Trend to contracting: Simon Meyer, Sky Business News Feb 2017 (Edit 2:26)

Research has found that temporary contracts can be a valuable stepping stone for jobseekers. Simon, to start with you – because you’re the coalface… If you are looking at a potential list of candidates, and you see temporary work on their resume, does that make you less inclined to bring them in and speak further? The Australian market, in terms of managing talent is very in tune with the idea of temporary resources, and so when we were interviewing a senior exec and they’ve got an aspect of that on their CV, we don’t actually look at that as a negative. What we’re more interested in is what did they actually achieve in that contracting period? Everybody talks about this though, Andrew as if it’s a very negative trend. Is that how you see it, or is there real opportunity there as well? We’re finding companies have a real appetite for temporary workforce, and you can see that through the trends and statistics that came out yesterday. I’ll probably jump in there Nadine and say I think there’s something else going on as well in terms of a lot of work that we did last year was in the SME market, at the incubation end of the market; Entrepreneurial Australians, taking the jump out of corporate environments and actually starting something And one interesting thing that occurred last year, that a lot more people that were upfront with the corporate environment that they were part of around what they wanted to achieve in the next couple of years and they said look I still want to contribute here but I do want to spend some of my working week focused on my new idea. Do you do you agree with that? Are you prepared to give me a bit more flexibility? And in turn that gives you time to think about the talent transition and most large corporates, they want to keep that IP and they want to harness it … and they’ve agreed to it. So the flip side is when people get into that entrepreneurial environment they become a new employer. You know, and they create jobs, either part time, on a contracting basis, or permanent for the for economy. So that’s good news. And that will be a trend that continues if that’s the case. Ok so Simon if you are a person who has had temporary work or perhaps somebody wants to get into temporary work, how do you handle that from the perspective of going out there and looking? Where do you sort… how do you approach that conversation? If it’s the first time you’re looking at stepping into temporary work, you talk to the experts You know, you talk to Andrew’s organisation, you talk to FutureYou, to the recruiters that really understand that marketplace – It’s very important because we can give the right advice in terms of how you take that step and maybe create a more flexible outcome in terms of what you’d like to achieve. Right and guys that was a great conversation thank you so much for joining us


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