Try To Complete In One Second Challenge (Fastest Workers #2)

Try To Complete In One Second Challenge (Fastest Workers #2)

– What?!
– Ahhhhhhhhh! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are
going to see if you can compete in some fastest worker challenges.
– Oh my god. – Oh, gosh. Yeah,
I don’t know about this. – I feel like, no.
– “I feel like, no.” – (both laugh)
– (FBE) So, here’s how this is gonna work: We’re gonna
ask you to do several tasks as fast as possible.
– Oh, wow. – (FBE) All of these are related
to a viral video of someone at work doing this job incredibly well.
Whoever does it the fastest gets a point.
And then after each round, we’ll show you a clip of one of the viral videos
of someone doing this… – Okay, that’s sounds fun.
– Oh, that’s fun. Yeah.
– That sounds fun. – (FBE) …to see how
you did in comparison. – This is gonna be interesting.
– It gets sad, ’cause you’re just like, “Oh, I did one.
He did like 20.” – Yeah. I could barely
tie my shoes. – What are you– what are you–
– I’m practicing. – You’re practicing what?
– Everything. – (FBE) He’s folding pizza boxes.
– Here we go. – (FBE) First up,
we’re gonna see how fast you can wrap up these hamburgers.
– Oh! – Oh my god.
– Should be unwrapped and put into my belly.
– Oh my god. I know, right? – People work on food businesses,
and this is like their day-to-day, and if I fail this, I am sorry
to all of you guys, okay? – Fun fact: I used
to work in fast food. – [Bleep]. He’s got an edge.
Disqualified! – It was my first job.
It was my first job. But I am also a perfectionist,
so I was never fast at it. It was always making sure
it looked pretty. – Aww. That’s sweet, though.
– (FBE) All right. 30 seconds on the clock.
In three, two, one, wrap!
– Oh my god. – I’m just like, “Crumple it up.”
– Very nerve-wracking! Do they have to be nice? (laughs)
– McDonald’s isn’t nice! They just throw it in there.
– They’re so nice. They’re totally nice.
In terms of bad wrapping, we’re equally as slow.
– (FBE) All right. – Yeah, it came out.
I will say, as soon as I tried to pick it up, it came out,
so I’m calling it a tie. – Okay. All right.
– I’m the judge now. (laughs) – (FBE) There’s a little bit
hanging out, but I’m still gonna give you the W on that one.
– Nice. Mine are ready to go
down the chute. – Yeah. They’re ready
for the conveyor belt. – Yeah, to the drive-thru.
Here we go. – (laughs)
– (FBE) We’re gonna give round one to Brittany there. Well done.
Completed that in 15 seconds. – I’m done. Is that okay?
– Is it fully wrapped? I’m trying to make sure it looks nice.
– (FBE) And time. – (claps) Presentation.
– (FBE) All right. We’re gonna give it to Sheila.
– Dang! I tried to make it look cute. – Well, you actually
got all the Ms on the top. I kinda didn’t on this side, so… – Yeah! See?
– …you did good. – (FBE) Are you guys ready
to see how the pros do it? – Yeah, let’s do it.
– (man) Go! – Ooh!
– God. – Ooh. Ooh. Fast flying hands.
– And they’re doing the rectangle method.
– And it actually still looks pretty. – Damn!
– Amazing. – (man 2) Smash!
– “Smash.” – Smash, bro!
– “Smash.” (chuckles) – I think Brittany’s almost
to that level. – They’re hard jobs. And you gotta
find your ways to make it fun, so I’m like, this is very nice to see.
– (FBE) So, next up, we are going to test your calculator speed.
– Well, you win. – Oh, jeez.
– (chuckles) You win. – No. Not so much.
– You can do it. Ah! Are we gonna have to add them?
– (FBE) Yes. So, here’s what we’re gonna do: We’re gonna put
a minute on the clock, and you have to add all
of these numbers. Now, if you finish, you get a point.
But only if it’s accurate. – Ohhh!
– Interesting. – This is gonna be real bad.
– Yeah, I suck at math. – I worked in accounting,
and that’s all I would do is just sit there…
(tapping furiously) – (FBE) In three, two, one, go! – All right. I can’t do it that way. – I think I already [bleep] up.
– Oh, [bleep]. I already [bleep] up. – Nope. That was wrong. – (FBE) How’s it going? – Ah, I can’t talk.
– I can’t talk. – (laughs) – Oh my god. This is so hard! – (chuckles)
– Oh, god. The numbers are blending together!
– It’s so tedious! – Ah! I’m there and I can’t breathe. – I can hear his fingers flying, and it’s giving me anxiety.
He’s doing really well. He’s [bleep] done?!
Are you [bleep] serious?! – (laughs)
– What the [bleep]?! – I hear you typing
so much faster than me too, and it’s really intimidating.
– (FBE) 10. – Ah! [Bleep]! – I finished!
And the result is 30,000. – 18,721.
– I finished it, and I got 28,600. – (FBE) So, that is
actually incorrect. All of these products
total up to 30,000 exactly. – Oh my god!
– (softly) Oh my god. – Okay, what did I miss? Hold on.
(boom!) – Ended up with 169.
– I got 19,423. (boom!)
– 18,721. – 22,337?
– (FBE) It was 30,000. – Oh!
(boom!) – Yup, 30,000.
– (FBE) All right. Will, which number did you get to?
– 30,000. – No, you didn’t!
– I barely missed–
– It’s 29,999.9999! But it says 29,999!
– It does say it, but I know I misclicked.
– mine says 30,000! – (FBE) Wanna see how the pros
gets this done? – Yes!
– Oh. Yeah, let’s see it. – (reporter) Asuka Kamimura
is a calculator whiz whose speed on the device
is jaw-dropping. – She looks so serious. – Oh, wow!
– Oh my god! Stop it. – That’s amazing.
– Oh my god. – Holy cow.
– She’s not even looking! – I guess you have to use
more than one finger, which is my downfall.
– Yeah. – (reporter) The estimate total
is 901,720 yen. – No way! No way.
– Bro. – That’s amazing.
– Oh my gosh! Do you see the numbers going?
– It goes so fast you can’t even see the numbers.
– Whoa. She’s good. – Wow.
– (reporter) Bravo! – Bravo!
– “Bravo” is right! – Yes.
– I love that now we’ve done two things that I have
worked in previously, and I’ve failed both of them. (laughs)
– (silent laughter) – (FBE) Next up, we are going
to give you 30 seconds to load up this tray.
– This is what my mom wished I was good at when I was a kid.
– My roommate yells at me probably twice a week
to do the dishes, and he still ends up doing them.
– Okay. I feel like Tom still has the edge.
I feel like he’s playing it down. – (FBE) Three, two, one, dish! – (chuckles) – Oh, very good!
– That is so much fun. (laughs) – Very good!
– (FBE) So, Ashby does get the point there.
– Yay! (claps) Well done, Ashby. Well done.
– Woo! Finally. The thing that I’ve never done before.
– Right? I load a dishwasher every goddamn night, but Ashby just nails it, meh!
– That’s amazing. – No, I’m kidding.
– That’s amazing. – Ah! I already messed up!
– Where’s it at? Oh. – I’m done!
– Done! – Wait! That’s a double.
– Yeah. I see doubles. – (FBE) Sheila once again
takes the win! And Brittany!
– Man! [Bleep] these plates. Yo! She got two in one!
That’s a disqualification. – I did.
– You did. Look at mine. – (FBE) Labib gets the point.
– You see how good this– look at this.
– Okay. Let’s not be cocky about it! – And I’m doing it
the wrong w– ha! I’m doing it towards me.
Is that wrong? I don’t know. Oh my god.
Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god! Oh my god.
What kind of a dishwasher whiz am I? – (laughs) See, I could do the dishes,
I just don’t want to. – (FBE) You guys ready to see
how the pros do it? – Yes.
– Yeah. – Whoa!
– What?! – And he doesn’t even miss a gap! – No way!
– That’s fly. – Oh my god. That’s so cool.
– That’s impressive. – I like that.
– That’s how I’m gonna load my dishwasher tonight.
– Oh my gosh. I was gonna say, I’m not gonna do it with mine,
’cause I know I’m gonna shatter a bunch.
– Yeah. – Maybe I will do it,
’cause I’ll shatter a bunch of plates and my roommate
will be like, “You’re never doing the dishes again.”
– Never do the dishes again. – (FBE) Next up, you are gonna
have 30 seconds to stamp as many of these forms as you can.
– Oh, great. I was a TA, so I got to do this all day for work.
– Whoa. Bro, this is like childhood dreams.
– I’m a receptionist. (laughs) – (FBE) In three, two, one, stamp! – This is fun and stressful–
oh!– at the same time. – (laughs)
– Oh my god. Tom is crazy!
– I’m just doing a bunch. – He’s a crazy person.
– (laughs) Ah-ha-ha! – (FBE) Time!
– (laughs) – That’s hard!
That’s way harder than it looks! – (FBE) Time!
– (laughs) Dude, I think I broke the– (laughs)
– This is so fun! My stamps aren’t coming out, though.
I’m running out of ink. – I know, right?
There’s so many stamps, so little time.
– (FBE) Time! – Ugh!
(furious stamping) – (FBE) Time!
Time! Time! Time! Time! – (laughs) – Ahhhhhhhhh!
– (FBE) Keep going. – Oh, I broke it. (laughs) – (FBE) That’s time.
It’s time, Sheila. Sheila, Sheila, Sheila, Sheila.
It’s time. All right. So, count up
the pages that you guys completed. We’ll have to check ’em,
because I think a few of those didn’t look so good.
– I don’t know. (giggles) – (FBE) Okay, don’t count that one.
– What?! It’s extra good!
– It’s totally worth– I have seven.
– Tie! – What? But I got one extra
that has a double in here. Does that count for– is that off?
– (FBE) We’ll give it to you. – Whaaat?
– (claps) Trudy wins! – (FBE) All right. Looks like
you guys tied on that round. – Bro, my arm was going like
(imitates fast motor) – Seven.
– Eight. – Seven and a half.
– Oh my g– oh, you– ah. – (FBE) But we’re not counting halves. – That was so close.
– We’re not counting halves. – Seven, eight. Great.
– Can you stop– – (FBE) Will, how many did you get?
– I definitely got five with a broken one.
So, that’s progress. – (FBE) Let’s see how the pros do it.
– Okay. – Okay.
– (reporter speaking Japanese) – Oh, she even has the ink too!
– She’s old school ma– – (gasps)
– Whaat?! What?!
– Ah, that’s [bleep]– – They can’t all be stamped. No way.
– That’s witchcraft. That’s witchcraft and wizardry.
I don’t know how she does it. – What a weird talent!
– Come on. That’s the best talent ever.
– Dang! – That’s crazy.
– And it’s a clean one too. – That’s insane!
– No way. Look at that. – Instant replay.
– Look! Look at how many she got in one second. Seven.
– Holy [bleep] snacks. – That’s, like–
– It’s otherworldly. – I’m obsessed with this stamp lady.
– I know. – She’s amazing.
– She have a YouTube channel? Where she just stamps different items.
– She should. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna be
putting on your best clown face, because…
– (gasps) How fun. – (FBE) …you’re going to
be making a balloon animal! – Yay!
– That’s awesome! – Oh, yay. This is exciting. – How do you make a balloon animal?
– Oh, no. – (FBE) We also recognize
that these can be pretty hard for some people, so we’re gonna
leave the instructions here for you on the screen.
– Oh! – Bro. What the [bleep]?
– Oh, it’s a doggy. – (FBE) You guys ready to do this?
– (both) Yeah. – (FBE) In three, two, one, clown! – I’m just so afraid I’m gonna pop it.
– Oh, god! Oh, jeez. All right. Yeah.
– You see what I’m saying? – Okay, there we go. All right.
And then you do this little… – [Bleep]. [Bleep].
– The [bleep] is this?! – I know.
– Why’s it so lumpy?! – Oh, no!
– Getting the face going. – So, I’m just gonna do like this.
– Oh! It’s got a face! – It’s actually a pretzel.
It’s like a pretzel dog. – Oh, [bleep].
– (chuckles) – How do they keep it together?
(sadly) Oh, no. – How did Pennywise do this?
– (in high pitch) Come on, Vanessa! Woof, woof. (laughs)
– Ah! – You did it!
– I did it. – Okay, I got it.
– Stop, you son of a bitch! – (FBE) Time.
(boom!) – I’m doing it all wrong.
– (FBE) And that’s time. – Are you serious?
I didn’t even get to the– – I didn’t even get past one.
(boom!) – (FBE) Time.
– (laughs) – We both didn’t do much.
(boom!) – It was more of a free-form dog.
– Oh, it’s a pretzel! – Yeah, it was a pretzel.
– Tom is available for birthday parties. And I believe
that you should hire him. – (FBE) All right. You wanna see
how the pros do it? – Yes, I’d love to know!
– I think we just saw the pros do it, but…
– I mean, we really sort of did. – (man) Three, two, one, go! – What?!
– Whoa! Okay! – Huh?
– What the?! – Okay, see, the way he
did it made sense, you know what I mean?
– Ahhhh! – Oh!
– But can you do this? – Yeah, ’cause I feel like
that guy cannot do that. – Probably not.
– (FBE) So, in the end, you guys tied. How do you feel about that result?
– I’m frustrated. (laughs) – Dynamite.
– Ay. – Boom.
– It was a team effort. – That’s right.
– This was a lot of things that I’ve never done before,
and apparently have a lot of hidden talents.
– Yes. – (FBE) Ashby with
the come-from-behind victory! – Well done, sir. Well done.
– I was nervous after those first two. I was like, “Oh, I don’t know
if I’m gonna be able to catch up.” That’s crazy.
– Like, “Is she good at everything?!” – (laughs)
– I still feel like a winner. I got my sausage link
at the end of the day, so I feel pretty good about myself.
– Everything we did today was just so random.
And what I liked about it was that they were all different jobs.
You know, it was all jobs that people have.
It’s fun to try it out. – Thanks for watching
the Fastest Workers Challenge… – On the React Channel.
– Subscribe. – We got new shows every week.
– Thanks for watching. – Bye!
– Hey, guys. Ethan here from the React Channel.
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