that you can use to
make great money online today you can earn upwards of a hundred and eighty
dollars per audio hour on some of these websites so if you’re new here and you
want to see more videos like this in the future consider subscribing and if you
have any questions on any one of these transcription job websites drop it in
the comment section down below I’d love to answer for you so let’s jump in okay
so the first transcription job website that we’re gonna talk about today is
called one eight eight eight type it up calm now you can go to 188 type it up
apply and pretty much get started transcribing immediately this website is
reputable and it’s been around for a while you know you can see here that
they’ve updated the landing page on October 29th which is obviously today
and they’re still hiring and looking for people like you to do transcription work
from your computer so then what are they actually pay you know what are they
actually paying there there’s transcribers well if you scroll down a
little bit further here you’ll see that they actually claim to pay their
transcriptionists about thirty dollars up to a hundred and eighty dollars per
hour so that’s per audio hour now yes before we have people objecting in the
comments and it is important to remember that that is not necessarily for each of
your hours it is per audio hours so if they give you an hour of audio to
transcribe that hour could be worth a hundred and eighty dollars but you know
it could take you an hour or two it could take you a few hours to actually
transcribe it so then let’s say hypothetically it takes you four hours
to transcribe that hour of audio well that’s still forty-five dollars an hour
pretty solid work at home job if you ask me
and obviously keep in mind that certain Nishi
and certain subjects obviously will pay more than others do that’s you know
that’s just like any other business any other online job or anything like that
certain things are gonna pay more you’ll start to notice the more you do it which
ones pay more and which ones pay less you’ll also see here that they obviously
strive to pay at least one to two dollars per audio minute and they
actually put that on their homepage that they’re against other competitors you
know that don’t pay nearly if you read this right here you know they’re
obviously disputing other competitors that are unethical in the industry
they’re against competitor sites that don’t pay nearly what they feel that you
deserve so this is a great website to start a transcription job from home
there is however an entrance exam fee as you can see here when you apply and that
entrance exam fee is thirty five dollars now this is the only company I believe
that I know of that charges you for the entrance exam fee you know to take the
entrance test obviously but that fee is to go through and kind of you know vet
the serious people from the people that are just applying to make some quick
cash and aren’t really taking it that seriously they’re just kind of applying
to a bunch of different websites to see if they can make some quick online money
you know this is to make sure that you can type obviously alright and that you
can transcribe so it’s kind of like a test you know but you if you can listen
and if you can type then you should be golden so I wouldn’t sweat passing that
too much if you go ahead and elect to spend thirty five dollars to you know
take the exam but this is you know all of these sites are pretty much going to
have some form of of exam for you that you need to complete to do the job
except one that we’re gonna talk about toward the end but you know like we just
touch on these exams are relatively basic and simple all right now there’s
also certain required equipment you know you’ll need a computer you’ll obviously
need to listen to the audio so if you’re in a public place and not working at
home that you know requires headphones and stuff like that and you’ll also need
Microsoft Office so that you can transfer that the transcriptions that
you actually do to the website so that you can actually get paid but if you’re
serious about this and you want to start making good money from home with a
transcription job then this is the route that you’ll need to take
and all of this stuff all of this stuff is pretty affordable it’s not too crazy
and I know personally that you can get Microsoft Office you know it says 68
bucks right here I know personally that you can get free trials for Microsoft
Office so anybody that wants the you know that doesn’t necessarily have it
and once they get started relatively cheaply keep that in mind just Google
free trials of Microsoft Office I’m not sure if they’re 15 days 30 days or some
of them are 45 or 60 and I believe in the past I’ve seen 90 but it’s been a
while since I’ve seen anything like that just important to keep in mind I would
just google them so scrolling down a little bit further now and you’ll see
right here you know they literally lay it out for you so this is great it’s
really nice you know they’ll see you you see that they tell you exactly to work
for muscle you need the following they tell you exactly what you’ll need to
start working and why and they also list the cost there for certain things so if
you’re serious about earning any money transcribing this site is perfect for
you did not mean do that this site is perfect for you so you know I’ll be sure
to drop all these sites too down in the description below in case you want to
check them out firsthand but you know I just wanted to let you know that they’ll
be in the description in case you know you don’t have to go ahead and google
them they’ll all be down there if you want to check them out all right now
moving on to number two and that is babble type dot-com now babble type is
another transcription job site that’s been around for a while now it pays
really good money and some of these sites including babble pay upwards of 2
grand per month 2 grand per month on average so that’s no joke for a side job
that you can start from you know in your free time from your house or you know if
you want to turn this into a full-time thing that’s totally up to you too
you can all have to do that but the majority of people I’m assuming are
gonna do this on the side you know at their job just looking to earn a little
bit of extra money but either way it’s fine it’s up to you the best part about
transcribing online is that you get to be your own boss you set your own hours
and you decide how little or much you want to make sound good then
toss the video a thumbs up so I can put more of these videos together for you in
the future I genuinely enjoy them and I know that they give a value to the
audience and I hope that you take these and obviously take action on them so we
go here to apply where is it I looked at it before apply for work over here in
the contact you’ll see here that you can obviously work from home if I scroll
down that’s a given work from home you know you can work on your own a schedule
and you get paid weekly which in my opinion is huge you don’t have to wait
every two weeks you don’t have to wait a month to get paid you get paid every
single week and for those of you that are unfamiliar you can elect to get paid
through Pay Pal obviously Payoneer and I believe on some of these websites not
all of them you can even get sent to check in the mail if you want so Balboa
Babel type com is another great website that you can you know obviously set up
your transcription jobs and work from home on your own terms and they pay
pretty well as well so that’s important to keep in mind okay so the next site
we’re gonna talk about is called transcribe and transcribe me is
yet another transcription job site that you can use to work from home on your
own terms it’s been rated apparently one of the best work from home sites online
I’m not honestly fully sure who rated it you
know to be perfectly honest but obviously a good number people think
that it’s pretty highly reputable and it’s you know they think highly of this
transcription site so if we scroll down you can see that it works with a number
of trusted businesses where is it I know I saw there it is right there
works with a number of trusted businesses so there’s a lot of
opportunity here for you to make good money with reputable companies and it
also looks like they claim to pay is it up top yeah they claim to pay 79 percent
per audio minute so that equates to about forty seven forty per hour on
average but that’s obviously the starting point so if you transcribe more
you know as you get more and more reputable and putting more more reliable
work that should obviously increase which in my opinion is a good sign that
this company is looking to pay and reward
good consistent workers so if you plan on transcribing for you know a little
while longer or you you know you know you can use a few extra thousand dollars
consistently every month then you might want to look into this site transcribe you know and start building a trusted relationship with them but let’s
move on to the next one which is actually scrubbies a little
bit different it does claim to pay a little bit less here and there AB key
stick with me there’s a cool caveat to this website but it does seem to have a
little bit more relaxing vibe to it obviously and kind of a
take-it-or-leave-it approach in a little bit of a way you know the kind of do the
work and get paid or don’t and most of the files you’re transcribing on screwby
are 6 minutes or less so it’s really easy simple and short work you know for
just oh it’s perfect for anybody looking for a little side job so if you’re only
planning on transcript transcribing sporadically or if you know you want to
try this out and see if it’s for you then you might want to consider scribble
that’s like a shorter you know you want to take on a shorter job this might be
the site for you so if you just want to get the feel for it and you’re not sure
if you want to do this long term highly suggest checking out this one this is
perfect for you so pretty self-explanatory you know it’s really
similar to the other ones but like I said it’s more beginner friendly and
it’s more geared toward you know people looking forward side jobs to earn some
extra money on the side and you don’t need to run you know a run down you
don’t need to have a checklist of all the equipment required like potentially
188 type it up comm does for example so it’s not as you know serious in a lot of
ways and another great thing you’ll see here is the automation so they accept
automation it appears like they accept Auto transcribing off but will
disclosure I’ve never used this website myself so I don’t know that for sure but
it looks like they accept automated transcriptions for cheaper price so what
does that actually mean the lower rate obviously you know basically if you have
software that does current transcribing for you and keep in mind that a lot of
these software’s you can download for free I know two examples of them
firsthand just off the top of my head would be YouTube creator studio so if
you upload a video or something that they send you to the creator studio and
and simply export the closed captions that YouTube Auto generates for you
that’s transcribing in a nutshell and it’s a YouTube creator studio we’ll do
that for you and I also know that I used to use one of these I made a video on in
the past if I can pull it up somewhere I’ll link it in the description and also
drop it as a card up in the right-hand corner above if I can find it it’s an
old old video that did so bear with that if you’re looking for an example not the
best quality but it does show you a good plugin on Google that basically does
this for you and it’s free so that’s a great great solid tool I just can’t
remember it off the top of my head at the moment so any of these automated
software’s will do this for you you don’t even need to listen to it and type
yourself the software will put it all in a document for you it you know it looks
like this website accepts Auto transcriptions just albeit for a simpler
are not simpler a cheaper fee so that’s pretty cool you know any of my passive
income people out there you might want to hop on this opportunity okay so I’m
simply gonna lay out number five and number six for you here because they’re
all pretty similar websites you know application processes in an opportunity
to earn good money transcribing from home the only different one was the one
that we just touched on slightly so I’m also not in the business obviously of
wasting anyone’s time I simply want to help you make more money online so that
you too can have financial freedom and the last two without further ado our
daily transcription comm and the well-known any of these websites
will give you a great opportunity so not just these to any of the six that I just
listed will give you a great opportunity to earn money transcribing in your free
time they’re all respected and all highly reputable companies and if this
sounds like something that you’d like to do to earn some extra side money online
I challenge you to apply to at least one of these sites right now do not wait
don’t say oh I’m gonna do it later tonight do not say you know I’ll do it
tomorrow they look at Co opportunities note do it right now challenge I
challenge you to apply to at least one at least one right now they’re all in
the description for you below to check out so
there you have it guys six new transcription job websites that you can
use and apply to today to make money online and these jobs are perfect for
anybody looking to set their own hours and work from home if you appreciate the
content value in today’s video give it a thumbs up I genuinely appreciate it and
if you have a better transcription job website that you’d recommend above all
these other ones or one that I left off the list drop that in the comment
section down below I love to hear new opportunities and I’ll see in the next


24 thoughts on “Transcription Jobs – WORK FROM HOME for Up to $180 PER HOUR”

  • Hi Sweetie can you help me find work Using My Phone I recently Had a fire and Lost Everything including My love ones Sorry I'm Just Really In A Bad Place I Really Need To Work All I Have Is A Phone left Can you Please Let Me Know I Would Appreciate it Thanks Your Fan Nelly 😗😗😗😗

  • You really should change the title, it is misleading. Most transcription jobs pay minimum wage in this day and age. Not to mention, the online companies set the bar so high on quantity (not quality) that you can't meet it and you end up getting your pay docked. A lot of transcriptionists I know state they can make more money working at McDonalds than the online companies they work for. I make good money doing it (after 20 years experience), but even my good paying job I had through a hospital got outsourced overseas. It is not a lucrative choice for income nowadays.

  • I would like to know if these transcriptions companies are reliable in paying what proof do you have that they do pay as I have got caught twice now with typing a so-called test that lasted two and a half hours with absolutely no answer back if I passed and I know I did as have done transcription for years? Even if a website advertising what they are there for has been there for a long time in my eyes is not reliable enough proof as I have tried freelancer website and cloud which have been there a long time and they both cheated me.

  • Don't try babbletype, is the worst transcription company that you can find. They treat you really bad and there's not always work available. Also, the payment is terrible. The average payment per audio minute is $0.15 – $0.45.

  • Bucky Barnes Deserves Better says:

    Would this be good for someone who cannot work? I'm disabled and physically cannot work or attend university. But I need the money, desperately. I'm not on any government income, so I need something that will allow me to work from home and pay decently. I was actually going to school to be a court reporter before I fell chronically ill.

  • Regardless if it's legit or not, any company that requires applicants to pay THEM is a very bad look and definitely raises a red flag. The potential pay looks enticing but I'm bailing whenever I have to take out my credit card to fill out a job application. Just my two cents.

  • Pamela Merritt says:

    Soooooooo misleading – who makes $180/hour? I know of nowhere in the country where anyone makes this kind of money. If you work for a large company, you're lucky if you make minimum wage. If you can FIND a job in a hospital, the pay is pretty good, but the transcription industry as most of us professionals know it no longer exists.

  • Lindsey Shaffer says:

    Are there any that I can work for right away,.. the money will go to my PayPal,… But not ask me for my state ID :-/ I am in California and we can not order or pay for an I’d online,… I passed all the testing for textbroker but they did-not, approve me because I did not have a state-ID,…😣

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤔why do u do that work instead of YouTube
    U can get more money than YouTube
    U asshole

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