Truth about human trafficking and forced child labour

what would you be if somebody made you a
promise? Somebody that you know and trust and somebody that make you a promise
such as learn a new language earn some more money, go travel around the
world learn some new skills i think that sounds pretty fantastic
I would go for it would you? some people did and some people still
do everyday in some cases this goes well which is
fantastic in some cases unfortunately people end up in a situation that they
would like to be they didn’t expect in these cases people have been
trafficked they end up being exploited and losing their freedom human trafficking is the second largest
crime in the world 9.1 million people are
trafficked across borders every year i work for an organization called Stop The
Traffic and we work on the provention of human trafficking worldwide together with the united nations
global initiative to fight human trafficking, UNgifts we have created a project that has been launched this summer in London it’s called gift box and it exists of gift boxes in all sorts of colours that will be placed around London this summer there are four types of boxes in four different
colours. I would invite to come and visit all of them but at least one of them they portray different types of trafficking the
happening in the UK I volunteered at a gift box and was amazed to see the amount of people from all over the world, who signed up and wanted to find out how to combat trafficking in their communities we met a lot of people who never heard about trafficking so it was great to get the issue to them and empower them to get involved. an older lady came up to one of our volunteers and just gave her a hug and said oh this woman I’m with she was a trafficking victim. After people have seen the gift box they want to know what they can do next and there’s lots of different things that they can do they can be more aware of trafficking so if they see something suspicious they can report it they can get together with friends and family
and other people in their local area and establish a local group of volunteers who together can raise awareness in their spheres of influence and really inform their community about trafficking so that it’s harder for traffickers to operate in their area they can also get in touch with their local police and their local authorities, and look at what they can do together both to raise awareness but also to equip people on the front line so that they know what to do if and when they encounter human trafficking We campaigning for change, because there’s still a lot of trafficking in major industries that are making hundreds of millions of pounds like the chocolate industry. So every chocolate bar that we buy from our local shop was probably touched by child trafficking


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