Trevor’s 10-Year-Old Brother Explains Race – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Trevor’s 10-Year-Old Brother Explains Race – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

So in my family my two younger brothers are from my mother’s
second marriage. I’m still the only person in
my family that looks like this, so my mom is African
woman, black Xhosa woman. My father is Swiss,
from Switzerland,
so he’s a white man. I look like this and then my
mom remarried a black man, so my brothers don’t
look like me either. I remember what was
really beautiful was, my brothers, we always
spoke about this stuff. My parents, they were
like, yeah, different dads. We get how this works. My brother, one day, I
pick him up from school. He was like, he was
really young at the time, it was like, maybe
like something, he was nine, maybe 10 years old, and he gets in the car and
he’s like, he’s just deflated. He gets in the passenger seat
and fastens his seatbelt, and I’m like, what’s
going on, Isaac? He’s like, eh, Trevor. He’s like, oh, kids man. I can’t do this, kids. (audience laughing) So, I go, oh, kids? Tell me more and then he’s like, I just, eh (smacking lips), I just don’t know what
to do with kids, Trevor. You know, like, today
one of my friends said, ooh, are we walking home? Then, I said, no, my
brother’s picking me up. Then, he said, ah,
who’s your brother? Then I said, Trevor. Then, now when we’re walking,
he sees you in the car. Then, he says, who’s that? Then, I say, it’s my brother. Then, he says, ah, but
how can your brother, how can your brother be white? Then, I said, he’s not white. (audience laughing) He’s not white, he’s mixed. Then, he said, but
you’re not mixed. You don’t look the same. How can your brother
not look the same? So, now I’m like, oh, man. I’m gonna have to
go through this, so then I’m like, so, so
what did you say to him? He’s like, ah, Trevor, like I had to explain it
the way kids understand. (audience laughing) He said, I just say
to him, I said, Zweli, you’ve got to understand people
are like chocolates, okay? Like, like you can
have a white chocolate, and you can have
a dark chocolate, and you can have
a milk chocolate, but it’s all Nestle, okay? (audience laughing and clapping) (upbeat music)


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